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Bani Matar district: Community projects, initiatives that serve local development
Bani Matar district: Community projects, initiatives that serve local development
Bani Matar district: Community projects, initiatives that serve local development
[Sat, 18 Nov 2023 09:54:03 +0300]

SANA'A November 18.2023 (Saba) - The directorates of the western sector in Sana'a governorate are witnessing widespread activity in implementing community initiatives in the field of roads, including construction, expansion, and rehabilitation, especially those that were washed away by torrential rains during the current rainy season.

Community initiatives achieved positive results, including raising the level of community awareness of the importance of initiatives in the governorate’s directorates and developing the level of implementation of service projects in the governorate.

The implementation of community initiatives has contributed to developing and building the capabilities of members of cooperative and charitable societies and development knights in the
governorate in various fields.

In the Bani Matar district, the Rub’ Bani Qais development Association is implementing a community initiative to repair, build road five kilometers long and four meters wide at a cost of five million riyals, with community support.

The people of the village of Al-Lajam in the isolated quarter of Bani Qais, with the participation of the Knights of development in the district, are working to implement a community initiative, which includes excavation, surveying, preparation of a study, expansion,as well as cutting of stones and paving work.

The road linking Al-Hadab and Al-Thulth subdistricts in the district, benefiting more than 1,200 people, represents the main artery for many people .

In Al-Hadab isolation, an initiative is being implemented in stone works on the pre-Islamic road, through the people cutting stones and paving the pre-Islamic Aqabat road, 600 meters long and five meters wide, benefiting 700 citizens from neighboring villages, with the support of the Central Emergency Interventions Unit at the Ministry of Finance and a community contribution amounting to seven million and 220 thousand riyals.

A community initiative is also being implemented, which consists of surveying, cutting stones, and leveling and repairing the Al-Qadamah road in the Bani Qais district, with a length of six kilometers and a width of four meters, at a cost of 37 million riyals, benefiting 1,700 people.

In the Al-Ashash - Bani Qais area, a community initiative is being implemented to cut stones and pave a road 225 meters long and four meters wide, at a cost of 25 million and 500 thousand riyals, benefiting more than 476 people from the villages and isolated areas of the area.

The efforts of the local community in the Bani Matar District are continuing, with the implementation of a community initiative in constructing the Al-Salula Road, Bani Qais Isolation, with a length of one kilometer and 700 meters and a width of five meters at a cost of 14 million riyals.

The initiative to survey and expand Memaar Khasrouf Road is also being implemented by the Knights of Development and the people of Isolation, with a length of three kilometers, 300 meters and a width of five metres, at a cost of 28 million riyals, benefiting more than 700 people.

A community initiative is being implemented for a project to expand and survey Beit Naji Road, one kilometer and 400 meters long and five meters wide, at a cost of 12 million riyals, benefiting more than 600 people.

Work is underway to expand, pave and cut the stones of Beit Sudan Road, four kilometers long and 500 meters long, and five meters wide, at a cost of 31 million and 600 thousand riyals, benefiting 570 people.

A community initiative is also being implemented to expand Shamsan and Marjala Road, with a length of five kilometers and 300 meters and a width of five meters, at a cost of 24 million and 300 thousand riyals.

In this regard, the director general of community initiatives in the governorate, Engineer Muhammad Al-Nazari, explained that a field survey of initiatives in the fields of roads and water was conducted in accordance with presidential directives.09:37
Red Heart

He pointed out that many requests to support initiatives were received from various directorates in the fields of roads and water.

In turn, director of the directorate, Yahya Al-Qanous, appreciated the support of the governorate’s leadership and the Central Emergency Unit and their keenness to overcome the difficulties facing the implementation of community initiatives.

He praised the interaction of community members in the villages and isolated areas of the directorate and their positive contribution to the implementation and success of community initiatives.

Al-Qanous explained that the directorate is witnessing intense activity in implementing community initiatives, a translation of the directives of the leader of the revolution,al- Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and the Supreme Political Council to mobilize society for voluntary work in development fields.

In turn, the initiators from the families and the Knights of Development stressed the continuation of implementing community initiatives with the combined efforts of everyone.

They appreciated the support of the local council in the district and their speed in implementing the directives of the revolutionary leadership and the directives of the Supreme Political Council to bring about real development in various development fields.

The efforts of community initiatives were culminated in the support of local councils and development associations in the districts and the community’s contribution, with the implementation of hundreds of service and development projects that overcome many of the obstacles imposed by the aggression and siege.

Community initiatives continue to implement service projects that serve the community and alleviate their suffering in light of the aggression and siege that Yemen is going through for the ninth year in a row.


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