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"Framework Agreement"... Resistance says its word and presents its conditions
"Framework Agreement"... Resistance says its word and presents its conditions

SANA'A March 03. 2024 (Saba) - After the Palestinian resistance factions completed their consultations on the “Framework Agreement” that calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, and after they set their conditions, said their word, and delivered their response to the mediators in “Qatar and Egypt” ... the leaders of the Zionist enemy entity are carefully studying and evaluating its details.

In this context, the office of the Prime Minister of the usurping entity, Benjamin Netanyahu, revealed in a statement issued: that the Zionist officials participating in the negotiations aimed at reaching a new truce in the Gaza war are studying Hamas’ response to its framework agreement.

The statement said: “Hamas’ response was conveyed by the Qatari mediator to the (Zionist intelligence service) Mossad... and the officials participating in the negotiations are carefully evaluating its details.”

While the Zionist Channel 12 quoted sources familiar with the negotiations, saying: The Zionist entity is now studying the response that came from Hamas via Egypt and Qatar in a detailed document indicating all the provisions of the proposal.

The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas announced last Tuesday evening that it had submitted its response regarding the framework agreement to Egypt and Qatar, after completing leadership consultations in the movement and with the resistance factions.

The statement added: “The movement dealt with the proposal in a positive spirit, ensuring a comprehensive and complete ceasefire and ending the aggression against the Palestinian people.

In its statement, the movement appreciated the role of Egypt, Qatar and all countries seeking to stop the brutal aggression against the Palestinian people, and saluted the Palestinian people for their legendary steadfastness and valiant resistance, especially in the Gaza Strip.

The Qatari Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, confirmed that they had received a response from the Hamas movement regarding the framework agreement, which included observations from the movement, and that the response was generally positive.

The Zionist enemy media, Palestinian and international media leaked the broad outlines of the negotiating “framework agreement,” according to the White House’s description, which was reached in Paris.

In the details of the agreement, which were published by Palestinian media sources last Wednesday, according to the Hamas movement’s response to the proposal for the framework of the truce agreement in Gaza, which it presented to the mediators.

The sources reported that Hamas agreed to a framework agreement to reach a complete and sustainable truce in three stages, each stage lasting 45 days and including agreement on the exchange of prisoners and the bodies of the dead, ending the siege, and reconstruction.

The Hamas movement demanded that the complete truce talks be completed before the start of the second phase, and that the Zionist forces be removed outside the borders of the Gaza Strip and the reconstruction process begin.

Hamas added a detailed appendix to the submitted proposal with steps to implement the first phase of the agreement and stipulated that it be part of it.

The same sources stated that, in the first stage, Hamas offered to release the Zionist detainees, including women, children, the elderly and the sick, in exchange for 1,500 prisoners, including 500 who received life sentences and long sentences.

Hamas also stipulated that no less than 500 trucks of aid and fuel be brought daily to all areas of the Gaza Strip during the first phase. It also demanded the return of the displaced to their places of residence.

Hamas' response also included the need to agree to bring at least 60,000 temporary homes and 200,000 shelter tents into the Strip during the first phase.

In addition to approving a plan to reconstruct homes, economic facilities, and public facilities that were destroyed, within a period not exceeding three years.

Hamas demanded an end to the Zionist settlers’ storming of Al-Aqsa and the return of conditions in Al-Aqsa Mosque to those before 2002.

It also demanded that Qatar, Egypt, the United States of America, Turkey and Russia be guarantors of the implementation of the agreement.

The Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza confirmed that the response to the “Framework Agreement” came in consultation between the leadership frameworks of the factions.

While the military and strategic expert, Dr. Nidal Abu Zeid, stressed that the Zionist strategy in the war on Gaza was based on three main points: Deterrence, early warning, and rapid resolution, after the Palestinian resistance succeeded in stripping the enemy of deterrence on October 7, breaking the theory of early warning, and dragging the enemy into a long, fierce fight that has exceeded (122) days so far.

Abu Zeid said in a press interview with the “Jordan 24” website: “The current data revealed by the operations in the Gaza Strip confirm that both sides of the equation want to impose the greatest amount of pressure on the other in order to impose their will in the swap deal negotiations.”

He added: "The field reality confirms that the resistance is still capable of inflicting losses on enemy forces and imposing its conditions."

The leadership of the Hamas movement showed strength and skill in dealing with the Zionist enemy entity, breaking its will and making it change its orientations and submit and respond to its conditions.

The blessed battle of “Al-Aqsa Flood” on the seventh of last October proved that the Zionist enemy failed, in terms of intelligence and security, to predict the operational capabilities of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas and its armed factions.

Throughout the days of the barbaric ground incursion into Gaza, enemy politicians and leaders declared their rejection of humanitarian truces and a cessation of fighting.

Political and military experts confirm that Netanyahu and his extremist government will never be able to release the prisoners held by Hamas and the armed Palestinian resistance factions without making concessions.

It is worth mentioning that the Hamas movement succeeded in destroying the morale of the Zionist enemy and renewing the spirit of jihad in Arab and Islamic societies.


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