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  About President
President Al-Mashat delivers important speech on 61st of September 26 Revolution's anniversary
President Al-Mashat delivers important speech on 61st of September 26 Revolution's anniversary
President Al-Mashat delivers important speech on 61st of September 26 Revolution's anniversary

SANA'A September 25.2023 (Saba)-His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, Head of the Supreme Political Council, greeted all the honorable sons and daughters of the dear Yemeni people throughout the country and wherever they are at home and abroad, on the occasion of the 61st anniversary of the September 26 Revolution.

In his speech this evening , President Al-Mashat called for looking at this day - all national days and Yemeni history in general - with a new and different look, because the traditional view that has prevailed throughout the decades has greatly harmed this day, and turned it into a day of insults, clowning, and a renewal of estrangement and estrangement between Yemeni generations .

He continued by saying, “We have long forgotten and without feeling that we are flogging and tearing apart the collective self of the beloved Yemen, present and past.” He pointed out that the generations that preceded the twenty-sixth of September, as well as the generations that followed this immortal day, are all sons of the dear Yemeni people, and from the same clans and tribes. Yemen extends across the ages from ancient to modern, and each generation - without a doubt - has its own positions, struggles, successes and failures, and this is the nature of human beings at every stage, era and history.

He added, "In this very strange traditional way, we did not realize that we were emptying our national days of their beauty and chivalry, and we lose a lot when we exaggerate in suppressing facts and flattening theses, and when we jump on the laws of logic and reduce Yemen's charity to zero, which no Yemeni generation has been devoid of throughout all ages." .

President Al-Mashat pointed out the importance of realizing that building states is a cumulative process that does not accept the language of clowning and rupture with history as much as it is based on the language of connecting and bridging experiences between generations, and enriching it with scientific research and objective criticism in order to neutralize mistakes, and maximize and exploit the useful things from history, just as everyone did and continues to do.

Countries: There is no country that does not have its own national occasions and holidays, but not all countries turn these occasions into clowning ,outbidding, spreading hatred ,grudges, and tearing apart the one national self.

He continued: "We are the only Yemenis who have done this and have been doing this for decades. Therefore, unfortunately, our national spirit has withered and over the past we have accumulated a very negative culture that destroys and does not build, divides , does not unite, narrows and does not expand. We failed for a long time and continued to stumble in hatreds, drowning in conflicts and feeding division."

And the diaspora, and sixty-one years have passed in the life of Yemen before we saw the Yemeni state that befits the honorable Yemeni human being, at a time when countries are emerging around us, taking off, expanding and growing every day, and I think everything bears witness to that.”

The President stressed the importance of abandoning the logic of hatred, declaring a break with all failed patterns, taking pride in the authentic Yemeni self, and taking the beautiful and useful from every era and history.

He pointed out that "the glorious September 21 revolution came to inaugurate this logic, and restore respect to all national days and struggles, most notably the twenty-sixth of September.

With its wise leadership, it obliges us to avoid all the mistakes that our predecessors made, and at the same time obligates us to build on everything that is.

It is also true of those who came before us, for we are one Yemeni soul, and we are all human beings who make mistakes .” He expressed his hope to embrace this culture and these values, which are represented in the culture of construction and the values of pride in the one Yemeni self.

President Al-Mashat explained that the Yemeni people are intending to commemorate the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, which is only hours away from it. In this regard, he reiterated his congratulations and blessings to the one Yemeni people and one nation.

He called on all honorable and sincere people in this country from various components, regions, sects and parties to rise above and not to follow the trumpets of hatred in the poison they spread, and to completely refrain from sharing their failure, terrorism and dark methods.

He also stressed that the time has come for brotherhood, work, and construction, because everyone faces a historic opportunity to make major transformations and advance the country and the people for the better.

He addressed the Yemeni people: “You are a generous and dear people, a creative and creative society, and you represent the largest population density in the region, and most of you are young people who are thriving at a giving age, and God has bestowed upon you a ruling position, a long civilized history, and a land that God described in His glorious book, saying, ‘The town of Taibah. (And a Forgiving God) And in your hands is an honorable and inspiring revolutionary leadership, overflowing with confidence in its Lord , its people, and pride in its Islam, Yemen, Arabism, and humanity.

The President stressed the importance of closing ranks, rolling up our sleeves, moving towards diligent work and moving behind the Leader, may God protect him, hand in hand and shoulder to shoulder in everything that achieves the liberation of the country and serving the public good.

He said: “I also call on our local opponents and all of our surroundings and neighbors to do what we call ourselves to, and we commit to them what we commit ourselves to in terms of good intentions, good actions ,positions, and to abandon hostile strategies , practices, and move to an atmosphere of peace and dialogue that leads to just solutions, and ensures full respect for the rights of our country and our people.” undiminished, in order to achieve salvation from all factors and causes of division and hatred between the people of one country ,one nation, and to work to establish the values of tolerance, reconciliation, cooperation and integration.”

President Al-Mashat added at the conclusion of his speech: “I stress, before all of the above, the speedy and immediate end of the blockade, and the rapid engagement in confidence-building measures on the humanitarian and economic sides, foremost of which is the total opening of airports and ports and the payment of salaries. I absolve myself to God of any setback, and of everything that may occur.” "It results in procrastination and procrastination in responding to this sincere call."


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