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Local Administration Ministry provides convoy to Almoravids in naval forces
[20 April 2024]
Tweet campaign launched about importance of summer courses at 9 p.m.
[20 April 2024]
Al-Houthi inaugurates Ertiqaa Water Factory in Sa'ada
[20 April 2024]
Inauguration of summer course activities in Al Dhalea Governorate
[20 April 2024]
Launching summer courses in Dhamar
[20 April 2024]
Health in Gaza: Death toll of aggression has risen to 34,049 martyrs, 76,901 injured since seventh of October
[20 April 2024]
Algeria: We will reintroduce Palestine's full membership in United Nations with more vigorous & momentum
[20 April 2024]
Palestinian ambulance officer killed, two civilians injured by settlers' bullets in village of Al-Sawiya
[20 April 2024]
"It wasn't an attack, it was child's play." Amir Abdollahian mocks terrorist attack in Isfahan
[20 April 2024]
Syrian Defense: Destruction of terrorist headquarters in countryside of Deir Ezzor and downing of marches in countryside of Aleppo
[20 April 2024]
Iranian response to Zionist entity. Changing balance of power in favor of resistance axis
[20 April 2024]
Sana'a.. 50,000 visitors to tourism sites, dams on first & second days of Eid
[18 April 2024]
Al-Zanna area & Al-Amal neighborhood ambush. Evidence of Palestinian resistance ability to surprise & strike enemy
[18 April 2024]
Unique Eid atmosphere in Hajjah
[18 April 2024]
Yemen's pro-Palestine position is at forefront of Free participants discussion in Palestine Conference in capital, Sana'a
[17 April 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
American-British aggression launch three raids on Hajjah
[15 March 2024]
American-British aggression launch 12 raids on Hodeida
[11 March 2024]
American-British aggression hits farm in Hodeida
[20 February 2024]
Four citizens injured by explosion of leftover military ordnance in Marib
[19 February 2024]
9 raids of US-British aggression on governorates of Sana'a and Hajjah
[04 February 2024]
Zionist enemy army acknowledges death of two more soldiers in Gaza
Zionist enemy army acknowledges death of two more soldiers in Gaza
Zionist enemy army acknowledges death of two more soldiers in Gaza

GAZA February 26. 2024 (Saba) - The Zionist Nazi enemy "army" acknowledged the death of two more soldiers in its ranks in battles with the Palestinian resistance.

Under the “permitted to publish” clause, the enemy’s “army” revealed that the first soldier was Ido Eli Zarihan, who held the rank of first sergeant in the “Givati” Brigade, and he was killed in the battles in the Khan Yunis areas in the southern Gaza Strip.

The second dead was Sergeant, Oz Danieloho, a soldier in the “77th” Battalion of the “Sar Megulan” formation. The spokesman for the occupation “army,” Daniel Hagari, revealed his death on October 7, 2023, and acknowledged that his body was still in Gaza.

A spokesman for the enemy’s “army” admitted that three Zionist soldiers, including an officer from the “Givati” Brigade, were killed in the clashes in the Strip in the last hours.

Enemy media reported from the Zionist Soroka Hospital that, during the past 24 hours, ten wounded people had arrived at the hospital during the ground battles in the Gaza Strip, including four who were seriously injured.

The number of deaths of the recognized occupation “army” has risen to 580 since October 7, 2023, including 240 killed in ground battles inside the Gaza Strip.

The Zionist enemy is suffering heavy losses in its forces, at a time when the Palestinian resistance continues to confront the incursive Zionist forces on all fighting axes.

Earlier, a source in the Palestinian resistance from al-Zaytoun neighborhood in Gaza City confirmed to al-Mayadeen that the occupation is incurring heavy losses, stressing that the the resistance fighters are still deployed in all fighting axes.

resource : Saba


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