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Expected exchange deal.. Resistance tends to reject it, & Zionist enemy makes up its mind
Expected exchange deal.. Resistance tends to reject it, & Zionist enemy makes up its mind
Expected exchange deal.. Resistance tends to reject it, & Zionist enemy makes up its mind

SANA'A March 25. 2024 (Saba) - In light of the circulating talk about the existence of major differences between the Zionist enemy entity and the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas regarding the completion of the expected prisoner exchange deal, things seem to be heading towards a dead end, and Hamas and the Palestinian resistance cannot agree to a deal that does not meet their fair and flexible demands.

While talks continue in Qatari capital, Doha, to conclude a truce agreement and a prisoner exchange deal, sources familiar with the details of the talks confirm that Hamas movement is inclined to reject the offer, while the Zionist Broadcasting Authority announced, today, Monday, that the ceasefire negotiations in the besieged Strip for months, I've reached a dead end.

The sources say, according to what Al-Mayadeen reported: The enemy wants to significantly reduce the number of Palestinian detainees, and it is clear that the enemy, with its extremist government, does not want to reach an agreement , is not serious about their negotiations, and what is being done is only an attempt to buy time.

The sources add: “Netanyahu, his government, and his extremists are trying to show their responsiveness and participation in the negotiations only to absorb internal and external pressures.”

Earlier today, the Zionist enemy media promoted that the occupying entity responded to the American proposal regarding the number of Palestinian prisoners intended to be released, as well as its approval of the return of the residents of the northern Gaza Strip.

It quoted a senior Zionist official as saying: “Israel agreed to release about 700 Palestinian prisoners, including about 100 life sentencers, compared to 400 that were agreed upon at the Paris summit. In addition, negotiations are underway on the conditions that will allow the return of Gaza’s residents.” To the central and northern regions of Gaza Strip.

Also according to the Zionist official, the Zionist delegation was given a broader mandate this time in the negotiations compared to previous trips. Hamas has not yet responded to the offer.

The Zionist Broadcasting Corporation says: The road was closed due to Hamas’ demands, as the movement refused to have Zionist forces remain in Gaza during the truce. A Zionist official also stated that “Tel Aviv” agreed to pay high prices in the recent negotiations in Doha, while the movement was stubborn.

The Commission stresses that the occupying entity will not have the right to veto the list of those released in exchange for female soldiers, but rather agreed to release seven prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment for every female soldier.

These developments come amid clear American pressure imposed by Washington on the usurping entity, through its Secretary of State, Anthony Blinken, to make progress in the talks and reach a deal within days.

While observers believe that what was happening was the pre-birth throes of the deal, and that reaching a discussion of the details and differences regarding it does not mean the failure of the negotiations amid the possibility that each party will compromise in order to reach a final formula.

Despite this, the Hamas movement has repeatedly confirmed over the past few days that positions are still far apart between it and the Zionist side regarding the upcoming prisoner exchange deal and the ceasefire in Gaza Strip.

Last Saturday, during the negotiations in Doha, America presented a proposal that it said would bring views closer regarding the number of imprisoned Palestinian prisoners that the occupying entity must release for every prisoner released by Hamas during a possible new truce in Gaza.

The aforementioned proposal included the release of 40 out of 130 Zionist detainees held by Hamas, with a six-week ceasefire.

The proposal also proposed the idea of easing the conditions for the return of residents to northern Gaza.

Senior Hamas official Sami Abu Zuhri confirmed to Reuters that the movement had previously submitted a proposal earlier this month, which the Zionist enemy described as unrealistic, stipulating that the enemy authorities would release between 700 and a thousand Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the release of Zionist prisoners from prison females, minors, the elderly and the sick.

Abu Zuhri held the Zionist enemy responsible for not reaching an agreement because it has so far refused to commit to ending the military attack, withdrawing its forces from Gaza Strip, and allowing the displaced to return to their houses in the north.

This development came after a knowledgeable Arab source revealed earlier that there was agreement on the idea of releasing 40 Zionists and on the days of calm, which are six weeks. The controversial details are the number of Palestinians who will be released and their identity, as well as the issue of the return of the displaced to northern Gaza.

The source said: Although Mossad chiefs David Barnea and Shin Bet Ronen Bar left Qatar on Saturday night, a negotiating delegation of senior officers remained in Doha to continue negotiations.

Earlier, a leading source in the Hamas movement denied the validity of the news circulating regarding the movement’s rejection of ceasefire proposals.

The source said in statements to Quds News Network: "The news published by some Arab media outlets about the truce agreements and the movement’s position on them is “incorrect,” and it “aims to confuse the position of the resistance and is in line with the position of the occupation to put pressure on the popular support and confuse the Palestinian street.”

In the same context, Azzam Abu Adas, an expert on Zionist affairs, believes that the possibility of completing the deal in the foreseeable future is unlikely... pointing out that the prisoner deal relates to the conditions of resistance, which cannot be waived under any circumstances.

Abu Adas explained that the talk is not about a prisoner deal, but about a state of political settlement in which the current reality is changed.

Earlier today, Hamas movement attacked the political quackery practiced by Netanyahu, which it described as a war criminal and the head of evil, criticizing his use of religion for political ends.

The movement said, in a press statement published on its Telegram channel:

Netanyahu uses religious discourse to achieve his criminal political goals, by escalating the war of extermination that he is waging against the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip.

The movement described Netanyahu's threats to target its leaders, and his intention to carry out his major crime in Rafah, as a shameless challenge to all international calls and positions that warned that a military operation in Rafah, which is crowded with displaced people, would lead to disaster.

It stressed that the crimes of the Zionist government headed by Netanyahu and the extremist settlers with him are motivated by religious nonsense and myths.

The movement also affirmed that killing children, women, and the elderly, starving civilians, burning and destroying buildings are crimes that have no parallel in modern history, saying: These crimes will perpetuate the occupation entity as a symbol of evil and crime that has never been witnessed before humanity in all ages.

It is worth noting that Hamas movement and the Palestinian resistance are committed to the return of the displaced to the northern Gaza Strip, as well as a permanent ceasefire and a cessation of the aggression that resulted in more than 32,226 martyrs and 74,518 injuries since the seventh of last October - according to official statistics - while the Zionist side rejects this matter. .


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