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Yemen's pro-Palestine position is at forefront of Free participants discussion in Palestine Conference in capital, Sana'a
Yemen's pro-Palestine position is at forefront of Free participants discussion in Palestine Conference in capital, Sana'a
Yemen's pro-Palestine position is at forefront of Free participants discussion in Palestine Conference in capital, Sana'a

SANA'A April 17. 2024 (Saba) - In the beginning of the last ten days of the month of Ramadan, the capital, Sana’a, hosted the second scientific conference, “Palestine is the nation’s central issue,” with a qualitative official , popular presence , local, Arab, Islamic, and international participation.

The contributions received great Arab and international interaction with the Palestinian issue, which is at the forefront of the global scene after the attempt and efforts of Arab Zionists to normalize relations with the Zionist entity and sell the Palestinian issue under the name of the deal of the century.

The televised external participations of an elite group of free people in the world in solidarity with Gaza and supporters of the oppression of the Palestinian people, examples of which were reviewed by the Yemeni News Agency (Saba), in light of the “Al-Aqsa Flood” operation carried out by the Palestinian resistance against the Zionist entity on October 7, 2023 AD.

The Free People of the World discussed the heroic and courageous Yemeni positions in confronting the evil trio “America, Britain, Israel” and the bold steps to prevent the crossing of Zionist, American, and British ships from the Red and Arab Seas heading to and from the occupied Palestinian territories in support of the Palestinian people in Gaza.

The world's free people, led by the daughter of the Cuban leader Elida Che Guevara, the symbol of the global struggle, the grandson of the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, and the grandson of the South African leader Zulfleel Nelson Mandela, unanimously agreed that Yemen, with its firm and principled position in support of the Palestinian cause, has become the moral center of the world, the only Arab country and the only Islamic state that has taken up arms. I came to defend the Palestinians, and defended what remained of the pride and dignity of Muslims.

They strongly deplored the global silence and betrayal of the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza and the crimes and genocidal massacres they are subjected to by the Zionist enemy.

They called on free peoples to put pressure on their rulers and stand with the Palestinian people to obtain their legitimate right to establish their independent state with Holy Al-Quds as its capital, as well as to boycott Israeli goods , products and the goods of countries that stand with the Zionist entity.

The Indian writer and political activist Tushar Mahatma Gandhi, grandson of the Indian leader Mahatma Gandhi, conveyed the greetings of the free people of the world and the people of India to the brave Yemeni people in Sana'a, who are resisting , confronting the illegal Zionist occupation state and its brutal operations in Palestine.

He said: “The honorable position you have taken is not only against the Zionist state, but also against its arrogant allies, and confronting the inhuman brutality to crush the will of the Palestinians, and while the rest of the world is silently watching the genocide taking place in Gaza, only the Sana'a government has shown the courage to confront it for Israel."

He added: "As a believer in Gandhi's ideas, neither violence nor war can be justified in any form, and one must remember that Mahatma Gandhi approved of war in order to stop the Nazis from carrying out the brutal operation in Europe."

The writer Gandhi praised the role of the Sana'a leadership and its honorable positions in rallying around the Palestinian issue. Expressing his full solidarity with everyone who stood by Palestine until it becomes a free and independent state, and in order to put pressure on governments to listen to appeals so that the Palestinians obtain their right to dignity, freedom and justice.

While the foreign policy advisor to many presidents and prime ministers in Latin America and the author of 19 books on political geography, published in more than 70 countries and translated into 42 languages, the Russian writer and author, Dr. Daniel Stolin, affirmed his absolute support for Gaza, Palestine and Yemen.

He considered the ability of the Yemeni resistance and the leadership in Sana'a to achieve achievements and heroism in confronting aggression and supporting Palestine as a source of inspiration for many oppressed peoples around the world, and for America, Britain, NATO, Israel and Saudi Arabia, the wholesale shedding of innocent blood is nothing but a sign of despair and betrayal on the part of the enemy.

The writer Gandhi pointed out that the global war on terrorism is presented by the West as a “clash of civilizations,” a war between competing values and religions, while in reality it is an explicit war of conquest, guided by strategic and economic goals.

"To the hundreds of millions who have been deprived of their rights who have lost everything and to the hundreds of thousands whose loved ones were tragically killed in Gaza, Palestine, the West Bank, Syria and Lebanon, whose anger is so intense, the platitudes about the 'clash of civilisations' and 'good versus evil' are... "Double talk."

He emphasized that regime change interventions through colored revolutions, the Arab Spring, and outright invasions are being carried out by the Anglo-American Zionist forces to create a new global system to control the world, to replace the global monetary system that has collapsed today, which is a tool through which power over the world was previously exercised by the financial empire that It has its headquarters and followers in London.

The writer Gandhi explained that endless war within countries is the agenda of the new Dark Age to control what were once sovereign nation-states, asking, “If we cannot find people willing to take risks to face the truth and act upon it, what will happen to our society?”

He pointed out that the diplomacy of September 11, 2001 AD had ended, and the reality and dangers of an open global conflict or a more covert war of attrition had come into immediate and inevitable focus today.

He stated that the war today was not fought with bullets and bombs alone, but rather it is an economic war, and human resources, between countries and their agents, and includes the leading secret service agencies and secret societies that work side by side with Western governments in shedding blood in Gaza, dropping the first bomb, and killing the first child, With the death of the first freedom fighter, a one-way border to hell was crossed.
Russian writer and thinker Astolin pointed to the end of the current economic model, Bretton Woods, based on the improbable idea of “infinite expansion” no longer a far-fetched conspiracy but a frightening reality. Civilization has reached a point of no return, where economic and political forces have combined to form the perfect storm.

He also stressed, "Geography and money are proving to be the ultimate trump cards because geography governs the economic decision-making process, and here we come together as one voice against oppression, hatred, and unspeakable violence - because there is a general awakening taking place in society."

Meanwhile, British MP George Galloway said that Yemen today represents the moral center of the world, the only Arab country and the only Islamic state that took up arms and came to defend the defenseless Palestinians, children, women, men, tens of thousands who sacrificed their blood and suffer from siege and hunger for six full months without any help the world moves still.

He pointed out that Yemen, a poor and small country, was a victim of an endless war by its neighbors and their allies who attacked the Yemeni people for a long time, and it was able to stand up to America , Britain and support the Palestinian people.

He said: “When I woke up to the nature of British imperialism in Arab world through the brutal subjugation of the struggling Yemeni people who were struggling for their independence in southern Yemen, one of my first memories was the brutal scenes in the Crater area in Aden province of the treatment of the Yemeni people by the occupying British.” .

He added: "I felt ashamed, and I feel ashamed now, and I will feel it all my life, as Britain was bombing and seeking to subjugate and occupy this great country, Yemen." He stressed that Palestine will be free just as Yemen has become free.

The British MP pointed out that between the hammer of the resistance of the Palestinian people and the anvil of the global bloc around the world, there is the global solidarity movement with the Palestinians and the call for economic boycott, withdrawal of investments, and taking sanctions against the Zionist entity and the countries that support it.

He called for the continuation of marches, protests, and the establishment of community ties in various countries of the world, and calling for the punishment of genocidal parties in Europe during the ballot, and at the election ballots, as we did in Rochdale, the electoral district on October 29, when we punished the genocide parties and overcome them or change them.

Advisor to the Russian President, the philosopher Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin, stated that the situation in the Middle East is at some point, in the transitional period, and the transition from a unipolar world of which American and Zionist hegemony is part of it in the Middle East to a multipolar world.

He stressed that Russia represents multipolarity by the Greeks to create and announce the BRICS Day in Yemen, which will represent an important symbol of the reality that the Yemenis choose.

He said: "In the Ukraine war and the genocide against the Palestinians, they are both linked events. They are two fronts of the same war, against humanity. Everyone is fighting for justice, equality, democracy, and true freedom, and against the dominant superpower of the colonial, imperialist West."

He added: "At the same time, we are participating in the war to confront the global West, and you are in Yemen, Palestine, Lebanon, and all the representatives of the resistance forces are facing the same enemy, the same goal, and the same adversary in the Middle East."

The philosopher Dugin described what is happening today in the region and the world as a war of multipolarity against unipolarity, where the West and America do not want to allow everyone to go their own way.

He said, "The West is still trying to impose its hegemony on us in the name of protecting their alleged global rules, which demonstrates the West's double standards."

Dugin added: "They do not notice the real genocide that is happening to the Palestinians in Gaza, while they accuse Hamas and the resistance, and they accuse Russia and Putin of committing all crimes, but the truth is that they are criminals, the Western world is the criminal and the real enemy."

He pointed out that thinking about solving the Palestinian issue in a sound way requires overcoming some friends and the need to put the West within logical limits... stressing that the Middle East, not the West, is an independent field, and is considered an autonomous region in the world with the indigenous local population, and these populations must decide their fate without Interfering in their internal affairs.

He continued, "Today we need to unite the ranks of the resistance, fight and respond, to save the children, women and civilians in Gaza who are being killed by the Zionists, and we urgently need to defend them with all available means and capabilities."

He pointed out that the challenge in Gaza was presented to the entire Islamic community and honorable people in the world, but of all the Islamic countries, only the Yemenis came out to adopt that position and challenge the Zionist enemy, considering the Yemeni position heroic, which requires motivating people to interact with Yemen to stand against injustice and genocide.

He stated that the Yemeni people and the Ansar Allah component were the only ones who saved the dignity of the Islamic community from the fear and subjugation of the Western world, and said, “The Yemenis have shown the other party that Muslims are more reluctant to enter a direct war, and how real men must respond to aggressive action, and the people of Yemen have changed the regime.” Geopolitically, by preventing the passage of Zionist ships from the Red Sea for some months.”

He addressed the Yemenis by saying, "You are acting exactly from the logic of multipolarity, which allows Chinese ships to pass without being subjected to means of preparation, while you only respond to the oppressor by targeting the forces of hegemony and global arrogance."

The Russian philosopher Dugin called on the resistance forces in the region to be prepared to defend multipolarity, justice and dignity and to save them from the unjust global society, since all human beings and civilizations have the right to live, defend themselves and declare their independence from the forces of global hegemony.

He also addressed the Yemeni people, "You are one of the civilizations and among the first to show your courage , bravery , prove your strength, confrontation of the forces of hegemony ,global arrogance, and your actions are a true introduction to the liberation of Palestine."

He also called on Yemen to join BRICS countries, work with Russia, and form joint forces to confront the global monster and liberate itself from the forces of global hegemony. He called on the powers of the region to reach a solution to any regional problem in the Middle East, especially Palestine.

In turn, the Spanish doctor and journalist Enrique Refuo denounced the silence and betrayal of all countries suffering from a war waged by the global elite, which has no value in the life of humanity and has become merely a tool, which they use and dispose of according to their interests.

He said: “We are living in a terrible situation that has never happened before in history if we talk about war , genocide in this cynical way, in the media and the rule of the political minority that devotes itself to justifying what suits them, and is never concerned with “what” but rather with “who” and everything. In their interests and what harms them is considered a crime.”

He added, "Yemen is the country that globalists have criminalized because it did everything in its power to defend Palestine and the types of genocide committed by the Zionists. America and its allies launched what is called Operation Prosperity Guardian, and contrary to its expectations, Yemen is resisting and will resist, not alone, but it will be the free people of the world until his side".

Journalist Refuo continued, "The divergence between Brussels and Washington should only be understood through the common factor represented by the electoral program, even if that is at the expense of the lives of the Palestinians or any other person in the world that is of equal importance to them."

He continued, "The European Union, NATO, and America are pushing us into a comprehensive war against Russia, and using Ukraine as a tool to wage a proxy war against Russia. This is clear and noticeable, and the pretexts related to democracy or freedom are no longer valid. Rather, it is a proxy war for America against Russia."

He stressed that Europe and America want to wage a proxy war against China using Taiwan as a primary tool, and are seeking to create an expanded tool in South Korea, Japan, the Philippines, Australia and other countries up to Vietnam, under the principle of "let others die for the interests of the globalists' same scheme."

The independent candidate for the US Senate, Annie Diansr, expressed her desire for peace throughout Southwest Asia, by stopping the scenes of brutality committed against the children of Gaza, who do not find the conditions for the establishment of their state in the free and sovereign Palestine that must be established.

She said: “We are now seeing thousands demonstrating in the streets, and we see people speaking at every meeting and conference about these crimes being committed in Gaza, and I, as an American, am very interested in having people remember that 250 years ago we carried out a revolution against the British Empire because they were doing to us what we are doing today around the world.” ".

The American candidate affirmed her full commitment to returning America to its former state in the days of the 13 colonies.

For his part, American geopolitical analyst Jackson Hnickel explained that the majority of the American people stand with Ansar Allah against the Israeli massacre taking place in Gaza, and the Americans stand with the Yemeni people, who have the unconditional right to resist the genocide taking place in Gaza and all the siege they are doing in the Red Sea.

He pointed out that the Yemeni resistance was able to prevent the flow of thousands of dollars into the Zionist banks. He said: “At this particular moment, you deserve praise in every sense of the word, because you deserve respect for your heroic work.”

Jackson Hnickel stressed that what is happening in Gaza - the Zionists' genocide and killing of more than 32 thousand people, the destruction of thousands of houses above their residents, and the displacement of millions from their houses - cannot be tolerated.

He asked, "If the massacres committed by Israel against the people of Gaza occurred in another country in the world, such as Canada or Britain, what would the world's reaction be? They would say terrorism, the massacres must be resisted, and America would work to drop an atomic bomb on that enemy."

He added: "It is not surprising that the Yemenis bear the responsibility on themselves to resist the genocide in Gaza in a correct manner, despite the sanctions imposed on them. It is unexpected foolishness to describe you as terrorists or to impose sanctions to try to deter you in some way or stop you from deterring and resisting this genocide."

He also stressed that the American government does not understand the strength and patience of the Yemeni people, including their resistance to years of famine, siege, and war from its ally, Saudi Arabia. He added, “What everyone does not know about Yemen is that it is the richest country. The luxury houses of the Gulf cannot compare to the strength that the Yemeni possesses, because true power and certain victory. He comes to those who are more humble and believe in his project.

He expressed his hope to visit Yemen and stand by its side and the Yemeni people’s resistance to the Zionist massacres in Gaza.

For his part, the Argentine activist, expert in international relations, and journalist Tadeo Castiglione stressed that Palestine will remain a symbol of steadfastness in the face of the Zionist enemy.

He stated that "Al-Aqsa Flood" established the importance of Palestine in global consciousness, praising Yemen's humanitarian role and its heroic and courageous stance in supporting and advocating the Palestinian cause.

He also affirmed Palestine's historical right to Al-Aqsa Mosque and its independent state, denouncing the war crimes and genocide committed by the Zionist entity against the children and women of Gaza for six months without the world taking action or Arab, Muslim and free peoples standing with Palestine.

The famous Brazilian journalist,Pepe Escobar, considered Yemen's position, with its geographical and historical location at the present time, its defense of rights and the oppressed in Palestine, a beacon of hope, justice and humanity worldwide.

He expressed his thanks for his participation in the Palestine Conference, wishing to visit Yemen to learn from it the meanings of pride, dignity, and courageous stances in supporting the nation’s issues.

He touched on the Yemeni position in support of the Palestinian cause, which is based on a great moral, humanitarian and moral foundation, adding, “The religious land is certainly connected to all parts of the Global South and you are recognized throughout the Global South, especially when the vanguard and the global majority stand with you and defend what is right and just.”

Escobar called on all parts of the Global South and Russia, which holds the presidency of BRICS, to include Yemen in BRICS Plus, stressing that this will be seriously discussed in a ministerial meeting next June and summit decisions will be taken in Kazan next October. A group of countries will join BRICS next year and in Introduction Yemen.

The Palestinian issue remains the most prominent existential issue that everyone stands by, given the oppression that the Palestinian people have been subjected to for eight decades by the Zionist entity supported by America and Europe to exterminate an entire people, occupy their land, and confiscate their freedom and dignity.


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