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Ministries of Human Rights, Expatriate Affairs reveal violations of Saudi regime against Yemeni expatriates
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Local administration reveals losses of local authorities & their achievements during 8 years of aggression
Local administration reveals losses of local authorities & their achievements during 8 years of aggression
Local administration reveals losses of local authorities & their achievements during 8 years of aggression

SANA'A March 22. 2023 (Saba)- The Ministry of Local Administration revealed the cost of losses and damages to local authority bodies as a result of the aggression and siege, as well as the achievements made by the ministry during eight years of aggression.
During a press conference organized today in Sana'a, coinciding with the eighth anniversary of resilience, the ministry estimated the cost of initial losses and damages at about 60 billion riyals, while indirect losses exceeded 200 billion riyals.
He pointed out that the losses were calculated according to the prices that prevailed in the year 2015 AD, which means the cost may exceed 700 billion riyals, according to current exchange rates.
The ministry stated that the direct losses resulted from the aggression’s targeting of (49) government complexes in 17 provinces, of which (43) complexes were completely destroyed, and six complexes were partially destroyed, which in total constituted 40 percent of the total government complexes.
The Deputy Minister of Local Administration, Dr. Qassem Al-Hamran, indicated during the conference that the aggression destroyed (11) complexes of the provinces, namely (Amran, Sa'ada, Raymah, Al-Bayda, Dhamar, Al-Jawf, Al-Dhale', Lahj, Abyan, Aden).
He stated that the aggression targeted 38 government compounds for a number of districts, including five districts in Sa'ada province, which are (Qataber, Munabeh, Shada, Al-Zahir, Al-Malaheeth, Razeh and Haidan) and four districts in Amran province, which are (Harf Sufyan, Al-Qaflah, Huth, Bani Sarim ) and four districts in Al-Hodeida province, which are (Bayt al-FaqiAl-Mansuriya, Al-Durayhimi, and Al-Munira).

He stated that the aggression warplanes destroyed the buildings of government complexes in the districts of Sanhan, Bani Bahloul, Ahbab, Bilad al-Rus, and Hamdan in Sana’a province, as well as the complexes in the districts of Mastaba, Haradh and Midi in Hajjah, and the districts of Al-Mokha, Dhubab and Haifan in Taiz, and the districts of Al-Sha’ar, Al-Radamah and Al-Adain in Ibb province, and the districts of Atma and Al-Manar in Dhamar, in addition to Harib and Sarwah. In Marib, Kharab Al-Marashi, Al-Matma in Al-Jawf, Khor Maksar and Dar Saad in Aden, Al-Jaafaria directorate in Bremah and Shibam Kawkaban in Al-Mahweet, and Al-Qabitah in Hajj.
According to the statement issued by the ministry, the direct damages and losses included the sectors of cleanliness, improvement, the environment and medical waste in the capital’s secretariat and the governorates. of workers in these sectors.
What caused the destruction of a number of equipment of the Cleaning and Improvement Fund in Al-Mahweet province and the Haradh District in Hajjah province, and damaged Haradh border crossing, disrupting work therein, targeting the central garbage dump, the western corniche, the southern roundabout, the airport roundabout, parts of the 22 May Gardens, Al-Asbahi, Miami Park, and parts of the Yemen Mobile roundabout and Al-Gharassi in Hodeida city.
The statement pointed out that the aggression destroyed the old Sa'ada slaughterhouse at a cost of (600) million riyals, and the Dahyan slaughterhouse at a cost of (600) million riyals completely, in addition to the partial destruction of al-Talh slaughterhouse at a cost of (80) million riyals.
In Al-Hodeida province, the statement confirmed the destruction of the central hall of the slaughterhouse of Al-Hali district, and the central water tank, in addition to the destruction of the management building of the Slaughterhouses Foundation branch in the same district.
In the second axis of the conference, the Deputy Minister of Local Administration touched on the most important achievements made by the Ministry and the local authority bodies during the years of aggression and siege, particularly automation, networking and the local authority information system project.
He explained that the local authority information system project, which is being implemented by the ministry, is the most prominent strategic project due to its importance in automating work and linking the ministry with the relevant local authority and central agencies, thus facilitating the flow of data and information and their use in achieving local development.
He indicated that the network link between the central agencies and the provinces was inaugurated, and (16) systems were installed in the ministry's office, and the network link between the ministry and the capital's secretariat and the provinces (Sana'a, Taiz, Ibb, Hodeida, Sa'ada) began, in conjunction with the implementation of a training program for cadres of information centers in the provinces.
Dr. Al-Hamran confirmed the completion of (70) percent of the program systems, at the level of the ministry, provinces, and directorates, and the completion of (30) percent of the technical equipment, which includes equipping the infrastructure of the system in the ministry and preparing technical specifications, while arrangements are underway to establish information networks for the provincial centers and provision of networking devices.
He pointed to the implementation of (19) percent of the training and qualification within the framework of the local authority system project, as the training included (89) basic trainees and 35 trainees from the technical team. Currently, preparations are underway for (13) courses for (130) specialized trainees and (13) courses for ( 611) basic trainees.
During the conference, the ministry presented a report on the achievements made in the field of human development and institutional development, stressing that the task of developing the capabilities of the Ministry's cadres and local authority agencies is one of its most prominent tasks, the most prominent of which was the establishment of a specialized center for training and rehabilitation, which has been implemented since March 2020, (24) courses. And a workshop, including (14) training courses, and (10) workshops, in the areas of building leadership and administrative capacities, evaluating the performance of governors, and qualifying the facilitators of the qualifying teams regarding the urgent initiatives of the national vision, the agricultural revolution, and other training programs.

The report stated that the number of beneficiaries of the courses and workshops reached (1550) trainees, including (215) trainees from the Ministry, and (1335) trainees from the Municipality, provinces and directorates.He indicated that guidebooks have been prepared on the services and tasks of the Ministry and the tasks of governors and directors of directorates, And the draft regulation for the local authority training center, and the guide to the institutional development of the local authority, as well as the system for evaluating its institutional performance.
He touched on the efforts of the ministry and the local authority agencies to support local development, provide cutting and cleaning equipment for the local authority agencies.

Where from 2019 AD until the end of the first quarter of this year (2.379) service and development projects were implemented at a cost of 98 billion and 232 million and 135 thousand riyals, including (158) projects. agriculturally, and (707) projects in the field of roads.
The report, which was reviewed by Dr. Al-Hamran, stated that the implemented institutional infrastructure projects amounted to (160) projects, which included the areas of training, networking, institutional analysis and evaluation, and revenue development, while the number of social construction projects amounted to (455) projects, and emergency expenditure projects amounted to (134) projects, In the areas of confronting disasters, floods, rains and epidemics, the number of other service projects reached (331) projects, in addition to (21) projects related to operating expenses.

The report also confirmed that inspection and maintenance of (203) slitting equipment was carried out, and spare parts were provided for (92) other equipment, in (10) provinces, and the properties of local councils and works offices were counted from slitting equipment in (18) governorates, and a summary was prepared with the good and damaged ones.
The report explained the cost of spare parts for slotting equipment from 2018 AD to the current year amounted to 265 million and 169 thousand riyals, in addition to 26 thousand and 797 dollars.
And It indicated that the ministry, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and local authority agencies, purchased machines and equipment for cleaning funds for the provinces during the years (2018-2023 AD), with a total of (348) dumpers and 263 bicycles.
The report explained that the ministry and local authorities intensified their efforts to support community initiatives, and support and encourage the formation of cooperative societies, to contribute to achieving local development, as the total community initiatives implemented in the capital’s secretariat, governorates and districts that were monitored during the year 2021 AD, the period January-July 2022 AD and the first half of the year 1444 AH ten thousand and 761 initiatives, which included the areas of social solidarity, roads, water, health, environment, agriculture, industry, education, relief, heritage and culture.
It pointed out that the number of community initiatives implemented in (15) provinces during the first half of the year 1444 AH amounted to five thousand and 90 community initiatives, which included the areas of canal maintenance, crop harvesting, pest control, reconstruction, environment, education, health, roads, water, conflict resolution and social problems, as well as training and awareness initiatives.
In the areas of social and economic development, as well as initiatives of social solidarity, relief, heritage and culture.
The report also pointed out that a draft law on cooperatives has been prepared and the formation of cooperative societies has begun at the level of isolation and villages, the number of which has reached (124) cooperative societies and (122) development societies, and coordination with the Bonyan Foundation to qualify (470) cadres to work as trainers within the localities development program - the first phase.
The Deputy Minister of Local Administration revealed that the ministry has begun preparing a draft law to establish a development bank to provide loans and finance development projects.
He referred to the efforts of the ministry and localities in implementing the directives of the revolutionary leadership, the Supreme Political Council, to achieve food security and reach self-sufficiency through expanding agricultural production, especially wheat cultivation, reclaiming hard, neglected lands, directing the provinces to give priority to cultivating the crops that they are famous for and supporting farmers.
 In addition to activating the laws for the protection , development of livestock, preventing the slaughter of females, young livestock and combating their smuggling, supporting the General Organization for Slaughterhouses and Meat Markets and its branches in the Municipality and provinces.
Dr. Al-Hamran stated that the ministry is commenting and following up on all administrative units, inspecting, evaluating the work and outputs of the local authority bodies with the aim of evaluating their administrative, service and development efficiency and standing on the levels of their contribution to strengthening the factors of resilience. And improving services, which enabled the municipalities to make a shift in their work.
He stressed that the ministry worked to follow up the return of funds allocated to the local councils, which led to the discipline of its work, which is an important step that contributed to overcoming the repercussions of the aggression and the blockade.
He pointed to the importance of local financial resources as they are the only reliable resources to provide services to citizens and the minimum expenditures. 
The operational capacity of state institutions in light of the scarcity of resources as a result of the aggression coalition's control over sovereign resources.
Dr. Al-Hamran pointed out that the shared public resources that the ministry collects for the benefit of the administrative units, achieved significant growth during the years 2015-2022 AD, as the percentage of increase in the year 2020 AD reached (84) percent over the base year 2015 AD, while the percentage increase in the year 2021 AD, (52) percent, while in the year 2022 AD, the increase rate reached (71) percent over the base year.
The growth rate in the local and joint resources of the administrative units of the provinces and districts, collected during the year 2022 AD, amounted to (157) percent over the base year 2015 AD, thanks to the efforts made by the Ministry and the local authority bodies, despite the circumstances and conditions the country is witnessing.
He reviewed some of the Ministry's activities related to strengthening national loyalty, factors of steadfastness, continued mobilization and national reconciliation, caring for the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and consolidating faith identity. It denounced aggression, abuse of sanctities, politicization of the pilgrimage, and solidarity with the Palestinian people.
Al-Hamran added that the cost of social infrastructure projects amounted to four billion and 927 million riyals, which included (cultural courses - seminars - religious and national events - resolving revenge issues - vigils, etc.) in addition to efforts to develop women's capabilities and enhance their participation in local authority bodies, and community development. In addition to the efforts related to resolving the problems of administrative overlap between the provinces of Sana'a and Al-Mahweet, and between the capital's secretariat and Sana'a province.
During the press conference, Deputy Minister of Local Administration and Undersecretaries of the Ministry for Local Development Sectors, Ammar Al-Harib, and Oversight and Units Affairs, Jamal Al-Alawi, answered questions from journalists.

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