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Dr. Abu Lahoum & Ibb Governor inspect Almoravids' conditions on Qa'taba front in Al Dhale'
[17 June 2024]
American-British aggression warplane launched six airstrikes on Hodeida Airport
[17 June 2024]
Checking Almoravids' conditions in Al-Juba axis in Marib
[17 June 2024]
Al-Houthi: America's inclusion of names of several countries in its statement regarding dismantling spy network is evidence of weakness & bankruptcy
[17 June 2024]
Al-Hamli congratulates Revolution Leader & Head of Supreme Political Council on Eid al-Adha
[17 June 2024]
Hamas: Destroying departure building at Rafah crossing is barbaric behavior
[17 June 2024]
Number of victims by Zionist aggression on Gaza Strip increased to 37,347 martyrs
[17 June 2024]
Zionist enemy storms Kardala village in northern Jordan Valley... & settlers storm community northwest of Jericho
[17 June 2024]
Russian Defense: Six Ukrainian marches shot down in three provinces
[17 June 2024]
Russian delegate: Palestine’s membership in UN will launch equal negotiations with “Israel”
[17 June 2024]
America's bias towards usurping entity threatens survival of Security Council resolution "ink on paper"
[14 June 2024]
Biden & Netanyahu are partners who reject ceasefire in Gaza Strip
[12 June 2024]
Yemen is resistant to enemy conspiracies & will continue to support Palestine
[12 June 2024]
With American participation... Zionist enemy commits massacre to recover its prisoners
[10 June 2024]
Health Ministry...Remitting efforts towards local pharmaceutical industry, its localization
[08 June 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
US-British aggression launches 3 raids on Al-Salif in Hodeida
[11 June 2024]
American-British aggression targets Al-Faza coast in Hodeida
[10 June 2024]
Armed forces target two company ships that violated decision to ban
[07 June 2024]
American-British aggression launches five raids on Hodeida
[07 June 2024]
American aggression aircraft launches two raids on Hodeida
[23 May 2024]
On Anniversary of Nakba, Palestinian resistance rekindles Palestinian cause which absent for decades
On Anniversary of Nakba, Palestinian resistance rekindles Palestinian cause which absent for decades
On Anniversary of Nakba, Palestinian resistance rekindles Palestinian cause which absent for decades

CAPITALS, May 17. 2024 (Saba) - As the 76th anniversary of Nakba Day dawned on Wednesday, the Zionist enemy entity persists in perpetrating egregious crimes against the Palestinian people, spanning from that historic day to the present. Its forces have relentlessly perpetrated acts of genocide, forced displacement, ethnic cleansing, and desecration of Islamic and Christian sanctities.

Despite the passage of 76 years since Nakba, its tragic chapters have not ceased, with renewed atrocities unfolding in the Gaza Strip surpassing the horrors of the original Nakba in 1948, evidenced by escalated levels of destruction, fatalities, and genocide.

In this vein, Ahmed Abu Houli, a member of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization, asserts that the Gaza Strip presently endures a "Nakba in all its grim facets," anticipating a recurrence of the 1948 Nakba in an even more sinister guise in 2024.

Abu Houli criticizes the policies of the extremist Zionist government, noting their inception since late 2022, rather than from October 7th.

According to Abu Houli, the commemoration of Nakba serves to remind the world of the ongoing campaign of extermination by the Zionist government, aimed at forcibly displacing the entire Palestinian population.

He emphasizes that Nakba did not conclude in May 1948 but rather persists, culminating in the current Zionist onslaught in Gaza.

This year's anniversary coincides with the barbaric Zionist aggression against Gaza entering its 223rd consecutive day, buoyed by American support, resulting in over 114,000 casualties, including fatalities and injuries, with approximately ten thousand missing. This relentless onslaught has left swathes of destruction and famine, claiming the lives of vulnerable groups like children and the elderly.

Concurrently, tens of thousands of Palestinians in Rafah, southern Gaza, face forcible displacement amidst intense missile and artillery bombardment by the Zionist army, heightening the threat of a large-scale ground assault.

In a statement marking the 76th Nakba anniversary, Amnesty International highlights the ongoing forced displacement of nearly two million Palestinians and the systematic destruction of civilian infrastructure in Gaza, underscoring the Zionist entity's consistent denial of their right to return over the past 76 years.

Amnesty International notes that more than 800,000 Palestinians were displaced following the establishment of the occupation entity in 1948, with recent displacements exceeding 150,000 due to Zionist aggression in Rafah. This displacement, compounded by relentless military attacks, impedes humanitarian aid access and perpetuates a cycle of suffering.

Erika Guevara Rosas, Director of Research, Advocacy, and Campaigns at Amnesty International, decries the repeated displacement of Palestinians seeking safety amidst ongoing aggression by the occupation army and settlers in the West Bank.

Despite the unrelenting oppression, Palestinian resilience endures, serving as an indomitable testament to their steadfastness and unwavering commitment to reclaiming their land, rights, and dignity.

The events of October 7th underscored Palestinian resolve, signaling a refusal to concede defeat or relinquish their inherent rights. The subsequent "Al-Aqsa Flood" battle revitalized the Palestinian cause, dormant for decades, challenging the status quo and heralding the inevitable demise of the brutal Zionist entity.

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