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Sa'ada.. Discussing interventions of General Authority for Roads
[06 December 2023]
Supreme Committee for Supporting Al-Aqsa blesses operation carried out by missile force against targets of Zionist enemy
[06 December 2023]
Supreme Committee for Supporting Al-Aqsa blesses issuance of law prohibiting & criminalizing recognition of Zionist enemy entity
[06 December 2023]
Distribution computers to local authority in Hajjah
[06 December 2023]
Meeting chaired by Al-Masawy discusses work progress at local water & sanitation corporation
[06 December 2023]
Zionist bombing targets several towns in southern Lebanon
[06 December 2023]
Persistent bombing leaves tens of martyrs, injuries in Gaza
[06 December 2023]
Spanish PM: We continually work on recognizing Palestine
[06 December 2023]
Online campaign calls Congress to vote against arms deliveries to Israel
[06 December 2023]
Palestinian resistance continues targeting enemy troops in Gaza
[06 December 2023]
Suspicious role of UAE state in destroying Arabism & Islam
[05 December 2023]
Qualitative successes for executive unit in Sana’a during first quarter of 1445 AH
[03 December 2023]
Water Corporation in Hajjah... Qualitative leap in providing services
[02 December 2023]
Boycott is an essential part of battle with Zionist enemy & is enough to exhaust it economically
[02 December 2023]
Widespread echoes of Yemeni operation to seize Zionist ship in Red Sea
[28 November 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 30
[30 November 2023]
Seven citizens killed & injured by Saudi army fire in Sa'ada
[23 November 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 23
[23 November 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 16
[16 November 2023]
Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 9
[09 November 2023]
US-Zionist agression against Gaza & failure of Arab-Islamic Joint Summit to stop it
US-Zionist agression against Gaza & failure of Arab-Islamic Joint Summit to stop it
US-Zionist agression against Gaza & failure of Arab-Islamic Joint Summit to stop it

SANA'A November 13. 2023 (Saba) - Today, the world has witnessed the largest massacre in contemporary history by the Zionist enemy against Palestinian civilians in the Gaza Strip, with the enemy bombing by air, sea and land residential buildings, hospitals, public and private facilities, mosques and churches under the blanket cover of the United States, the West and the Arab and Islamic silence only statements barely out of the corridors of their meetings.

After weeks of aggression, the kings, princes and heads of Arab and Islamic states held 54 extraordinary Arab-Islamic summits in Riyadh, only to condemn, denounce and demand their statement at the end of their summit.

After more than a month of massacres, they mandated Arab and Islamic States to initiate immediate international action on behalf of all the Organization's Member States and the League to halt the war on Gaza and to press for a serious and genuine political process to achieve lasting and comprehensive peace in accordance with the international terms of reference adopted.

With the crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity facing Palestinian civilians in Gaza, the attempt to displace some 1.5 million Palestinians from the north to the south of the Gaza Strip as a war crime under the Fourth Geneva Convention of 1949 and its 1977 Supplement, the killing of journalists, children and women, the targeting of paramedics and the use of internationally prohibited white phosphorus in the aggression against the Gaza Strip.

This is offset by the calls and appeals of the Zionist enemy and its supporters (America and Western States) Denouncing double standards and maintaining peace as a strategic option, to end the Zionist occupation and resolve the Arab-Israeli conflict, in accordance with international law and relevant resolutions of international legitimacy, including Security Council resolutions, and affirming the adherence to the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative in all its elements and priorities, and the convening of an international peace conference at the earliest possible date through which a credible peace process will be launched on the basis of international law, international legitimacy resolutions and the principle of land for peace; Within a specific time frame and with international guarantees leading to an end to the Zionist occupation of the Occupied Palestinian Territory, including East Al-Quds, the occupied Syrian Golan, the Shab'a farms, the Kafr Shuba hills and the outlying areas of the Lebanese town of Mari and the implementation of the two-State solution.

In order to alleviate the tragedy affecting the population of Gaza and Palestine in general, the Summit's final communiqué stressed the need to mobilize international partners to rebuild Gaza and mitigate the effects of the mass destruction of the Zionist aggression immediately upon its cessation.

In contrast, Zionist-American aggression escalated the incursions into the Gaza Strip on the 37th day of aggression, bringing the number of martyrs to more than 11 thousand, while the number of wounded rose to more than 28 thousand.

Palestinian media reported that the Zionist enemy had continued its siege of a number of hospitals in Gaza City and the north, killing an unspecified number of citizens. A number of citizens were also martyred and several others were injured by shelling targeting the Al-Sahaba area and western Gaza City without ambulances being able to reach the scene.

Two doctors from Mahdi's family were martyred, there were injuries among displaced people as a result of an Israeli bombing that targeted Mahdi Maternity Hospital, west of Gaza.

Enemy aircraft returned to targeting the vicinity of Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City with a series of violent raids, resulting in a total blackout of electricity at Al-Shifa Hospital.

Gaza's health spokesman Ashraf Al-Qudra announced the loss of five casualties at the Shifa medical complex as a result of the inability of crews to treat them following power outages.

The Shati 'camp people in Block 12 appealed to the Red Cross to move to transport martyrs and wounded bleeding from the day before yesterday on Saturday.

Enemy aircraft bombed a house for the Abu Shab family in the Zinna Al-Awasiyah area of Bani Suhaila in the Khan Yunis Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip, and a martyr and a number of wounded arrived at Nasser Hospital.

In northern Gaza, the administration of the Indonesian hospital in northern Gaza announced that it had decided to convert a square next to the hospital into a mass grave for an unidentified maryters.

At night, the hospital received 15 of martyrs's bodies in shelling targeting two houses in Jabalia.

At least one martyr and a number of wounded were raised in an enemy aircraft bombing of a house of the Bursh family in Jabalia, north of the Strip.

Thus, blood continues to bleed and the number of victims of the Zionist-American aggression against the Gaza Strip, which reached an unprecedented level, continues to be recovered from under the houses rubble targeted in the Zionist raids with extreme potential, after 37 days of aggression and continuous bombardment and the prevention of fuel, water and electricity, while dozens of families and all their members have died in this brutal aggression.


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