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  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression forces commit 58 violations in Hodeida within 24 hours
[26 November 2022]
Aggression commits 36 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[25 November 2022]
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[24 November 2022]
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[22 November 2022]
  About President
President delivers speech on occasion of 60th anniversary of Sep. 26 revolution
President delivers speech on occasion of 60th anniversary of Sep. 26 revolution
President delivers speech on occasion of 60th anniversary of Sep. 26 revolution

SANA'A, Sep. 25 (Saba) - His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi al-Mashat, President of the Supreme Political Council, on Sunday delivered an important speech to the Yemeni people on the occasion of the sixtieth anniversary of the eternal Sep. 26 revolution.

President al-Mashat congratulated, on his behalf and on behalf of the members of the Supreme Political Council, the Yemeni people on this national occasion.

Al-Mashat said, "It is not a coincidence, nor a stroke of sand, or reading in a cup, when this memory comes to us while we are still facing a fierce war from the same foreign parties that fought the September 26 revolution sixty years ago, but the matter here is conclusive evidence of the extent of the long conspiracy against the dreams and hopes of Yemen and Yemenis."

The President of the Supreme Political Council continued, “Perhaps our appearance before this reality stricken with wounds and filled with a heavy legacy of poverty, hunger, disease, corruption, dependence and the persistence of all of this after sixty years of its establishment, is the best witness and evidence that the outsider hostile to September 26 has never neglected nor slumbered for a day. About his fierce war against this revolution, and against any project that restores its consideration, and that he never allowed to approach the fruition of struggles and important transformations in our history and turn them into a glorious reality, a dignified life, a dear country, or a strong army, until the vocabulary of failure and dependence and the back garden became all the meanings that come to mind whenever intellectuals and observers address the outcomes of that long period of the country's history."

He pointed out that this characterization is not for bidding or pranking, but rather it is an unfortunate reality that every free and reformer in this country has lived and experienced through all stations, since attributing the revolution and the Republic to tools mortgaged abroad, passing through the Hamdi stage, and ending with the glorious 21st of September in a systematic work to keep Yemen weak and dependent on the foreign aggressor.

He said, "here we are again today offering a river of blood and precious sacrifices in a battle that represents the natural extension of the battle of all the benevolent fathers and grandfathers who love their country from different directions, because there are good guys and bad guys and there are loyal and traitors in every stage and in every event and revolution from the stages, events and revolutions of history."

He added, "Today, praise be to God, the prudent and fair observer can realize this fact, for it has already met all the evils of the past and the present in the trench of external aggression, and in return it met the free people of the homeland in the trench defending the freedom and independence of our beloved Yemen and the dignity of its people."

President al-Mashat stressed, "It is important on such a anniversary that we enhance the state of national and political awareness, that we adhere more and more to our country and our land, and that all of us rise to the level of sacrifices made by the Yemeni people for their freedom and independence, and that we not fall again prey to the trumpets of betrayal, fraud, deception and misinformation from those who they are trying to outbid and plot at the expense of the homeland, the people, and principles, for they are the furthest of people from unity, freedom, revolution and republic.”

He said, "It is very shameful that they deceive us again after they practiced deception and falsehood for decades, and after God exposed them, and openly became petty servants in the court of the aggressors and occupiers and enemies of the people, the homeland, the revolution and the republic."

President al-Mashat called on the owners of free pens, the revolutionaries of the 21st of September and the rest of the honorable people of the 26th of September, to confront together the lies of those traitors and pretenders of falsehood and deception.

He once again cautioned the countries of aggression and the complicit world of the danger of not cooperating in meeting Sana’a’s demands, as they represent pure human rights for the people - all the people - and for all of Yemen and also no concessions from anyone.

He reminded everyone that talking about peace and security without respecting the rights of the Yemeni people have no value, stressing that adhering to the siege of the Yemeni people and depriving them of their oil and gas wealth is a war crime and a crime against humanity, and is also a major obstacle to peace and confidence-building that we need to move towards a ceasefire permanent fire.

He added, "No, but it is a clear adherence to war, and the countries of aggression bear full responsibility for all the complications, escalation or damage that may result from that, whether at the local, regional or international levels. On the other hand, they share our concern for peace and respect for the demands of our people in support of peace.

resource : Saba


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UPDATED ON :Sun, 27 Nov 2022 12:04:34 +0300