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Yemeni preachers slam Danish cartoons re-publication

Yemeni preachers slam Danish cartoons re-publication


SANA'A, Feb. 22 (Saba)- In Friday prayer, Yemeni preachers condemned strongly reprinting of the offensive cartoons of Prophet Mohammed by Danish newspapers to harm feelings of Muslims across the world.

The preachers considered such act as unmoral and extremist committed under pretext of freedom of expression.

They called on the Danish government to take required measures to stop insult done by some extremists against Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) through reprinting cartoons depicting Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in 17 Danish newspapers.

They said that continuing insult in the friendly country for Muslims leads Islamic countries to review the level of their ties with Denmark.

They also called on the Arab and Islamic governments to issue laws that ban ties with a county or a company insults the Islamic holy places and prevents importing or selling its goods.

They called on the United Nations to issue a resolution prevents insulting any religion and prophets as they are the best human beings and message of peace.



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