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Unique Eid atmosphere in Hajjah
Unique Eid atmosphere in Hajjah
Unique Eid atmosphere in Hajjah

HAJJAH April 18. 2024 (Saba) - Hajjah governorate still maintains its popular heritage, rich and diverse customs and traditions related to every occasion, despite the difficult circumstances that the country is going through.

During the holidays, the people of the governorate practice their festive rituals and popular heritage, such as zawamil and bara, which differ from one region to another.

The people of Hajjah take advantage of the Eid to strengthen the bonds of brotherhood, social solidarity, greeting the wounded and sick, and supplying the fronts with food and financial convoys.

The leaders and notables of the governorate are keen to visit the army heroes stationed on the front lines, share with them the joy of Eid, and draw inspiration from them the meanings of steadfastness and steadfastness.

Visiting al-Mujahideen and the wounded, checking on their conditions, and offering them gifts became a priority, as an expression of appreciation for their sacrifices in defending the homeland.

Visits by members of the security services also receive the attention of the governorate’s leadership in gratitude for their role in maintaining security and stability and enhancing public tranquility, in addition to visits to the kindergartens of martyrs in commemoration of their heroism in confronting aggression.

The governor of the governorate, Hilal Al-Sufi, praised the awareness among the people of the governorate about the importance of strengthening steadfastness and supplying the fronts with Eid convoys and visiting the wounded.

He considered supporting the fronts and visiting al-Mujahideen as aspects that complete the joy and atmosphere of Eid, as they are the least that can be done, in exchange for the sacrifices they make in defense of the homeland and its sovereignty.

Meanwhile, Acting Director of Security, Colonel Abdo Amer, explained that a security plan had been drawn up during the Eid days with the aim of maintaining public tranquility, thus contributing to providing an appropriate atmosphere for citizens.

In turn, the directors of the Haradh districts, Hussein Hiran and Mubin Mansour Hamza, confirmed that Eid is a stop for visiting those stationed in the fields of jihad and sharing with them the joys of Eid.
The women’s body in the governorate was also keen to provide financial and holiday convoys to the missile force, naval forces, and unmanned aerial vehicles as part of the national campaign to support Al-Aqsa.

The people of Hajjah prepare to welcome the Eid as a solemn religious occasion, during which they are keen to maintain ties of kinship and visit family and relatives,they distinguished from others in welcoming the Eid with inherited aspects and rituals.

Eid in Hajjah has a distinctive flavour, as the governorate a tourist destination visited by thousands of visitors annually due to its majestic mountains, stunning views, and popular heritage full of customs and traditions.

In this context, the director of the governorate’s tourism office, Fahd Al-Qadmi, explained that the number of visitors to tourist areas during the Eid Al-Fitr holiday exceeded 30,000 visitors.

He pointed to the most prominent tourist destinations that visitors visit, including Ain Ali Waterfalls, the valleys of Sharas La’aa and Mor, the Imam Ahmad Bridge, and the Civet Stone in Beni Qays, in addition to Mount Nazareth.

He pointed out that Hajjah Governorate has a favorable atmosphere, natural parks, and archaeological areas that have contributed to making it a destination for visitors on holidays and occasions.

In turn, the Executive Director of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund, Hamza Sharaf, referred to the plan developed by the Fund during the Eid holiday, which included maintaining the recreational park in Hajjah, and enhancing cleaning and improvement efforts to highlight the aesthetic appearance.
He indicated that 684 tons of waste were removed during the Eid holiday.


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