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Deputy PM meets chairman of Yemeni Club to coordinate with BRICS

Deputy PM meets chairman of Yemeni Club to coordinate with BRICS


SANA'A, Jan. 03 (Saba) – Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Dr. Hussein Abdullah Maqboli met on Tuesday with chairman of the Yemeni Club to coordinate with BRICS Ali Ahmed Eshaq.

Maqboli heard from Eshaq the idea of founding the club and the activities carried out by the BRICS project and a line of silk maritime and the benefits could help Yemen from this project.

Maqboli talked about that speaking of joining to any bloc or economic project is depended on the start of essential ingredients of economic development to prepare Yemen to join.

" We have to pay more attention to the development, navigational services and optimal investment of the available human and natural resources in the country, he said.
Maqboli said that Yemen owns a competitive sidewalks regionally, like Ras Issa, Zuqr island in the red sea.

He noted that a partnership with a private sector in several aspects of the natural and human ingredients as well as infrastructure development.

The deputy minister also noted the importance of partnership with civil society organization to complete the attitudes of the national salvation government in order to achieve economic and social development for Yemen.

Chairman of the Yemeni Club to coordinate with the BRICS explained the importance of speeding up the establishment of the National Committee to coordinate with the BRICS of the official sectors and the concerned ministries and the membership of the Yemeni private sector and the club as a representative of civil society organizations.

He called on the Government of National Salvation to move towards to take benefits of the projects and economic blocs as well as restoring the Yemeni sovereignty over the entire sea route.

The chairman talked about the importance of empowerment and partnership with various sectors and social parties in order to reconstruct Yemen and benefit from the international orientation of the BRICS countries in this aspect.



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