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Al-Sami'i performs Eid Al-Adha prayer with crowds of worshipers in Al-Salaf area in Taiz
[17 June 2024]
General mobilization official in Amran inspects Almoravids in Maqbana, Taiz
[16 June 2024]
Bonyan distributes sacrifices to 41,000 families in Capital secretariat & three provinces
[16 June 2024]
Al-Mahwit people march Eid convoy for Almoravids on front lines
[16 June 2024]
Anti-aggression parties congratulate Revolution Leader & President Al-Mashat on Eid Al-Adha
[16 June 2024]
Russian delegate: Palestine’s membership in UN will launch equal negotiations with “Israel”
[17 June 2024]
Zionist enemy forces storm Qalqilya & Aqabat Jabr camp in Jericho, Wasilat Al-Dhahr, & village of Al-Fandqumiya in Jenin
[17 June 2024]
Two Palestinians killed & 13 others injured as result of Zionist raids on Zarqa neighborhood, north of Gaza
[17 June 2024]
Three Palestinians killed in Zionist airstrike targeting Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in Gaza
[17 June 2024]
Zionist bombing Lebanon on first day of Eid al-Adha
[16 June 2024]
America's bias towards usurping entity threatens survival of Security Council resolution "ink on paper"
[14 June 2024]
Biden & Netanyahu are partners who reject ceasefire in Gaza Strip
[12 June 2024]
Yemen is resistant to enemy conspiracies & will continue to support Palestine
[12 June 2024]
With American participation... Zionist enemy commits massacre to recover its prisoners
[10 June 2024]
Health Ministry...Remitting efforts towards local pharmaceutical industry, its localization
[08 June 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
US-British aggression launches 3 raids on Al-Salif in Hodeida
[11 June 2024]
American-British aggression targets Al-Faza coast in Hodeida
[10 June 2024]
Armed forces target two company ships that violated decision to ban
[07 June 2024]
American-British aggression launches five raids on Hodeida
[07 June 2024]
American aggression aircraft launches two raids on Hodeida
[23 May 2024]
Enemy bombards second floor of Al-Awda Hospital, martyrs fall in different parts of Gaza
Enemy bombards second floor of Al-Awda Hospital, martyrs fall in different parts of Gaza
Enemy bombards second floor of Al-Awda Hospital, martyrs fall in different parts of Gaza

GAZA May 20. 2024 (Saba) - The Zionist enemy forces shelled on Monday the upper floor of the "Return Hospital" in the northern Gaza Strip, in conjunction with its continuation of its siege for two days, while a number of Palestinians were killed and wounded in the shelling of several houses in the north and south of the Strip.

According to eyewitnesses, according to the Palestinian Ma'an news agency, the enemy army targeted the upper floor of Al-Awda Hospital in the "Tal al-Zaatar" area of the town of Jabalia with an artillery shell, without talking about casualties.

On Sunday, Al-Awda Hospital announced in a brief statement that the Israeli occupation forces imposed a siege on it, which prevents medical staff from providing treatment to the sick and wounded.

The Palestinian Civil Defense in the northern Gaza Strip also said in a statement Sunday that the Israeli occupation army fired artillery shells towards "Al-Awda Hospital."

In a related context, a number of Palestinians were killed and others were wounded in an Israeli air strike targeting them in the vicinity of "Kamal Adwan Hospital" in the northern Gaza Strip, according to medical sources.

The Ministry of Health in Gaza and international and UN organizations have previously warned of the Israeli occupation army's targeting of the health system in the Gaza Strip, and its repercussions on the wounded and sick Palestinians, amid Tel Aviv's disregard for these warnings.

Israeli warplanes bombed a house belonging to the Al-Kahlout family in the area of Mashrou' Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip, according to eyewitnesses.

The Israeli occupation army began new incursions nine days ago in Jabalia and some surrounding areas under heavy fire cover, targeting dozens of homes and infrastructure in the camp, which is home to hundreds of thousands of residents and displaced people from the northern areas of the Gaza Strip.

On 11 May, the Israeli occupation army ordered the immediate displacement of all residents and displaced persons in the areas of Jabalia, Al-Salam, Al-Nour, Tal Al-Zaatar, the Beit Lahia project, Jabalia camp, Ezbet Mullin and the neighborhoods of Al-Rawda, Al-Nuzha, Al-Jarn, Al-Nahda and Al-Zohour neighborhoods, and to head towards the west of Gaza City.

In the vicinity of the Ali Mosque in the Zeitoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City, a number of martyrs and injuries were killed and wounded as a result of Israeli shelling targeting a group of Palestinians.

Three Palestinians were also killed in an Israeli shelling that targeted a house belonging to the Abu Azum family in the center of Rafah, according to medical sources at the Kuwaiti hospital in the city.

A number of injuries reached the Kuwaiti hospital as a result of the Israeli occupation warplanes targeting a house belonging to the Tabasi family in the Musabeh area, north of Rafah, according to the same sources.

The Israeli occupation army continues its military operation on Rafah, which began on May 6, ignoring regional and international warnings of the repercussions of this, in light of the presence of about 1.4 million displaced people in the city, pushing them to it claiming that it is "safe."

The operation on Rafah has forcibly displaced more than 630,000 people to the central city of Deir al-Balah, according to UNRWA, which said the city was "unbearably overcrowded and suffering from dire conditions."

The Israeli war on Gaza, which has been ongoing since October 7, has left more than 115,000 Palestinians dead and wounded, most of them children and women, and about ten thousand missing amid massive destruction and famine that killed children and the elderly.

The Israeli occupying forces continue the war on Gaza despite a UN Security Council resolution to immediately cease hostilities, as well as despite the International Court of Justice demanding immediate measures to prevent acts of "genocide" and improve the humanitarian situation in Gaza.


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