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Revolution​ leader  reaffirms  firm & principled stance of  Yemeni people towards Palestinian cause
Revolution​ leader reaffirms firm & principled stance of Yemeni people towards Palestinian cause
Revolution​ leader reaffirms firm & principled stance of Yemeni people towards Palestinian cause
[Tue, 04 Jul 2023 22:46:52 +0300]

SANA'A July 04. 2023 (Saba)-The revolution leader , Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, reaffirmed the firm and principled position of the Yemeni people towards the Palestinian cause and the great, painful and unfortunate grievances.

In the tenth lesson of Imam Ali's will to his son, Imam Hassan, peace be upon them both, the leader of the revolution expressed his hope that the Yemeni people would continue their activity and their clear and prominent stance towards the Palestinian issue, which stems from its position towards it on a principled, faith and moral basis.

He touched on the criminal Zionist escalation in Jenin, stressing that the Zionist enemy, since the formation of its entity in the land of Palestine as criminal gangs, has been practicing daily crimes and attacks against the Palestinian people continuously for decades.

He said, "From the beginning until today, the Arab and Islamic position has not risen to the required level of responsibility towards the grievances that are happening there, which enabled the Zionist enemy to strengthen its presence, build its entity, and turn it into an active enemy that the West attaches to in a larger and more dangerous role in the region."

He touched on the positive and honorable orientations, stances, and interests of the mujahideen in Palestine and Lebanon and the axis of resistance that supports the Palestinian people and resistance. He added, "This is an important thing and it will grow, God willing, and it will reach the required level, and this is what we hope for, strive for, and strive for."

He touched on the positive and honorable orientations, stances, and concerns of the mujahideen in Palestine and Lebanon and the axis of resistance that supports and assists the people and the Palestinian resistance. And its responsibility towards what is happening in Palestine, which is a great responsibility, in addition to that it did not activate the issue of boycotting Zionist goods in all Arab and Islamic countries.

He pointed out that there are countries that have entered into the crime of normalization, employment, loyalty to Israel, and alliances with the Zionist enemy, and have begun to receive their goods and enter into broad economic relations, and participate in financing in a way that supports the Zionist enemy in its attacks on the Palestinian people.

He stated that there are countries that have retreated from their usual routine stances regarding statements and a diplomatic stance, and have reached the level of either secret or public normalization with the Zionist enemy.

And he said, "The Saudi regime, for example, will not turn towards Sweden or the Zionist enemy, and it did not do what it did with Qatar. Will the Saudi regime do what it did previously with Qatar on a day of rage?" before notification, etc.?"

He added, "There is no position taken by the Arabs towards the enemies of the nation, as is done against some of them in terms of boycott, firmness, and determination, and strong positions, harshness, looseness, and severity, but they do not issue positions towards the enemies, not towards what happened in terms of insulting the Noble Qur’an and burning the Noble Qur’an, nor towards what is happening in Occupied Palestine".

The leader of the revolution stressed that it is everyone's duty to have a clear voice, action, and awareness that the responsibility continues towards the suffering of the Palestinian people and the occupation of their lands.

And he went on to say, "We, as an Islamic nation and Muslims, have a religious and moral responsibility, not at times when the escalation of the Zionist enemy intensifies, but rather in such circumstances, there should be a greater pace of serious action in all forms."

He stated that the nation and the Arab world in general are supposed to have strong and intense diplomatic activity, serious action, and generous support for the Palestinian people.

He pointed out that the Arab regimes have a lot of money that they waste either in unnecessary frivolity, or in harming the people of the nation, attacking its children, or direct service to its enemies.

The revolution leader asked, "Where is the generous support, from the Gulf states, for example, to the Palestinian people and from the rest of the Arab countries?"

He expressed regret for the weak Arab position. He said, "There is a weak position at the level of the Arab reality. Where are the campaigns of determination and firmness, those strong expressions, the restoration of Palestine to the Arab embrace and its rescue from the clutches of Jewish Zionism…Nothing?"

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi stressed the need for everyone to feel the responsibility in moving towards the Palestinian cause, expressing the hope that the state of coordination and cooperation within the framework of the axis of resistance would be strengthened.

He also expressed pride, appreciation, and admiration for the efforts and sacrifices made by the Palestinian people, patience, and giving in Jenin, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and all parts of Palestine.

Stressing that the sacrifice and patience of the Palestinian people will bear fruit, while the responsibility remains on everyone to stand by the Palestinian people, their heroic Mujahideen and support them with all forms of moral and material support and so on.

The leader of the revolution dealt with the criminal practices that the Holy Qur’an is exposed to, provoking the Islamic world and insulting Arabs and sanctities in a continuous, organized and systematic manner, behind which is the global Zionism and the Zionist Jewish lobby that manipulates the West from America and Europe, moves regimes, governments, and infiltrates peoples as it wants.

He pointed out that the Western world has become a theater and a hotbed for its conspiracies and machinations that target humanity in general, and the Islamic nation in particular, stressing that insulting the Holy Qur’an is an insult to all the messengers, prophets and the books of God Almighty.

He said, "In the West, they allow direct insults to God, His Messengers, His Prophets, and His Books, while they forbid revealing the facts of the Jews or talking about their crimes, scandals, and conspiracies against human society, that clearly reveals the extent of Zionist control over Europe and America and the extent of the influence of the large Zionist Jewish lobby there."

He expressed regret for the reaction in the Islamic world, which did not rise to the level of responsibility. He said, "The crime of burning the Holy Qur'an is a terrible crime, and it is supposed to provoke every Muslim, get angry and suffer for that, and have a motive to take any stand."

He explained that there are positions available to the Islamic world as systems and governments that are at a minimum, severing diplomatic relations and economic boycott as possible and effective steps in the event that the Islamic world, which has 50 countries, intends to boycott diplomatic relations with Sweden as well as boycott it economically, stressing that this will affect it and will be a lesson to others.

He said, "We in Yemen do not have a diplomatic relationship with Sweden, there was a limited role with it by hosting some rounds of dialogue, and we officially informed Sweden that this role cannot remain in hosting any rounds of dialogue or the like, and we will not have any relationship diplomatic or economic."

He added, "In Sana'a, there is a decisive decision to boycott the goods produced by Sweden. We hope that there will be steps in the Islamic world and the rest of the Arab countries, even at this level," indicating that statements of denunciation and condemnation from some Arab countries are not enough, which is unfortunate and shameful for them.

He continued, "The Arab peoples can have a voice to express, and those who have posts on the Internet and social networking sites must have a wide activity that expresses their discontent, anger, and position, as well as going out in demonstrations and marches that reflect the nation's position."

He pointed out that the economic boycott, people can and within the reach of every person of the nation to boycott the products of any particular country, especially since this nation has a population of more than one and a half billion Muslims, they will effectively influence the event of the boycott, which requires a responsible handling of this task.

Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi stressed that it is in the interest of the nation to rely on itself in production as an alternative solution to its dependence on the products of its enemies who do not respect its feelings.

He continued, "Western society not only respects the feelings of the Zionist Jews, but also glorifies them, and forbids any word that contains talk about facts from their reality and any activity in which there is any grievance against their crimes in Palestine and so on, what do you think about the reality of the Islamic nation, which is a very large number, for which no consideration is established, neither from society, nor regimes, nor governments, nor Western companies? There should be no position regarding this as a responsibility before God."


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