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Yemenis' struggle in Palestine throughout history, Zionist enemy's ambitions in Yemen
[25 April 2024]
Water projects in Mahweet worth more than 438 million Y.R inaugurated
[25 April 2024]
Arrangements for holding consumer exhibition in Taiz discussed
[25 April 2024]
Armed Forces target American Ship, destroyer & Israeli Ship
[24 April 2024]
Brigadier General Saree: Important statement for Yemeni armed forces at evening of ten thirty
[24 April 2024]
Day 202 of Genocide: Civilians killed & injured by Israeli forces in Gaza
[25 April 2024]
Rafic Hariri Airport security in Beirut stops plane holding Tel Aviv logo
[25 April 2024]
Palestinian factions warn Zionist enemy of invading Rafah
[25 April 2024]
Tehran rejects content of joint Kuwaiti-Jordanian statement over Arash field
[25 April 2024]
Moscow says it will present draft resolution in SC on preventing deployment of weapons of mass destruction in space
[25 April 2024]
Yemenis' struggle in Palestine throughout history, Zionist enemy's ambitions in Yemen
[25 April 2024]
On Palestinian Prisoner’s Day... Enemy continues to torture and abuse prisoners and toll doubles
[23 April 2024]
Germany is facing increasing pressure to stop arming Zionist entity
[21 April 2024]
Battle of “Al-Aqsa Flood” made Yemen difficult number in its regional, international environment
[21 April 2024]
USA aborts Palestine's membership in UN, it proves to whole whole it is greatest enemy of the world peace: report
[21 April 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
American-British aggression launch three raids on Hajjah
[15 March 2024]
American-British aggression launch 12 raids on Hodeida
[11 March 2024]
American-British aggression hits farm in Hodeida
[20 February 2024]
Four citizens injured by explosion of leftover military ordnance in Marib
[19 February 2024]
9 raids of US-British aggression on governorates of Sana'a and Hajjah
[04 February 2024]
Aggression escalation against Yemen & Palestine is one of most important factors in ending American hegemony era
Aggression escalation against Yemen & Palestine is one of most important factors in ending American hegemony era
Aggression escalation against Yemen & Palestine is one of most important factors in ending American hegemony era

SANA'A February 26.2024 (Saba) - With hysteria, confusion, and excessive randomness, the American administration, along with Britain, continues their aggression and desperate attempts to dissuade the Yemeni people from their great and influential position in supporting the Palestinians and their valiant resistance in their decisive battle against the usurping Zionist occupation entity.

The escalation of the American-British aggression in its raids on several Yemeni provinces reveals that the American enemy and the colonial powers who stand on its side have not yet understood that the time of domination and guardianship over the Yemeni people has irrevocably passed, and that the Yemen of faith, wisdom, and steadfastness has now considered America merely straw, as he described it the martyr leader, Mr. Hussein Badr al-Din al-Houthi

The American enemy has implicated itself in Yemen, without realizing, or not wanting to realize, that its aggression against the strongest people , who refuse to submit and surrender like the Yemeni people, will be one of the most important reasons for ending the era of American hegemony, especially since a lot of evidence and proof of that has appeared, with the fall of America’s prestige , Britain, and suffered terrible defeats in the Red Sea and other regions of the world.

Some analysts describe America's actions towards Yemen, Palestine, and other countries of the world as "similar to the actions of Britain and France in the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century, when they did not realize that their time had ended, and they then made an alliance with Israel to launch the tripartite aggression against Egypt. Only ten years had passed after that was until most of their colonies in Africa and Asia had been liberated from their control.

America's hostile and aggressive stances became more apparent when the American administration and all its institutions stood strongly to openly support and back the Zionist enemy entity to continue killing and exterminating the Palestinians, thus revealing many facts that some were unaware of about America's recklessness and brutality.

Given the massacres, atrocities, siege and starvation they committed against thousands of children, women and civilians in Gaza over a period of more than four months, the Americans proved to the whole world that they are no different from the Zionists in their brutality and devoid of humanity, which they pay lip service to and use as slogans to pass their agendas , plans to kill peoples and plunder their wealth. .

Observers confirm that the American confusion since the start of “Al-Aqsa Flood” battle on October 7 and the American reactions in support of the Zionist entity , its direct , scandalous participation in the brutal massacres, genocide and siege crimes against the people of Gaza, as well as its massive mobilization against Russia, and then its perpetration of blatant aggression against Yemen in alliance with Britain, all of this only expresses a feeling of decline and collapse.

What reinforces the imminent American failure and fall is the fall of the masks, the bright slogans, and the system of values that Washington has always praised, in order not to give any consideration to the rights of the peoples of the world, especially the Palestinians, to whom the whole world is watching the war crimes, genocide, and humanitarian tragedies that have never occurred before. History thanks to the unlimited support and cover that America provides to the Zionist entity politically, militarily, logistically, in the media, and at all levels.

Here, all the free peoples of the world saw how America and those within its orbit shied away from implementing or even talking about that alleged value system and false titles of freedom, when it came to the Palestinians, their legitimate rights to life, defending their cause, their usurped lands and other stolen rights.

Everyone also saw America for what it really is when it did not give any consideration to the opinions and aspirations of the peoples in the Middle East, Asia, Africa, and South America, and anyone who disagreed with it or opposed the Zionist-American interests and ambitions to dominate the wealth and resources of the peoples it impoverished, destroyed, and created chaos.

Despite its horrific exposure to everyone, the United States of America still legitimizes waging wars, interfering in the affairs of countries, violating their sovereignty, besieging them and starving them, as is the case in its aggression against Yemen, and its suspicious military movements in the Red Sea, which lack any legal basis or justification or even international consensus. .

It also continues to deal with the United Nations and its bodies represented by the General Assembly, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council, the International Court of Justice, the Criminal Court and others as mere arms and entities subject to its influence through which it exercises guardianship over states, which has made the international system lose what remains of its credibility and respect in the eyes of the people of the world.

The continuing airstrikes of the American-British aggression on Yemen since the beginning of this year have not had any impact on Yemen’s military capabilities and the ongoing and escalating operations of its armed forces against Israeli, American and British ships in the Red and Arabian Seas, or breaking the naval blockade imposed by Yemen on the ports controlled by the Zionist entity in Palestine.

The American Western military action in the Red Sea also failed to neutralize the ongoing military operations of the Yemeni armed forces, or to provide protection for the Israeli ships heading to it. However, America and Britain continue to be arrogant and search for illusions, without taking into account the dangerous repercussions that this has in provoking and motivating free peoples to rise up and develop its defensive , offensive capabilities, and other factors capable of accelerating the decline of America, as Britain and France escaped before it after World War II.

With their blatant aggression against Yemen, America and Britain once again failed to read the history of the authentic and unbreakable people of Yemen, and they contributed without realizing it in gathering their ranks, gathering their strength, and emerging with those angry crowds of millions who were eager to engage in direct battle with the American-Zionist enemy, which continued to target the country and exhaust its capabilities through its regional tools. Without it appearing in the image and facade as it is today.

Therefore, the repercussions of the reckless American-British aggression will not be limited to what the Yemeni people are doing in terms of resistance , abuse on their ships , barges at sea, and threatening all American and British interests in the region.

Rather, the repercussions will be much broader, when many free peoples have their say and revolt in the face of the orgy American-British-Israeli in the region to put an end to it once and for all.


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