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Dr. Abu Lahoum congratulates Revolution Leader & Head of Political Council on Prophet’s birthday anniversary
[26 September 2023]
Head of Supreme Elections Committee congratulates Revolution Leader & Head of Political Council on Prophet’s birthday anniversary
[26 September 2023]
Information Minister visits media professionals from first generation on Prophet’s birthday occasion
[26 September 2023]
Minister of State Manna congratulates Revolution Leader & Chairman of Political Council on anniversary of Prophet’s birthday
[26 September 2023]
Human Rights Minister congratulates Revolution Leader & President Al-Mashat on Prophet’s birthday anniversary
[26 September 2023]
Palestinian resistance fighters open fire on a Zionist military point east of Tulkarm
[26 September 2023]
Zionist enemy storms the Shuafat camp in occupied Jerusalem
[26 September 2023]
Palestinian resistance fighters target Zionist reconnaissance aircraft in the airspace of Jenin camp
[26 September 2023]
Niger demands a "negotiating framework" for the withdrawal of French forces
[26 September 2023]
Russia shoots down Ukrainian drone over Kursk
[26 September 2023]
Palestinian factions to (Saba): Bin Salman’s statements are a treacherous stab in the side of the Palestinians
[24 September 2023]
Armed forces reveal new weapons systems in military parade
[24 September 2023]
Hodeidah displays marine shows on occasion of Prophet’s birthday
[24 September 2023]
Al-Bayda Governorate turns green to celebrate Prophet’s birthday
[24 September 2023]
Preparations continue to celebrate anniversary of Prophet’s birthday in Hajjah
[24 September 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression commits 100 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[24 September 2023]
Aggression commits 84 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[23 September 2023]
Aggression forces commit 77 violations of Hodeida ceasefire
[22 September 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on this day, September 22
[22 September 2023]
Aggression commits 83 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[21 September 2023]
PM participates in investment Forum held in Sana'a
PM participates in investment Forum held in Sana'a
PM participates in investment Forum held in Sana'a

SANA'A, Sep. 14 (Saba) - Prime Minister, Abdulaziz bin Habtoor participated on Wednesday in the Investment Forum in its first session, organized by the General Investment Authority in the capital Sana'a.

The forum, which was run by the head of the authority, Yasser al-Mansour, discussed areas and projects whose priorities the public and private sectors will agree on, and their positive impact on large segments of society.

The forum also discussed issues of partnership between the public and private sectors and the mechanisms required to reach them in order to serve the development of the investment path and the revival of bilateral roles in the service of the development path of social and economic development.

Al-Mansour asked the participants in the forum a set of questions and inquiries about the government’s role in encouraging and stimulating investment and addressing and removing problems and the obstacles facing investors, as well as the aspirations and vision of the private sector regarding the reality of investment in the current period and the requirements for a qualitative shift in the institutional and infrastructure related to this sector and the advancement of its pivotal role in the service of development and the national economy.

In the meeting, the Prime Minister referred to the importance of the forum as a new and positive initiative at the level of Yemen, indicating that the private sector cannot succeed without government administrative bodies that understand its great importance or the laws and systems that regulate aspects of partnership.

Bin Habtoor pointed out the importance of the concerned state agencies working on preparing the ground for investment and its stability, and turning it into an aid tool for the success of investment projects, and working to gradually remove all the factors that waste or hinder investment.

He considered the investment service a service to the Yemeni people, whose investment projects will provide them with multiple and diverse jobs and contribute to the stability of society.

Bin Habtoor stressed the need for those concerned to understand, directly or indirectly, the great importance of private sector investments and their role in the service of development.

He stressed the keenness of the state leadership to prepare the legislative and institutional components and infrastructure to serve the investment, pointing out that the official's understanding of the leadership's directives and the nature of its duties, and how its deals responsibly with the position it occupies are important and essential issues for its success in carrying out its duties in the service of the country and society.

He said: "We are all concerned as officials to preserve our investors, change the way of thinking towards them, encourage them by all available means, and study the development of regulations and systems to attract the largest number of investments in the interest of our country and our people."

In turn, the Chairman of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, businessman Mohammed Abdo Saeed, considered the forum, via video technology, from London, a good initiative for the present and future of Yemen.

Saeed explained that the Yemeni has the will and high ambition, and if the appropriate environment is provided for him, he is able to make miracles, pointing out that the Yemeni market is still lagging behind, not from developed countries, but rather from developing ones, whether in terms of legislation, infrastructure or integration among the sectors concerned with bringing about development.

Saeed indicated that the country is in dire need of the first beginnings to advance it in various fields, pointing out that no renaissance can take place unless there are real projects in the infrastructure, especially energy, roads and ports, and before that highly qualified human being.

He stressed that the most important thing than providing laws and regulations is the commitment to implement them, pointing out the need to encourage national and foreign investors alike.

Saeed called for restructuring the Supreme Council for Partnership between the Government and the Private Sector and activating its activity and role in addressing problems and obstacles, as well as paying attention to the contracting sector, which is responsible for the implementation of projects.

In turn, the head of the Tax Authority, Ali al-Shamahi, indicated that investment in the energy, roads and education sectors should be a priority if financial resources are available.

He stated that the priorities of the current situation that the country is going through differ from the priorities of the post-aggression and siege phase.

resource : Saba


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