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[08 December 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
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[07 December 2023]
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Crimes of US-Saudi aggression on November 23
[23 November 2023]
President Al-Mashat witnesses majestic military parade on occasion of September 21 Revolution ninth anniversary
President Al-Mashat witnesses majestic military parade on occasion of September 21 Revolution ninth anniversary
President Al-Mashat witnesses majestic military parade on occasion of September 21 Revolution ninth anniversary

SANA'A September 21. 2023 (Saba) - The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces witnessed on Thursday in Al-Sabeen Square in the capital, Sana’a, the majestic military parade of the Armed Forces on the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the glorious September 21 Revolution.

His Excellency the President arrived at Al-Sabeen Square and toured with the Minister of Defense, Major General Mohamed Al-Atefi and the Chief of the General Staff, Major-General Mohamed Al-Ghamari, before the start of the parade to the force preparing for the parade, and he saluted all the combat formations participating in the parade.

While music was playing patriotic tunes upon President Al-Mashat’s arrival at Al-Sabeen Square, he then headed to the tomb of martyr President Saleh Al-Sammad, to lay a wreath of flowers and read Al-Fatiha to his soul, the souls of his companions, and all the martyrs of the nation, then he headed to the parade platform.

The parade, which was held by the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff and is considered the largest and largest of the armed forces in Yemen, opened with verses from the Holy Quran recited by Sheikh Yahya Al-Halili, followed by the Republican Anthem.

The military parade began with youth, scout and carnival performances on this national occasion, in the presence of a number of members of the Supreme Political Council, heads of the Houses of Representatives, Ministers, the Judiciary, the Shura Council and the Supreme Court, ministers of the National Salvation Government, members of the House of Representatives and the Shura Council, heads of government bodies and institutions, and a large popular presence.

The attendees were military and security leaders in the armed forces and their various land, sea and air formations and security units.

After that, the parade commander, Brigadier General Ali Al-Hamzi, advanced to the podium to request permission from His Excellency President Al-Mashat to begin the majestic youth military parade.

The Minister of Defense, Major General Mohammed Al-Atefi, delivered a speech in which he pointed out that the paths of building states and strengthening their foundations are evident in building influential capitals that incubate hopes and ambitions, and the importance requires standing on the threshold of this exceptional stage that has witnessed and is still witnessing wide changes and many developments, both in situations, or the nature of the challenges that have escalated in light of developments at the regional and global levels.

The Minister of Defense explained that the elements of unity require mobilizing efforts and energies, which will shorten distances and bring them closer to building the desired modern Yemeni state. He pointed out that Yemen has a position and wealth and also has multiple competencies in various specializations, If these capabilities are employed properly and positively, successes are the goal that we will reach with reassurance and confidence.

The Minister of Defense indicated that the current situation and the outstanding challenges require that we be fully aware of the imperatives of strong confrontation and confrontation of such challenges, and that the free Yemeni people at home and abroad and in the free and occupied governorates must be the size of Yemen and the level of value it possesses.

Major General Al-Atifi saluted the struggle of the free people of the occupied Yemeni governorates against the foreign occupation, stressing that the Yemeni armed forces stand by their side in confronting the occupation until the last inch of Yemeni territory and geography is liberated. Just as the Yemeni people stood against the British occupation in the past, they are able to liberate their land, restore their wealth, and achieve their freedom, its sovereignty and independence.

The Minister of Defense renewed the warning to the invading and occupying foreign forces, led by the Americans, Britain, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, who had sneaked into the occupied governorates in a short time due to the betrayal of some mercenaries and agents, that Yemen will not accept their presence in Yemeni territory, and they must leave it, otherwise they will face fires and volcanoes of Yemeni anger whose echo will be heard by the entire universe, and we will let actions speak and write the chapters of confrontation.


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