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Judicial system discusses stability of food prices 

Judicial system discusses stability of food prices 


SANA'A, Aug.02 (Saba) - Judicial system chairman Mohammed al-Houthi has held a meeting to discuss the stability of consumer and food prices.

In the presence of the Chairman of the Supreme Judicial Council, Deputy Minister of Interior, Deputy Minister of Industry, First Advocate General and Inspector General of the Ministry of Interior, al-Houthi discussed also the raising cost of customs tarrif carried out by the mercenaries of aggression as of 100 percent.

Member of the Supreme Political Council al-Houthi directed the Ministry of Industry and Trade to warn merchants against raising prices, declaring emergency and controlling prices for a month from today, and preparing a pledge form not to raise prices.

He also directed the Ministry of Industry to form an operations room to control prices in cooperation with the competent authorities, so that the value of the commodity is calculated according to the bill of lading, and customs and tax tariffs and a specific profit margin are added to it. 

He said, "Accepting the new tariff for mercenaries is a betrayal of the homeland, and an exploitation of the citizen, and this is what we do not accept for our people, and the security services should be vigilant to control any price manipulator."

He added, “It is not permissible in any way for the people to be slaughtered several times and for the United Nations to take advantage of the airport and the port to bring containers in, and leave the citizens’ needs at the outlets controlled by the aggression to be controlled by them.”

Al-Houthi stressed that the measures taken by a group of thieves with a sword wielded to starve, raise prices and impoverish the poor of the citizens in the north and south are rejected."

"Traders should be prudent so that we do not have to confront them, and this is a warning to them to refrain from any increase in the customs tariff," he said, stressing not to accept any rise against the citizen, and what he is suffering from so far is sufficient, and the people will stand in the face of any manipulator.


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