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YEMAC: Aggression's mines, bombs caused 11 victims including 10 children
[25 September 2022]
Foreign Ministry: Al-Alimi’s statements about Al-Qaeda are ridiculous , baseless
[24 September 2022]
President Al-Mashat launches "YEMEN 4G" service
[24 September 2022]
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Quadripartite aggression is an attempt to impose guardianship on Yemen
[24 September 2022]
Communications Minister: Launch of 4G wireless broadband qualitative shift in Internet services
[24 September 2022]
Islamic Jihad to "Saba": We congratulate Yemeni military development ,consider it role model
[23 September 2022]
Popular Front to"Saba": Yemeni military development terrifies Zionist entity
[23 September 2022]
Parliament Speaker congratulates counterparts in Malta, Mali
[22 September 2022]
Deputy Minister of Water discusses areas of cooperation with UNICEF
[22 September 2022]
Iranian President: No Meeting with Biden on Sidelines of UNGA Session
[18 September 2022]
Capital, Sana'a witnessed military, security parade, largest in history of region
[22 September 2022]
September 21st Revolution … End of guardianship projects
[20 September 2022]
Yemeni Center for Human Rights, Saba Agency organize press conference on alleged truce
[19 September 2022]
Representatives House approves Development, Oil Committee report of warns against continuing to loot Yemen's wealth
[07 September 2022]
Yemen Military Parade.... new victorious force
[04 September 2022]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression commits 213 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[24 September 2022]
Aggression violates Hodeida ceasefire 98 times
[24 September 2022]
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Quadripartite aggression is an attempt to impose guardianship on Yemen
[24 September 2022]
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Sana'a with comprehensive peace, ejects state of no war, no peace
[24 September 2022]
Aggression forces commit 182 violations of armistice in 24 hours
[23 September 2022]
Ashura: Revolution against injustice, tyranny
Ashura: Revolution against injustice, tyranny
Ashura: Revolution against injustice, tyranny

SANA'A, Aug. 09 (Saba) - The day of Ashura is marked by Muslims as a whole, it is a major religious commemoration of the martyrdom at Karbala of Hussein, a grandson of the Prophet Muhammad.

Ashura marks the death anniversary of Hussain ibn Ali, a 7th-century revolutionary leader who was killed in The Battle of Karbala. The Day of Ashura is recognized by millions across the world to remember Hussain’s dignified stand for social justice.

Imam Hussain ibn Ali was the grandson of Muhammad (the last prophet of Islam), born in 620 AD. Hussain grew up with stories of freedom and dignity his grandfather displayed, and as such became a leader who was known widely for his compassion, wisdom and integrity.

Imam Hussain saw his grandfather's teachings eroded by the dreaded Yazid. Slowly the moral fabric of society began to decay as Yazid ruled with his own interests in mind.

Imam Hussain was highly respected within society, and his endorsement would carry great weight. Hussain could not sit and endorse Yazid, despite it being a risk to his life.

Imam Hussain chose to make the ultimate stand for social justice. He chose to leave his hometown along with his family and a few companions. When word reached Yazid of Hussain's stand, he sent an army of 30,000 to force Hussain to obey his rule.

The terrified Yazid knew full well that Imam Hussain had a great amount of influence, and that what started as a small stand with his family and companions could become a stand of tens of thousands of people. Thus, Yazid gave Hussain an ultimatum. Either obey him or die.

Imam Hussain did not want any violence, however, he knew he could not sit and obey Yazid, he chose instead to stick to his principles. Having refused to obey him, the dreaded Yazid ordered his men to kill Imam Hussain on the 10th day of the first month of the Islamic calendar (Muharram).

Imam Hussain and his men knew what was coming and made their final prayers. Despite knowing they would die that day, all of Hussain’s men which had reached over 70 people, stayed loyal to him and their cause and chose to die loyal to their principles rather than live under a corrupt ruler.

The battle of Karbala began at noon. Despite the small number of Imam Hussain and his men, knowing they would light the fire of revolution they fought the army of Yazid bravely. However, one after another friends of Hussain were killed until only Hussain himself remained.

As the evening was drawing near, Hussain was all alone. Fatigued, thirsty and heavily wounded he did not give up and stuck to his principles till the very end. Eventually, Hussain himself fell after being attacked by the army of Yazid from all sides. Hussain was killed – but his stand would be remembered by those striving for freedom and justice for over a thousand years after him.

Whilst Imam Hussain died in the battle, the message of Hussain was born. His actions and stand at Karbala inspired a series of small uprisings against Yazid which eventually led to his demise.

Yazid showed the world his corrupt morals after The Battle of Karbala where he took the family of Hussain as captives and forced them to make nearly a thousand-kilometer journey to his palace. But Hussain’s family did not give in to Yazid just because of Hussain’s death, rather they too were inspired by his stand. Hussain’s sister Zainab and his son Ali ibn Hussain both gave powerful speeches against the dreaded Yazid in front of his ministers, calling him out for killing Imam Hussain but also his corrupt regime.



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