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Human Rights condemns assassinations, insecurity in Taiz

Human Rights condemns assassinations, insecurity in Taiz



TAIZ, Sep. 23 (Saba) - The Human Rights Ministry office of Taiz province condemned the assassinations and insecurity in the occupied areas of Taiz province.


In a statement issued on Tuesday, the office expressed its deep concern over the repercussions of escalating security chaos in the city of Taiz, which is being occupied by the Saudi-led mercenaries.


The human rights situation in the occupied areas has considerably deteriorated for six years, the statement read. It attributed that to the constant riots and security troubles that has been mounting for last few years, expressing its concern over the civilians safety.


The statement condemned the crime occurred recently resulting in killing businessman Mahmoud Al-Zuqari and citizen Ayman Abdo Qaid al-Sabri, in an attempt to murder lawyer Saeed al-Harbi.


It also denounced a crime of raping a girl in al Maafar district by a mercenary as well as the crime of beating Al Haj Abdul Rahman Saeed Awon by the so-called commander of the special security forces, Jamil Aqlan.


The perpetrators of these heinous crimes are still free walking on streets of Taiz city, sometimes on the crime scene itself, unpunished, according to the statement.


The Human Rights Office called on all international and local human rights organizations to intervene, monitor and document the crimes in order to prosecute the perpetrators and to protect the civilians' lives and properties and reduce the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the province.



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