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  US-Saudi Aggression
Air defenses down American plane in Marib
[17 May 2024]
American-British aggression aircraft launches raid on Hodeidah airport
[13 May 2024]
American-British aggression aircraft launched five raids on Hodeidah Airport
[02 May 2024]
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  US-Saudi Aggression
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on May 25
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on May 25
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on May 25

SANA'A May 25. 2023 (Saba) - On May 25, the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression targeted residential neighborhoods, citizens' homes, diplomatic missions and local radio stations, committing horrific crimes, killing citizens and injuring others while buildings and service facilities were shamshed or damaged.

On May 25, 2015, five people were injured in two raids by the aggression’s warplanes on Hadda neighborhood in al-Sabeen district in the capital Sana'a, which also resulted in varying damage to a number of diplomatic missions, homes, shops, the Yemen Today building and Yemen FM Radio.

The aggression warplanes launched several raids on Arish and Ja’awala areas in Aden province, four raids on Balah area in Lahj province, seven raids on Dahyan district, and five raids on Rawdat al-Shuhada in Sa'ada province.

The Saudi enemy's artillery shelling targeted the customs building in Haradh district, Hajjah province.

In 2016, the aggression warplanes hit Jamil al-Subaihi's house in Mahalla area of Lahj province with four raids, kilning Jamil al-Subaihi and all his ten of his family members while little girl was survived.

Six citizens were killed and eight others were injured in a raid by the aggression’s warplanes on Sinoma area in Harib al-Qarameesh district of Marib province. The warplanes launched three raids targeting bulldozers and loaders belonging to citizens in al-Hajar sections of Jabal Hailan in Serwah district. The warplanes also targeted a house in Harib area, seriously wounding a woman wile the mercenaries bombed separate areas in Serwah.

The aggression's mercenaries targeted, with missiles, al-Ghail district in Jawf province. The mercenaries shelled the areas of Mabda'a, Bani Bariq and Melh areas in Nihm district of Sana'a province with machine guns and missile strikes.

In Taiz, the mercenaries of aggression shelled with artillery the areas of Al-Qashouba and Al-Ghawi in Al-Waziya district, the mountain range of Al-Omari, Madras Al-Omari and the city of Dhubab.

The aggression's mercenaries bombed citizens' homes in al-Matoun district in Jawf province while the aggression warplanes dropped sound bombs in the sky of Harf Sufyan district in Amran province.

On May 25, 2017, the aggression warplanes launched ten raids on the areas of al-Makhdara, al-Rabi’ah, al-Mashjah, al-Matar and Souq Serwah in Serwah district of Marib province, causing damage to citizens’ homes and farms.

In the province of Sa'ada, the aggression launched four raids on separate areas in Sheda district, four raids on Wadi al-Imara, a raid on al-Hajar area in Ketaf district, six raids on al-Malahith area in al-Dhaher district, a raid on al-Thu'ban area in Baqim district, and two raids on Takhya area in Majz district.

The aggression warplanes air raid targeted a citizen's house in al-Shawareq area in Razih district, injuring a woman and two citizens, killing a number of livestock, and launched three raids on al-Fara' area in Ketaf district, in conjunction with artillery shelling on the area.

The hostile aircraft launched a raid on the Wadi Dhahr area in Hamdan district in Sana’a province and targeted five raids on separate areas of Serwah district in Marib province and launched six raids on Haradh and Midi districts of Hajjah province.

The aggression warplanes targeted al-Luhayah district Hodeida province with four raids, including two raids on the communications network, and also launched a raid on Tuwaileq mountain in Jizan region.

In 2018, a citizen was killed and another was wounded in a raid launched by the aggression warplanes on a citizen's house in al-Barah area of Maqbana district of Taiz province.

There were also martyrs and wounded citizens in Beer Basha market and in al-Dar neighborhood in Taiz in the aggression's mercenaries' fires.

Two citizens were killed in a raid launched by the aggression warplanes on the main road in Zabid district of Hodeida province and a citizen was targeted by a raid in al-Zarbiyyah area of the same district.

A woman and a child were injured in the aggression's mercenaries targeting the citizens in Hamim area in al-Qabaita district in Lahj province while the hostile warplanes launched a raid on al-Mutun district in Jawf province, and more than 35 raids on Haradh and Midi districts in Hajjah province.

In Sa'ada province, the aggression launched 16 raids on the homes and farms of citizens in separate areas of the border district of Baqim, which caused great damage. the aggression also launched four raids on Wadi Al Abu Jubara in Ketaf district, and a raid on Majz district, which left five martyrs and one wounded.

The hostile aircraft launched seven raids on Raqla hill and a raid on the al-Makhrouq site in Najran region.

On May 25, 2019, the mercenaries of the aggression bombed Hodeida International Airport and separate neighborhoods of the July 7th area and its vicinity in the city of Hodeida with artillery and machine guns, and targeted the village of Maghari in the Hays district with six mortar shells and a Sabeha company and its vicinity in Kilo 16 in al-Durayhimi district with more than nine artillery shells.

In 2020, the aggression warplanes launched two raids on al-Tinah area in Midi district and six raids on Haradh, Hiran and Bani Hassan in Hajjah province.

The hostile aircraft also launched 15 raids on Majzar, al-Jafra and Salb in Marib province and six raids on al-Malahith in Sa'ada province.

In Hodeida, the mercenaries of the aggression targeted separate areas of the 7th of July residential city with a number of artillery shells and machine guns and they bombed with mortar shells al-Adain triangle in Hays distirct and the villages of al-Shajn and al-Dahfash in al-Durayhimi district in Hodeida.

The house of a citizen, southwest of the city of al-Durayhimi, was burned by mercenaries with medium and heavy weapons.

On May 25, 2021, the aggression warplanes launched seven raids on Serwah district in Marib province and two raids on Sheda and al-Dhaher districts in Sa'ada province.

The mercenaries of the aggression bombed areas in Hodeida province with 151 artillery shells and various bullets different,

In 2022, the armed reconnaissance aircraft of the aggression launched eight raids on al-Fakher and Bab Ghalaq in Dhale' province.

The mercenaries of the aggression created combat fortifications in Hayran, al-Tina and al-Mazraq areas in the province of Dhale' province.

The mercenaries of the aggression created combat fortifications in Hayran, al-Tina, and Al-Mazraq in Hajjah province and targeted, with intense artillery shelling, al-Balq al-Sharqi and Mala'a areas in Marib province, Haradh and Bani Hassan areas in Hajjah province and al-Madafen, al-Malahith, Munbeh and Razih areas in Sa'ada province.

The aggression's mercenaries also targeted, with artillery shelling, the areas of al-Kanb, Tuwaileq mountain, and al-Amud in Jizan, and al-Sakhra area in Asir, and fired at citizens' homes and separate areas in the provinces of Marib, Taiz, Hajjah, Sa'ada, Dhale', al-Bayda, and the border fronts.

resource : Saba


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