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Baroness Nicholson: Yemen is one of the best countries practicing democracy

Baroness Nicholson: Yemen is one of the best countries practicing democracy


SANA'A,Feb.21(Saba)- Member of the UK House of Lords Baroness Emma Nicholson has affirmed that Yemen is one of the best countries practicing democracy and it has a democratic constitutional.

During a press meeting held in Sana'a, Nicholson described the presidential elections held in Yemen in 2006 as fair and successful.

In response to questions from journalists, the British official confirmed that there is not any similarity between what happened in Tunisia and Egypt and what is happening in Yemen.

She emphasized that Yemen has a democratic constitution, which all political parties turn to, unlike some countries in the region that lack such constitution, while some may have not a constitution.

"I know that each country has its own problems, and that the biggest problem in the Arab countries in particular is poverty, which is one of the most serious problems of developing countries at all", said Nicholson.

On another hand, Nicholson denied that she had met with the leaderships of Yemeni opposition or sent them any invitation to that, saying that the dialogue between the spectrums of political action in Yemen is the best at the moment and has no alternative.

In this regard, she voiced her willingness to sit at the table of dialogue between the government and the opposition, if requested to do so.

Nicholson said that the aim of her current visit to Yemen is to meet officials and decision makers in order to briefed them on the services provided by the AMAR International Charitable Foundation, which she is its Executive Chairman, stating that her presence in Yemen has no relation to the political aspect and what is going on in Yemen at the present.

Baroness Nicholson headed the European Union's mission to monitor the presidential elections in Yemen in 2006, and sponsored the signing of an agreement between Yemeni political parties and organizations to enhance the future of democracy in Yemen.



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