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Aggression is still holding 10 oil ships: Official

Aggression is still holding 10 oil ships: Official



SANA'A, Apr. 02 (Saba) - The aggression coalition is still holding 10 oil ships even though they all had secured U.N clearance, said the Executive Director of the Yemen Petroleum Company (YPC) on Friday.


In a protest rally by the company’s employees in front of the United Nations office, Ammar Al-Adruree pointed to the suffering of the Yemeni people is resulted from the arbitrary practices and maritime piracy on fuel ships by the United States under the UN cover.


"A ship that ran aground in the Suez Canal caused more than 370 ships to stop, and the whole world has moved to lift the blockade and open the canal within a week".


In Yemen, fuel ships have been detaining for over 10 months and the Yemeni people incurs delay fines of more than $ 150 million, and the world has not lifted a finger, al-Adhruee said.


He pointed out that two oil ships have left without docking after waiting months, and before them the ship 'Pendeg' had been to leave by the exporting company, after being held for more than ten months.


He stated the aggression coalition seized last week 2 new ships carrying diesel, belonging to the private sector, and detained them off the coast of Jizan, bringing the number of ships currently detained up to 10.


The YPC Executive Director renewed the call for the free people of the world to stand with the Yemeni people to stop the acts of piracy on fuel ships and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe is about to happen as a result of the suspension of many service sectors. 



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