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Saudi warplanes wage raids on Yemen

Saudi warplanes wage raids on Yemen


SANA'A, July 13 (Saba) - The Saudi warplanes launched four raids on al-Arqob area in Khawlan district, a military official said Wednesday.

The warplanes waged raids on Yam, Haid al-Dhahab, al-Majaweh areas in Nehm district of Sana'a. At the same time, the Riyadh's hirelings pounded Bani Bareq area in the district.

On the other hand, A number of hirelings were killed or injured and some others captured when they tried to advance towards Haid al-Dhahab and Baiden areas in the same district.

The warplanes waged an air raid on Dhubab city in Taiz province. The Riyadh's hirelings targeted al-Ghawi and Ghurab, al-Shabaka al-Hamra and al-Madrab areas in al-Waze'yah district of Taiz.

Moreover, the hirelings attempted to advance towards al-Jahmalia and Klaba areas in Taiz. The army and popular committees repelled them and killed many of them.

The hirelings in Taiz province targeted al-Sarari area in Sabr al-Mawadem district with artillery shells and machines guns.

The Saudi warplanes launched two air raids on Abs district in Hajjah province. At the same time, the hirelings pounded Haradh and Midi districts with artillery shells in the same province.

Two fishermen were killed by a Saudi raid on Hodeida province. The Saudi warplanes targeted their boat off the coast of al-Khukhah town.

The Saudi fighter jets launched three raids on al-Hothira military site in Jizan. The raids targeted Kutaf district of Sa'ada province causing serious damage to citizens' houses and farms.

In Mareb province, the Saudi fighter jets waged an air raid on Serwah. At the same time, the hirelings targeted many areas in the district.

The warplanes waged many raids on al-Moton and al-Masloub districts in Jawf province. The hirelings targeted al-Ghail district in the same province with different kinds of weapons.


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