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  US-Saudi Aggression
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With American green light, Netanyahu evades negotiations & prepares to invade Rafah
With American green light, Netanyahu evades negotiations & prepares to invade Rafah
With American green light, Netanyahu evades negotiations & prepares to invade Rafah

SANA'A February 27.2024 (Saba) - In the wake of the negotiations between Hamas and the Zionist enemy entity in Paris and Cairo, Netanyahu presented to his extremist government what he called “a plan regarding the management of Gaza for the post-war period,” in a move that reflects the enemy’s lack of seriousness in negotiations and reaching a solution that leads to a ceasefire in Gaza Strip and the release of prisoners from both sides are released and preparations are made to invade Rafah.

According to the Zionist enemy’s media, at a time when Netanyahu sent a Zionist delegation to negotiations with Hamas in Paris regarding the release of Zionist prisoners and a ceasefire in Gaza Strip, Netanyahu presented to his government a plan regarding the administration of Gaza for the post-war period, stipulating that Palestinian officials. The Gaza Strip is run by locals who have no connection to the Hamas movement that rules it.

The proposal that Netanyahu presented to his security cabinet also stipulates that the enemy army will maintain an unlimited freedom of action in order to prevent the return of armed activity.

Netanyahu proposed a plan for the “post-war period” that stipulates that the Zionist entity would maintain “security control” in Gaza Strip, with its civil affairs being handled by “local officials,” and presented it to his small security cabinet, which may demand amendments to it.

As for the long-term goals mentioned, Netanyahu rejects “unilateral recognition” of a Palestinian state... and says: The settlement with the Palestinians will only be achieved through direct negotiations between the two sides, without specifying that Palestinian party.

In Gaza, Netanyahu identified disarmament and the elimination of what he called “extremism” among the goals that must be achieved in the medium term.

He did not clarify when that phase would begin or how long it would last, but he stipulated for the reconstruction of the Gaza Strip, a large part of which was destroyed by the Zionist aggression of him, to be completely disarmed.

Netanyahu proposes that the enemy entity have a presence on the border between Gaza and Egypt, south of the Strip, and that it cooperate with Egypt and the United States in that region to prevent smuggling attempts, including the Rafah crossing.

To replace Hamas' rule in Gaza while maintaining public order, Netanyahu proposes working with local representatives who "do not belong to countries or groups and do not receive financial support from them." He also calls for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) to be closed and replaced by other international relief organizations.

However, Palestinian officials quickly rejected the absolutely unworkable Zionist plan due to the presence of Palestinian resistance factions on the ground in the Gaza Strip, steadfast and harassing Netanyahu’s gang.

In response, Hamas official Osama Hamdan, during a press conference held on Friday in Beirut, criticized Netanyahu's plan, stressing that it was doomed to failure.

Hamdan told reporters: “For the next day in Gaza Strip, Netanyahu presents ideas that he fully realizes will not succeed.Today he presents a paper in which he writes a set of his repeated ideas.”

He added: "This paper will not have any reality or any practical impact because the reality of Gaza and the reality of the Palestinians is decided by the Palestinians themselves."

He continued: “Reading this paper and the decision to refuse to recognize any Palestinian state reflects two things that everyone must stop at, especially those calling for Oslo-style political settlements and others. The first is that he absolutely refuses to recognize a Palestinian state , refuses to recognize a Palestinian entity, and this prompts the question of whether he is People like him are qualified to conduct political discussions with the Palestinians.”

He explained that the second matter is Netanyahu’s insistence “on the separation between the West Bank and Gaza and on the separation between Al-Quds and the West Bank, so this means that this entity’s real plan is to seize and fragment the Palestinian lands.”

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken on Friday renewed his country's rejection of any "new occupation" of Gaza Strip after the end of the war, in response to Netanyahu's announcement of a plan that requires the continuation of "security control" in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip.

In an infinite toll, the number of Palestinian martyrs as a result of the ongoing Zionist-American aggression on Gaza Strip rose to more than 29,514 killed, and about 69,616 were injured.

In clear contradiction by America, the largest partner in the genocide in Gaza Strip, and with its efforts to release the Zionist prisoners held by Hamas and establish a humanitarian ceasefire, it gives the green light to Netanyahu and his gang to commit more massacres and aggression against Rafah.

The US State Department stated that Washington would not support a Zionist military operation in Rafah “without serious planning” around more than a million displaced civilians, in a clear indication of American support for the aggression and invasion of Rafah.

Deputy Foreign Ministry spokesman Vedant Patel said in a press conference: “Conducting such an operation now without planning and a little thought in an area that is home to a million people would be a disaster.”

He added: "The United States will not support such a military operation without planning because it concerns more than a million people who have taken refuge there, as well as without considering its implications for humanitarian aid and the safe departure of foreign citizens."

He continued: US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken made this clear to Netanyahu during the meetings he held in the occupied Palestinian territories in 1948.
A phone call took place between Netanyahu and Biden in order to find out the latest developments in the situation, as Biden claimed, during recent phone conversations with Netanyahu, that there is an importance to give priority to the safety of civilians in any possible military operation in Rafah in Gaza.

A statement issued by the White House also claimed that Biden reiterated his position that any attack on Rafah must be accompanied by a comprehensive plan to protect the lives of more than a million civilians currently taking refuge in the region, in addition to taking immediate and concrete measures to enhance humanitarian assistance to civilians affected by the conflict.

In addition to he stressed the need to build on recent diplomatic progress to accelerate the release of all hostages held in Gaza.

American media reported that Biden described Netanyahu as the main obstacle to attempts to persuade the Zionist enemy to cease fire in Gaza, and dealing with him has become impossible.

It seems that the Zionist enemy, along with its largest partner, America, is planning a massive aggression against Rafah, committing more massacres and genocide against the Palestinians, and escaping the miserable failure of Netanyahu and his gang to achieve any of their declared goals after more than 143 days of aggression against the Gaza Strip.


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