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GPC President calls for stopping wrangles among political forces

GPC President calls for stopping wrangles among political forces


SANA'A, Feb. 01 (Saba) – The former president of the republic and president of the General People's Congress (PGC) party, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has stressed the need to stay away from wrangles and quarrels that only serve the aggression states and their mercenaries.

In a publication posted Tuesday in his page on Facebook, Saleh called on Journalists, writers, journalists and political activists, who belong to the GPC, the Democratic National Alliance parties, Ansarullah and their allies and all the patriotic forces in the national arena, to recognize the seriousness of the phase being experienced by the country in light of the continued brutal aggression.

Saleh urged all to sense the national responsibility and respects the bloods of the martyrs and wounded who sacrificed their lives for the homeland in the different fronts and to transcend any differences.

He called on the National Salvation Government to establish controls for the media performance, so as to ensure the neutrality of the official media in particular, which should be directed to serve the public national goal.


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