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  Revolution Leader
Revolution Leader emphasizes central role of State in protecting & paying attention to endowments
Revolution Leader emphasizes central role of State in protecting & paying attention to endowments
Revolution Leader emphasizes central role of State in protecting & paying attention to endowments

SANA'A June 20. 2023 (Saba) - The leader of the revolution, Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, affirmed on Tuesday that the endowments are a trust, and the responsibility for taking care of them and caring for them lies primarily with the state before the citizens.
In his speech today during the expanded meeting of the General Authority of Endowments and state leaders, the Leader of the Revolution pointed out the importance of supporting the endowments and the full response of all official bodies towards the endowments, and each official body has certain obligations and responsibilities.
He said, "We affirm the response to the aforementioned and considering that a religious responsibility before God as well as a legal obligation as well as a charitable and humanitarian consideration, and all considerations prompt a person in any position of responsibility who is related to this issue to cooperate and respond and stop the state of procrastination and evasion, because the situation is with some official authorities are evasion and procrastination, and this is not appropriate at all, as the issue involves legal and religious consideration and responsibility before God Almighty.”
He added, "All bodies that have a relationship and responsibility must play a certain role in preserving and caring for endowments, and that the bodies that have endowments are role models in caring for this right and responding with what is necessary towards it. Otherwise, a person may actually enter into the situation of those who betrayed God and the Messenger and betrayed the trust. This is on the legal level, but on the charitable level, in view of the public interests and charitable aspects associated with the endowment, it is assumed that the person has a motive for cooperation, because this is cooperation on righteousness and piety.
He pointed out that the endowment banks are charitable and for important interests of people in their lives, for the poor and the needy, and the houses of God in their reconstruction and the revival of their spiritual and educational role, which is of great importance in the goodness and stability of society, and in pushing it towards adherence to the teachings of the Islamic religion, paying attention to what is in the public interest and good for the country, and what achieves the basic objectives of the state in the stability and stability of security and in the stability of people’s living conditions and other important interests.
Sayyid Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi explained that the authorities that have endowment lands have a great responsibility to respond and take the initiative to organize their obligations with the Endowment Authority, and then subsidize the Authority with its obligations.
And he stated that the suffering is great with regard to the issue of endowments and the brothers in the authority are making great efforts and remedied the issue after the endowments reached their last breath .. indicating that the situation of the endowments was dangerous in every sense of the word, and it was about to be completely lost, and most of the lands of the endowments had been lost, Intensive activity took place to try to liberate endowments and seize them from what is in the hands of citizens, as well as from what is in the hands of the influential in the first place.
The Leader of the Revolution pointed out that the official authorities no longer interacted with the issue, as if what they had in their possession was not endowments in the first place and had become confiscations, as if the issue was not related to it, neither accountability nor punishment, nor also moral, legal and legitimate obligations, and the behavior in the past stages with the endowments became in this way.
He also stressed that everyone is supposed to pay attention, respond and cooperate with the Endowment Authority with regard to the parties that own lands and cooperate with regard to the parties that have legal obligations or responsibilities in subsidizing the authority .. indicating that the brothers in the Endowment Authority are making efforts and noticing the role they have in developing the performance of the authority.
And he indicated that the revival of endowments and their disposal in their banks is of economic importance in various aspects, including the investment aspect and the living reality of the people and even in the civilizational renaissance .. pointing out that there are studies, ideas, proposals and projects that the Commission is working on and has economic importance as much as it also has a fruit and importance in the endowment endowment for his sake, it is one of the purposes of those who stand in the charitable and spiritual aspects and other aspects related to religious and worldly interest.
The Leader of the Revolution pointed out that paying attention to this aspect is a recommendation of truth and mercy, as well as cooperation in righteousness, piety, and responsibility for everyone to set an example for society.
He said, "It is inappropriate for there to be pressure on the citizen to respond with what he owes towards the endowments, and then there is evasion from the responsible authorities or responsible personalities. The state and officials must set an example for society in response, initiative, and commitment towards the endowments."
For his part, His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, referred to the efforts made by the Endowments Authority to collect the diaspora that was prevalent in endowment funds, much of which is still wasted.
He said, "In the state of truth, rights should not remain wasted, and for this we are facing a religious responsibility regarding the purposes of those who stand by, which cannot be allowed to be lost. Sharia obliges us, within the framework of the responsibility entrusted to us, not to allow their loss, and we will not allow their loss, God willing."
President Al-Mashat stressed that it is at the heart of the state’s responsibilities to protect the purposes of the endowers and restore the wasted rights, and it is a responsibility that rests with everyone, whoever is in his position and within the framework of his responsibility.. indicating that, based on the reality of the legal mandate, everyone must cooperate and join hands with those in charge of the Endowment Authority who have started the organization And with a good activity, but they need the support of everyone and not cover up from anyone.
He explained that the state, within the framework of its responsibility, must preserve endowment funds from an economic perspective, pointing out that many countries have risen and the pillar of their economy and renaissance were endowment funds, and it is a responsibility that rests with everyone from an economic and legal perspective.
He touched on many points that are required to be implemented by some government agencies, foremost of which is dealing seriously with the presidential committee that was formed with the Awqaf Authority to correct the conditions of the official authorities.
President Al-Mashat stressed the need for work to correct conditions with the official authorities according to the system, and for chronic plans to be drawn up from all sides to complete the work of the joint committees to rectify the situation, and to hand over what the authorities have of documents related to endowments, contracts, minutes, settlements or agreements with endowments, and return Excess areas beyond the need of the authorities to the Endowment Authority, and return any space placed under the hands of any authority for a specific purpose in the event that purpose ends, and it is not allowed to transfer it for another purpose except with a new order and approval from the Endowment Authority.
He urged the Ministry of Finance to equate the Awqaf Authority with the General Authority for Zakat and Charitable Societies with regard to taxes, customs and the rest of the fees, and to deduct the necessary amounts from the authorities to pay the dues of the endowments agreed upon with those authorities centrally from the finances and transfer them to the Authority’s accounts.
He pointed out that the judiciary should issue a circular to all courts to adopt facsimile copies in the implementation of rulings related to endowments, and issue the capacity of judicial officers to endowment officials according to what is stipulated in the system.
President Al-Mashat stressed that the revenue authorities should pay what they owe to the endowments in one or more installments and cooperate with the authority in providing sufficient capital to establish joint investment projects that serve national development, while the non-revenue entities that cannot pay their dues to the endowments must pay them in installments according to Possibility and to provide the services it can provide to the endowments according to the understanding between the two parties, and to allow the endowments to exploit any space for investment in a way that does not harm the project of that party.
He explained that the General Authority for Lands should issue a circular to its branches to implement some legal texts and to involve the endowments in any plans that are prepared in the future, and to notify the endowments before any plan is launched in a sufficient period to make the equipment it needs, and that people’s procedures are not delayed for any reason.
President Al-Mashat said, "I was recently informed that people's transactions are delayed due to the delay in the procedures of the Awqaf Authority, and this should not continue."
He stressed that no government agency may dispose of other than what has been allocated to it in the scheme, and if the scheme is canceled, the land will be returned to the endowments, and if it is possible to invest in the purpose for which land was placed in the scheme, then the endowments are the right to invest in it without prejudice to the purpose set for it.
He added, "If the used land is used for public benefit for a project that has financial returns, then the endowments are given a percentage of those revenues in exchange for using the land."
He stressed the importance of establishing a room linking the lands of endowments and works to view requests submitted to government agencies and to consider whether they are from endowment properties or not.
He said, "The Ministries of Civil Service and Finance should settle the situation of the employees of the Endowment Authority, just like the rest of the state employees." He pointed out the need for the media to pay attention to the work and activities of the Endowment Authority and to hold special workshops to deliver the message of the endowment to society and confront rumors and false cultures.
He explained that the Ministry of Guidance should pay attention to educating people about the correct endowment culture, urging them to clear their debts of endowment dues, clarifying the prohibition of consuming endowment money, and contributing to reviving the year of endowment in society and pushing it to cooperate with endowments by allocating enough space in Friday sermons for that, and introducing endowment awareness such as flashcards and materials. Raising awareness in training courses and workshops, introducing the Authority's achievements, urging preachers and cultural figures, and urging the community to support endowments.
President Al-Mashat drew attention to the role of the Ministries of Education and Higher Education in introducing materials from the endowment culture in the curricula at the basic, secondary and university levels, as possible, and the rest of the education aspects.
President Al-Mashat directed the University of Sana'a to hand over the buildings belonging to the endowments north of the university to complete them and benefit from them according to the latest agreement between the endowments and the university.. stressing the importance of the cooperation of the Economic Committee and banks with the Endowments Authority in searching for funds for their investment projects by activating the suspended capital after amending the law usury.
He added, "These are the most important points for the concerned authorities, and I hope that each party will do what it should do to help the Endowment Authority to advance this body and exploit its capabilities to solve many of the problems that exist in our reality, which concern a large segment of the poor and also concern important areas that we desperately need to it.”.. At the end of his speech, he pointed out that the Awqaf Authority is in dire need of everyone's help.

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