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Shabwa Governor: Yemeni unity is most important, prominent historical achievement for Yemeni people
[21 May 2024]
Abyan Governor : Unity is here to stay, & destructive projects will fail as their predecessors failed
[21 May 2024]
Minister of Defense & Chief of Staff congratulate President Al-Mashat on 34th Yemen National Day
[21 May 2024]
Meeting discusses Industry Office in Taiz performance
[21 May 2024]
Expired pesticides seized in Jahran District, Dhamar
[21 May 2024]
UN adviser warns of artificial famine in Gaza
[21 May 2024]
Zionist advisor: We will not stop war because of decisions of ICC to arrest our officials
[21 May 2024]
Demonstrators prevent Blinken from speaking ,boycott his speech
[21 May 2024]
AP condemns closure of Zionist enemy's live broadcast in Gaza, seizure of its equipment
[21 May 2024]
Gaza people flee fire of War, heat to sea despite nose of Zionist enemy
[21 May 2024]
Women's Authority in Hajjah... Summer courses activities
[21 May 2024]
Zionist enemy suffers monthly losses due to Yemeni siege
[21 May 2024]
Iran loses leader who has long carried concerns of his people, carried concerns of nation & region
[20 May 2024]
Fears of increasing scale of Zionist massacres in genocide war on Gaza
[19 May 2024]
Islamic Resistance in Lebanon increases pace of its military operations against Zionist enemy: report
[19 May 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Air defenses down American plane in Marib
[17 May 2024]
American-British aggression aircraft launches raid on Hodeidah airport
[13 May 2024]
American-British aggression aircraft launched five raids on Hodeidah Airport
[02 May 2024]
Sa'ada Saudi enemy forces target citizen's house in Baqim
[28 April 2024]
Health Ministry condemns aggression mercenaries' crime in Taiz
[27 April 2024]
Electricity Prosecution hands over 11 violators files who own private generators
Electricity Prosecution hands over 11 violators files who own private generators
Electricity Prosecution hands over 11 violators files who own private generators

SANA'A April 22. 2024 (Saba) - The Ministry of Electricity and Energy handed over today ,Monday, to the Prosecution of Industry and Trade in the Capital Secretariat the files of 11 private generator owners who violated the specified tariff, included in the matrix approved by Electricity Ministry .

The Deputy Public Prosecutor for Industry at the secretariat, Judge Abdel Nasser Al-Baidhani, confirmed that the Public Prosecution is carrying out its role in following up on the files of violators among the owners of private electric generators, in implementation of the directives of the Public Prosecutor.

In turn, the head of the main committee for private generators, Tariq Al-Hajj, praised that the Ministry had handed over to the prosecution during the past months about 700 files for the violating stations in the capital secretariat and the procinces, including records of controlling violations committed by the owners of private electrical installations... praising the responsible handling by the prosecutor and members of the prosecution. In controlling those who violate tariff prices or those who add other amounts outside the approved tariff, such as subscriptions and others.

Meanwhile, Deputy Director of Legal Affairs at the Ministry, Abdul Khaleq Al-Wali, reviewed the procedures followed in arresting violators, before submitting them to the prosecution. He explained that the judicial control officer goes to the facility site, detects the violation and submits it to the ministry, then reviews the files in accordance with the law, and refers them to the prosecution to complete the procedures. .

He reiterated that the Ministry, in cooperation with the Public Prosecution, is taking firm measures to arrest violators and issue judgments against them.


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