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[03 December 2022]
Parliament approves returning bill on meteorology to relevant committee
[03 December 2022]
97 violations committed by aggression forces in Hodeida within 24 hours
[02 December 2022]
Ambassador Sabri participates in Yemeni student meeting at Tishreen University
[02 December 2022]
Supreme Political Council Member visits Al-Shuhada cemetery in Taiz
[02 December 2022]
Putin: Russia's nuclear techniques ensure competitive capabilities among world's nuclear powers
[03 December 2022]
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[03 December 2022]
China: Americans plunder Syria's wealth
[02 December 2022]
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[30 November 2022]
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[30 November 2022]
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[01 December 2022]
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[15 November 2022]
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[16 October 2022]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression commits 49 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[01 December 2022]
Aggression commits 68 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[30 November 2022]
2 children were killed in projectile explosion in Marib
[29 November 2022]
30 violations committed by aggression forces in Hodeida within 24 hours
[28 November 2022]
Aggression forces commit 33 violations in Hodeida within 24 hours
[27 November 2022]
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sana'a with comprehensive peace, ejects state of no war, no peace
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sana'a with comprehensive peace, ejects state of no war, no peace
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sana'a with comprehensive peace, ejects state of no war, no peace

SANA'A, Sep. 24 (Saba) - Minister for Foreign Affairs, Eng. Hisham Sharaf Abdullah, sent a written letter to Heads of Delegations and Ministers for Foreign Affairs of the States participating in the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly.

In his letter, the Foreign Minister noted that for the eighth consecutive year world leaders are meeting at the United Nations to discuss many issues of concern to humanity, the Yemeni people continue to suffer from a brutal military aggression and blockade that has created the worst human-made humanitarian catastrophe since the founding of the United Nations.

Yemen's suffering was not an internal conflict or civil war and the aggression States were trying to portray the world, it is a military aggression and a land, sea and air blockade contrary to all international instruments and the Charter of the United Nations.

The Foreign Minister stressed that the aggression states are engaged in a war of extermination and systematic destruction of everything in Yemen, all of this is under the invalid pretext of what it calls the restoration of constitutional legitimacy, replaced by a council called the "Presidential Leadership Council", which has no legitimate and constitutional status.
The move to form that illegal Council had confirmed the fact that the Republic of Yemen was being subjected to aggression in which a war of extermination and destruction of human beings and infrastructure from schools, hospitals, houses of worship, roads, bridges, farms, factories and sewage plants and others.

The Coalition States also pursue an economic war and a systematic policy of starvation and destruction against the Yemeni people, by cutting the salaries of State employees, working to destroy the national currency and speculation, and to continue occasionally to prevent the entry of vessels loaded with petroleum derivatives and domestic gas, and to place numerous obstacles to the re-entry of navigation traffic to and from Sana 'a International Airport to commercial civilian flights.

The Foreign Minister told world leaders: "The Saudi-UAE aggression against Yemen is not the result of his moment. It has hidden objectives and agenda to carry out, using the greed of Yemeni mercenaries to implement and pass on their schemes. "

One of those objectives was "to create a foothold within Yemen's territory and islands for foreign military forces with a view to occupying many strategic sites such as Socotra Island, the Bab al-Mandeb Strait and al-Mahra province, as well as effective control of a number of land, sea and air ports, action to impose control and act as a fait accompli on the ground through the imposition of invading armed force and work to change the features of the earlier demarcated international boundaries the documents of its agreements were deposited with the United Nations in violation of those border conventions. "
Minister Sharaf touched on the aggression States' endeavours to stir up regional strife and fuel persistent conflicts in Yemeni society in order to dismantle the country popularly and geographically, in addition to supporting, arming and financing terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaida and ISIS, some of which have been incorporated into the security and military configurations it has established to be used to threaten the country's unity and international peace and security in Bab al-Mandab area and the south of the Red Sea.
He pointed out that one of the objectives and hidden agenda of the aggression states is the blind hatred of the civilized history of the Yemeni people.which spans more than 5,000 years by targeting air strikes on historical and archaeological sites such as Sana 'a Old City, Zabid City and old Marib dam and others.

As well as the systematic theft of Yemeni heritage, antiques, books and valuable historical manuscripts, destruction of nature reserves, theft of trees, birds and rare animals, control of oilfields and natural wealth mines and prevention of their use by the Yemeni people.

The Foreign Minister confirmed that the political leadership in Sana 'a was represented by the Supreme Political Council and the National Rescue Government supports all good offices to establish the present truce in order to achieve a peaceful political settlement and sustainable peace; stressing the importance of adhering to the armistice requirements by not impeding the entry of oil derivatives, domestic gas and cargo vessels into the port of Hodeida, opening new commercial civil aviation destinations to and from Sana 'a International Airport, including the absence of obstacles to foreign airlines' requests for access to Sana 'a International Airport.

Minister Sharaf concluded his letter by affirming Sana 'a's clear and unequivocal position on its desire to end the military aggression and lift the blockade towards a peaceful political settlement and sustainable peace, and good relations with neighbouring States based on the principle of non-interference in internal affairs, stressing that attempts by the aggression States to dilute the current truce and evade the implementation of their requirements and to keep the country in a state of no war and no peace wholly unacceptable.

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