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USA kills Yemeni people with GCC funds

USA kills Yemeni people with GCC funds


SANA'A, Feb. 16 (Saba) - The costs of the U.S. logistic support to Asifat al-Hazm, (Operation Decisive Storm) offensive mounted by the Saudi-led coalition against Yemen, reached more than US$ 174 billion in 10 months

While the United States of America (USA) is implementing its big project in the Middle East region, the Gulf Corporation Council (GCC) countries open the doors of their treasuries widely to finance this project, as a second task beside their main task as tools for the project implementation. These countries will not gain anything from this dual task, but wasting their funds. They will discover that the threats targeting their national security were just a Hollywood trick.

Written by Hussein al-Junaid

In the first place, we have to put this question: If the U.S. project is targeting the whole region, why the GCC states will be excepted from that? To answer this question, we should know that the U.S. project moves on two directions. In the first direction, the project targets some countries directly, and in the second direction it targets some others indirectly. The GCC states are among the indirectly-targeted countries because they are allies of the USA and its protectorates. The USA has drawn its plan in a proficient manner to push those countries to engage in and plunge into the project automatically through representing the American will in the implementation and facing the consequences that will lead them to destruction. Thus, the USA would have achieved its purpose by getting rid of those countries indirectly.

American Plot and Gulf Stupidity

Launching its project, the USA started attacking the Gulf entity political mind through provoking its latent fears from losing thrones and utilizing its feeling of military inability to deter any aspiring power. The USA worked on feeding this feeling through the “lake monster” strategy; by creating delusive enemies. Iran and its nuclear project was the ideal model of this monster, which the Gulf entity should be afraid of it. Thus, the Gulf entity began purchasing weapons hysterically from the USA to enhance its defensive abilities in preparation for any Iranian attack.

According to a report issued by IDEX Organization, the gross value of the weapons deals, which the GCC countries have concluded with the USA between the years from 2002 to 2012, amounted to about $ 500 billion (at an average equals $ 70 billion per year). This is aside from the costs of the maintenance, spare parts and military training programs, which reach more than US$ 12 billion.

For accelerating the project implementation, the USA advised Saudi Arabia to move from the defensive readiness square to the preventive attack square, according to the fourth generation strategy of wars based on proxy war. In other words, through targeting the internal communities by organizations via a regional strategy to hit the countries it believe they pose a threat to its national security. Some GCC states, topped by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) resorted to fund and to direct Al-Qaeda and “Daesh” organizations toward the targeted countries directly by USA, like Iraq, Syria, Libya and Yemen. As a result, the USA achieved the first phase of its project successfully.

Asifat al-Hazm and the Biggest American Profit

The USA was not content with the Iranian monster. Therefore, it made another lake monster to push the GCC states to implement its project, believing that they should face this monster’s danger in order to maintain their strategic national security. The USA chose Yemen particularly because it is the model it was not able to destroy it in the Arab Spring scheme. Yemen freed from the U.S. control through the September 21 Revolution, which put an end to the subjection to abroad. So, the USA placed the features of the hypothetical monster in this revolution and its leaders and exported this illusion to the GCC countries and linked it to Iran, via an allegation that Yemen’s expansionary revolutionary project tends towards the neighboring countries according to an Iranian agenda. For this reason, the GCC states announced the state of alert and took up arms to defend their strategic national security, which is allegedly threatened by Yemen. They waged a pre-emptive war against Yemen and destroyed everything in the country. Thus, the USA took its revenge on Yemen via the stupid Gulf entity and profited in three directions; the first is that it destroyed Yemen to subjugate it, the second is the profits it gained from this war and the third is drowning the Gulf entity in the war swamp in order to be exhausted economically and financially, which would lead it to the collapse.

Asifat al-Hazm Bill

After ten months from the aggression on Yemen, The emphasis is on the scale of the destruction wrought by the American war machine through the Gulf tools, without paying attention to the massive losses in the other site. Some observers see that Yemen incurred fatal losses at the human, developmental and economic levels due to this aggression. But the steadfastness of the Yemeni people during this period made a global din, not only at the level of the military victories, but also at the level of weakening the economy of the richest countries in the world. In this regard, the U.S. “Foreign Policy” Magazine published a report, in which it revealed some costs of the Gulf war on Yemen. In light of the report, which summarized the aggression bill during six months only, we will expand the bill to include ten months as in the following table:

The military service Cost/ hour Cost / day Cost / month Total cost in 10 months
Two warships accompanied by frigates $300 million $9 billion $90 billion
Two spy satellites $2 million $48 million $1.044 billion $14.4 billion
Extracting satellites data $10 million $300 million $3 billion
AWACS planes $250,000 $6 million $180 million $1.8 billion
Weapon deals $65 billion
Total cost in ten months US$ 174,200,000,000

Without mentioning the air raids costs, the statistics of the U.S. magazine, during six month from the aggression, stated that more than 150 fighter jets carried out nearly 35 thousands raids and dropped 140 thousands missiles and bombs of various types on targets, mostly civilian and populated areas. The used missiles included 40 thousands missiles of small size, with a total value amounts to six billion dollars (each missile costs $ 150,000). The Saudi-led coalition warplanes dropped also 50 thousands missiles of the medium size with a total cost reached $ 15 billion (each missile costs $ 300,000), as well as 50 thousand missiles of big size with a total value amounted to $ 25 billion (each missile costs $ 500,000).

The cost of the air supply, fuel, maintenance, spare parts and Kerosene for an aircraft in each raid amounted to $ 150 thousand, which brings the total cost of all raids to five billion dollars, in addition to the air supplying planes that costs two millions dollars per day.

With respect to the wages of the Blackwater mercenaries, press sources have mentioned that the wage of each fighter amounts to $ 1,500 per day (About $ 45,000 per month).

We have to mention here that the costs included in this report are only the costs flowing into the U.S. treasury. The report did not touch on the costs the GCC states incurred in their aggression on Yemen and at the other levels; for example the funds spent in buying the consciences and loyalties in Yemen and the attitudes of some countries, whether via a symbolic participation in the aggression or providing the regional and international political cover for this aggression. As such, the dairy costs of the war at the land lever were not accounted. So, to which number the bill of this aggression costs will reach?

Harvest of the Dual Project

By looking closely in the course of what the USA is doing, the vision becomes clearer that it reaps the most abundant harvest in all directions. All these astronomical numbers of money squandered by the Gulf entities have been poured into the U.S. treasury. These entities will not earn anything in exchange for their service to the American project and from the outcome of the illusion sold to them by their major ally. Do these entities realize that they are on their way to economic collapses; due to the depletion of their wealth by the USA?

And thus, the second phase of the American project is achieved by devastating the states of this direction in an indirect manner and without their knowledge. Given that these countries are just banks, if they run out their balances, they announce their collapse automatically, with no need to detonate the situations from inside them like the directly-targeted countries.


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