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Seventh year will be year of victory, decisiveness: Army's spokesman

Seventh year will be year of victory, decisiveness: Army's spokesman


SANA'A, Mar. 22 (Saba) - Yemeni armed forces spokesman Brig. Gen. Yahya Sari'e revealed on Sunday the total number of raids in Yemen by the aggression warplane over six years with more than 266,510 airstrikes.

Yahya Sari'e said at a press conference held in Sana'a on Sunday, to review the harvest of six years of steadfastness in the face of aggression that 1,000 raids were carried out by the US-Saudi aggression warplane since the beginning of 2021.

He said there were hundreds of undetected raids, particularly during 2015 and 2016. He pointed out that the total number of raids since the first day of the aggression was monitored by the competent authorities.

"A few days later, our Yemeni people are launching the seventh year of steadfastness in the face of the aggression coalition, after being able to withstand six years with his limited abilities facing attempts to conquer occupy and invade, making their way to victory," he said.

The National Resilience Day for the Yemeni people and the armed forces was considered an annual station to confirm popular cohesion and resilience in the face of aggression.

"Today, after six years of confrontation, we confirm that the aggression coalition in which more than 17 countries participated, launched its aggression against Yemen and its naval, ground and air military attack while the Yemeni armed forces were not in a state of military readiness to counter any external attack," he said. He explained that the readiness in most military units was no more than 25 percent, although the aggression was countered.

"While everyone was betting on the occupation of Yemen and its surrender within days and weeks, revolution leader was emphasizing the bet and relying on God, and today on the threshold of the seventh year of steadfastness, the Yemeni people are defending and affirming the path of freedom and independence," he said.

The spokesman of the armed forces reviewed the statistics of the military operations of the armed forces during six years of steadfastness, where the total military operations of the ground force 12 thousand and 366 operations distributed between 6,000 and 192 offensive operations, including 167 operations carried out in the past two months and 6,174 operations to counter offensive attempts and infiltration of the enemy in the past two months.

He stressed that one of the most prominent military operations of the armed forces "victory from Allah in the three stages, al- Bunyan al- Marsous operation, Fa'amkan Menhom operation, a large military operation that was not announced yet, to clear areas in Bayda of takfiri elements and a military operation in al-Dhale' province and deterrence balance operations in addition to about 10 military operations that have not been announced".

He said the enemy suffered heavy casualties, as well as the destruction of hundreds of armored vehicles, vehicles, and weapons depots and the seizure of weapons, during operations that also led to the liberation of large territories in which the enemy had penetrated.

Sari'e referred to the total operations carried out by the sniper unit on various fronts in six years, amounting to more than 54 thousand and 25 sniper operations, including 2,502 in the past two months, killing and injuring thousands of mercenaries, including Sudanese nationals, soldiers and officers of the Saudi enemy army.

With regard to the operations of the Engineering Unit, Sari'e noted that the engineering unit carried out more than 10,560 operations, which were distributed between the targeting of fortifications, barracks, vehicles, armored vehicles, and gatherings.

The total number of operations carried out by a unit against shields in six years reached more than 6,385 targets of enemy vehicles, armored vehicles, troop carriers, bulldozers, etc.

He said the artillery unit carried out more than 59,852 support, targeting, and repelling operations, including 638 joint operations with the drone air force. He pointed out that the artillery unit used cannons of various types in addition to Zilzal-type missiles, where the number of rockets used more than ten thousand rockets.

"In six years, the Air Defense Forces have carried out more than 1,534 operations, including more than 454 processes of dropping aircraft belonging to the aggression coalition between fighter jets, helicopters, reconnaissance, and spy aircraft, while the response and forced departure operations have reached 1,800," he said.

"The navy and coastal defense carried out more than 34 specific military operations targeting ships, barges, frigates, and enemy boats, as well as docks of ports and enemy installations, and failed landings and exaltations of enemy forces," said Sari'e.

The Navy and Coastal Defense succeeded in detaining a number of ships that violated Yemeni territorial waters, most notably the targeting of the City Frigate, the Saudi enemy's Dammam frigate, and the UAE enemy's Swift warship.

With regard to the operations of weapons of deterrence and the beginning, Brigadier Sari'e confirmed that the missile force carried out more than 1,348 operations, in which 1,348 ballistic missiles were fired, including 499 ballistic missiles targeting military and vital installations of the Saudi enemy, and 849 ballistic missiles targeting gatherings, installations, headquarters and positions of the enemy and its mercenaries inside Yemeni territory. In the past two months, the missile force has fired 54 ballistic missiles at Saudi military targets, he said.

"The drone air force conducted more than 12,623 operations, including 1,150 attacks and more than 11,473 reconnaissance operations," he said. He said the total number of drone air force attacks on enemy targets outside Yemen amounted to more than 572 operations and 578 targeting the enemy inside Yemeni territory.

Since the beginning of this year, the air force has completed a total of 1,464 operations, including 1,340 reconnaissance and 124 offensive operations, he said.

The Armed Forces spokesman reviewed examples of joint operations between the missile force and the drone air force, including an operation on November 25, 2019, in which nine ballistic missiles and more than twenty drones were used in addition to the al-Bunyan al-Marsous operation, which targeted vital installations of the Saudi enemy in addition to military bases affiliated to it in more From the area.

"During the offensive military operation  Fa'amkan Menhom, the missile force carried out more than 50 missile salvos with the drone air force, most of which were not announced and targeted military bases and vital facilities belonging to the Saudi enemy," he said.

He said that one of the most prominent joint operations between the missile force and the drone air force, an operation that was not fully disclosed and carried out on March 19, 2020, targeted sensitive military targets in the capital of the Saudi enemy with ballistic missiles and unmanned aircraft.

The third deterrent balance operations were on February 21, 2020, and the fourth deterrence balance on June 23, 2020, the fifth on February 28, and the sixth on March 7, 2012, a joint operation between the drone air force and the missile force.

Brigadier Sari'e referred to the losses of the Saudi enemy, where the losses in the ranks of the Saudi enemy army since the beginning of the aggression amounted to more than 10 thousand and 403 among killed and injured since the beginning of this year, were carried out military operations we did not announce, in which the Saudi enemy suffered significant losses.

He confirmed that the details of this will be announced in due course. He pointed out that the human losses of the UAE enemy amounted to more than 1,240 killed and injured, while the casualties among Sudanese mercenaries amounted to more than 8,634 killed and injured.

He said that there were casualties among the armies of countries that participated in the coalition of aggression, including countries that withdrew in addition to losses received by security companies.

With regard to the casualties among mercenaries, traitors, and agents, Brigadier Sari'e confirmed that the casualties among mercenaries, traitors, and agents exceeded more than 226,615 dead and wounded, including 4,700 dead and wounded in the past months.

In the past few days, the enemy has admitted that 18,000 mercenaries and 50,000 injured in 2020 have been killed in the Marib fronts alone, he said.

He also confirmed the success of the heroes of the army and popular committees from the destruction, damage, and burning of more than 14 thousand and 527 vehicles and armored vehicles, tank, personnel carrier, vehicle, bulldozer, and various weapons, including 9,859 operations documented by voice and image.

He pointed out that during the past years, under the aggression and siege, the armed forces have witnessed several achievements at all levels, all of which have contributed to strengthening military resilience and changing the equation on the ground.

"One of the most important things that every Yemeni can be proud of is the military industries that have witnessed a research development that the Yemeni armed forces are able to manufacture more heavy, medium, and light offensive weapons," he said.

He confirmed that there were new missiles that had not yet been revealed, as well as different generations of the drone air force and that these weapons would take part in the battle after their successful test operations.

"During the years of aggression and siege, the armed forces were able to establish advanced military industries and succeeded in developing the military industry, especially in the field of ballistic missiles, including ballistic and winged missiles, and the development of the military industry in the field of the drone air force," he said.

In terms of manpower, the spokesman of the armed forces noted what the armed forces had achieved during the sixth year in bringing more new military formations to the combat fronts after undergoing intensive training courses. He explained that there are new military formations on the way to taking their position on the front lines of various fronts during the seventh year.

"The enemy should realize that the seventh year of steadfastness will see more military operations that will stop only by stopping the aggression and lifting the siege, and should expect more military strikes in the coming period if it does not stop its aggression against the Yemeni people," he said.

Brigadier Sari'e reiterated the readiness of the Yemeni armed forces to implement any steps directed by revolution leader the legitimate response to the continuation of the blockade on Yemen, including the readiness to carry out painful military operations in retaliation for the victims of the siege and the aggression of the martyrs, wounded and directly or indirectly affected.

"Certainly, the Marib tribes are an integral part of the tribes of Yemen, but they should take the lead in rejecting aggression, occupation, and mercenary at the expense of the Yemeni people, and as the sons of Marib rejected foreign invaders throughout history, they today affirm their rejection of invaders, agents, and traitors," he said.

Sari'e called on traitors, agents, and mercenaries to be in the right position with their people and their country and to take advantage of the amnesty decision to return to the home and give up support for the aggression coalition.


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