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European launches documentary on damage to Sana'a airport

European launches documentary on damage to Sana'a airport


SANAA, Jan. 25 (Saba) - The European Human Rights Organization has released a documentary on the damage to Sana'a International Airport as a result of the bombing of the aggression warplane.

The film will be shown in five and a half minutes of bombing the airport, its accessories, civilian aircraft and the runway, as well as the navigational guidance device, Walid al-Awlaki, executive director of the organization, explained to Saba.

He talked about the damage caused to Sana'a International Airport by shelling more than once and the material losses suffered by some 3,000 workers as a result of their suspension at the airport.

He explained that the film, which was translated into English, focuses on the human suffering caused by the closure of the airport, especially in relation to the death of some patients, because they are unable to travel to treatment abroad, as well as the lack of some types of medicines that are difficult to reach by road.

The film deals with the difficulty of returning millions of expatriates to their families, and shows the readiness of the airport due to repairs made at its facilities, which were destroyed more than once by the targeting of the aggression warplane by receiving the united nations aircraft.

Al-Awlaki said the film, is aimed at highlighting the human suffering of Yemenis, especially those sick as a result of the closure of the airport, which will be screened in Europe on large screens in the coming days.

The film includes an appeal to the European Union and the international community to press the aggression coalition to reopen Sana'a airport.


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