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Report: Yemen Army, committees conduct attacks against aggression forces on Saturday

Report: Yemen Army, committees conduct attacks against aggression forces on Saturday


SANAA, Feb. 4 (Saba) – Yemen army and popular forces have launched military operations, including artillery, missiles and snipping attacks against US-baked Saudi-led aggression coalition soldiers and its mercenaries over Saturday, according to military reports combined by Saba News Agency on Sunday.

In Najran border province, artillery shelling targeted Saudi army's gatherings and fortifications in Sudais and Shurfah sites.

Also in Shurfa site, a Saudi solder was sniped.
Furthermore, a Saudi-paid mercenaries' military vehicle was bombed by an explosive device in Boqea desert.

In east desert of Boqea, an infiltration of mercenaries was foiled under ongoing air cover, two military vehicle loaded with mercenaries were destroyed and dozens of them were killed and wounded in an explosive device bombed amid their gatherings.

Also in Boqea desert, artillery force of the army shelled gathering of mercenaries in front of Khadhraa crossing, killing and wounding dozens.

In border province of Jizan, a Saudi soldier was shot dead in southern Hametha village, two others sniped in Muanag and northern Hamedha villages, and three soldiers were shot dead in Qewa village and Faridha site.

Also in Jizan, a Saudi military vehicle was smashed by an explosive device in Hamedha and a bulldozer was damaged in Khafaqa by artillery shells while saudi soldiers' gatherings were targeted by artillery in Muanaq village and in Ghawia school.

In Asir border Saudi province, an offensive operation was carried out upon mercenaries sites in Khazan and Qanaseen hills, killing and wounding dozens.
Artillery shells were fired toward gatherings and sites of Saudi army and its militias in front of Alab rossing and Hanjer censorship of Asir

In Taiz province, a military vehicle was burned and another destroyed by artillery in Moazea district.
In west coast of Taiz, an explosive device destroyed a military vehicle, loaded with mercenaris, killing all its crew.

In Moaza district, an unique attack was waged on mercenaries' sites north of khaled camp, killing and injuring dozens, while a mercenaries' military armored was burned in the west of Khaled camp.

Also in Taiz, Katyusha rockets were fired toward mercenaries' gatherings and sites northeast Yakhtal, and artillery shelling targeted other gatherings in Salw district, causing huge causalities.

In Yemen province of Jawf, mercenaries' gatherings were fired by artillery in Utemah district.

In Khub-washaaf district, a military vehicle, loaded with mercenaries, was bombed by an explosive device in Khalifain front, killing all its crew.

In Dhalea province, Two of mercenaries were killed, including a commander of the Air Defense Battalion of 83th Brigade, while sfve of Saudi-paid mercenaries were injured by an explosive device in Qataba city.

In Medi district of Hajjah province, artillery shelling targeted gatherings of mrcenaries north of Medi desert.

In Marib province, Yemen army and popular committees fired Katyusha rockets toward Saudi-paid mrcenaries' sites in Mas camp.

Writing by Sameera al-Mahdi, Editing by Zak

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