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SPC member to German's Der Spiegel: Yemen has become a test bed for American weapons

SPC member to German's Der Spiegel: Yemen has become a test bed for American weapons


SANAA, Oct. 7 (Saba) - The Republic of Yemen has become an arena for American weapons tests, said Supreme Political Council (SPC) member Mohammed Ali al-Houthi on Tuesday.

In an interview with the German Der Spiegel newspaper, al-Houthi affirmed that any efforts are welcomed so as to bring peace, indicating " it was the aggression coalition that rejected the joint declaration presented by the UN envoy for Yemen Martin Griffiths".

In the interview, the SPC member thanked the German's position for stopping the sale of weapons to Saudi-led aggression that are used to kill the Yemeni people, praising the depth of relations between the peoples of Germany and Yemen.

"We welcome peace since the outset of the aggression and we have presented peace initiatives, and they, 'the other party in Riyadh hotels', have not yet presented any peace initiative," said al-Houthi.

The SPC member added that the authorities in the Capital Sanaa are ready to stop all military fronts and halt launching missiles and drones in case the aggression lifts the siege and stops its war against Yemen as well as the aggression countries are to "rebuild" the country.

He said the United States describes others as terrorists whenever it wants, it classified the Taliban as a terrorist movement when it wanted to finish its war against the movement, it made the Taliban as peace knights.

He pointed out that this description is a political description that America uses to suppress the peoples opposing its policies that kill and destroy countries, Yemen is an example, indicating that every crime committed by the United States in Yemen increases the anger of the Yemenis against it.

Al-Houthi said that the United States is using terrorism as a pretext to target civilians in Yemen, while its ambassador meets wanted by the US Treasury, such as Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar and other leaders of mercenaries.

The SPC stressed that ''the war against Yemen does not have any legal justification''.

In response to a question that the aggression against Yemen is to put pressure on Iran, al-Houthi stressed that this talk is not true, adding "We do not have the bridges between us and Iran that make our targeting a pressure on it."

Concerning American reports that indicate Iran's support for Yemen with drones and ballistic missiles, the SPC member said, "This is inconsistent with the blockade. They have to choose between two things. Either we are besieged - and this is the truth - and they failed in the blockade or we are not besieged."

"If we are supported by Iran, let America go to strike Iran, why come to strike us in Yemen and the truth is that there is no support," he said.

Al-Houthi added that if the Saudis, Americans, and others had special accounts with the Islamic Republic of Iran then they could go to Iran, " why the military and economic war is used against us".

Regarding targeting civilians, Mohammad al-Houthi said, "If we target civilians ...there would be thousands of massacres, but the opposite is true."

He pointed out that the Yemeni people are developing their military capabilities and have experiences and minds, indicating that Germany has been able to face the world for its experiences and minds.

"One of the reasons for not stopping the aggression is that Gulf money and the attempt to recycle mercenaries or people who had been working for America and Saudi Arabia", al-Houthi said.

Mohammed al-Houthi said Saudi Arabia and America crossed all red lines in the war on Yemen and targeted all vital facilities and civilian homes with banned weapons.

He stated that al-Qaeda and ISIS, which are the American arms, exist in the areas run by the aggression coalition countries in which receive the protection from them.

He stressed that the Saudi-led aggression coalition supports al-Qaeda and ISIS, adding that they participate in the military fighting backed by the US fighter jets.

Al-Houthi confirmed that "We have video images" that the US fighter jets support terrorist elements in Yemen.

Regarding the suffering of the Yemeni people and the threat to cut off aid, the SPC member said, "We will not remain idle in front of any threat to our country. We have our many and grand means, and this option that is determined by the leader of the revolution Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi."

Al-Houthi held the aggression coalition the legal responsibility for using the blockade as a weapon of its war against the Yemeni people, calling on the European Union and the media to reveal this fact.

Saudi Arabia did not provide one dollar for Yemen at the donors' conference that itself called for it, but it rather announced what had been previously announced, he concluded.


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