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  US-Saudi Aggression
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 Palestinian resistance accelerates process of Zionists' departure from Holy Land
Palestinian resistance accelerates process of Zionists' departure from Holy Land
Palestinian resistance accelerates process of Zionists' departure from Holy Land
[Mon, 29 May 2023 12:08:04 +0300]

SANA'A May 29. 2023 (Saba) - For a long time after its suppression of the second intifada, the Zionist enemy entity witnessed relative relief, and through a joint American plan it witnessed an unprecedented expansion of the settler-colonial project.

However, since 2009, the Palestinian people have witnessed a new popular awakening, which began in the form of popular uprisings in Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and developed into another reality, with various forms of resistance.

The enemy entity is currently experiencing unexpected results for its actions, policies, or settlement project, which has put it in a serious dilemma.

This is what motivates the Palestinians to continue the struggle, responsible thinking and planning, which is based on gradually gnawing at the power of the Zionist enemy, reaching the final goal. It is the liberation of the land and people.

The continuous Zionist escalation until this moment, which is practiced by the Zionist enemy entity in the occupied Palestinian territories, as well as its practice of the most heinous forms of violations of Islamic sanctities, especially in Jerusalem, which receives a response and agreement between the coalition and consensual partisan components in the Zionist entity, which has become an extreme right-wing entity in its structure and in the formation of its consciousness.

Zionist politicians consider that the electoral benefits of the Zionist enemy entity revolve around the amount of blood offered by the Palestinians as an offering to spread and mobilize in favor of this coalition or those violations, which reached their climax through the Jewish holidays.

In an unprecedented escalation, flocks of Zionist settlers entered the courtyards of Al-Aqsa Mosque, their offerings and Talmudic trumpets in order to go to complete Judaization, and to consider these rituals as consolidation of the spatial division and that these Talmudic rituals can only be resisted on the lands of the alleged Temple.

After the entity of the Zionist enemy embodied the temporal division through daily incursions in the morning and in the context of the total absence of the Arab-Islamic position, it also seeks to stabilize the spatial division, which resulted in a comprehensive Palestinian challenge and confrontation that was not limited to the city of Jerusalem only, but extended to the entire West Bank.

In the context of the incursions into the blessed Al-Aqsa Mosque, the camps, and the cities, it will definitely lead to escalation, and will put the Palestinian people in front of limited options in dealing with the disastrous consequences that will result from this escalation, and the Zionist occupation entity will bear its consequences in all its details.

Observers believe that the Palestinian uprising will turn into an intifada with a military dimension, which requires real support for the Palestinian people inside to stand against the fierce Zionist attack against Islamic sanctities, especially Jerusalem and the blessed Al-Aqsa, while the resistance factions, whether in Lebanon or Gaza, are increasing in strength and readiness, which makes the enemy entity besieged inside. and abroad.

The entity of the temporary Zionist enemy is facing at the present time many internal and external crises. There is an internal division among the Jews themselves and a great opposition against the Prime Minister of the occupying entity, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Since his return to power, Netanyahu has been facing internal crises and previous judicial files that have been chasing him. Therefore, in order to escape forward, he sought to find a judicial amendment that would distance him from prosecution, but he did not succeed, as the opposition intensified against him.

As a result, the Palestinian resistance adopted a disciplinary option for Netanyahu and his entity, so the Islamic Resistance Movement "Hamas" launched dozens of rockets from southern Lebanon and Gaza, which prompted the Zionist officials, whether former or current, to admit that deterring.

The Zionist response in southern Lebanon was to target open lands without any losses, because it did not want to provoke Hezbollah after it had tasted several successive defeats from it.

These operations by the Palestinian resistance made Netanyahu fully aware that the Zionist response measures have ended, and there is no justification for the opposite side to continue its operations.

The resistance factions to stop their attacks on Zionist sites stipulated stopping the Zionists' violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the surrounding courtyards, and not allowing Zionist criminals to enter Al-Aqsa Mosque under the pretext of performing Jewish worship ceremonies.

These developments come at a time when the resistance did not use all its forces against the Zionist enemy entity, which remembers very well the operations of the battle of "Saif al-Quds" and how it overturned the deterrence equations, but rather approached the date of the fall of this usurper entity.
By : Abdulaziz Al-Hazy

resource : SABA


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UPDATED ON :Mon, 15 Jul 2024 09:33:25 +0300