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Saudi war jets continue to breach ceasefire in Yemen

Saudi war jets continue to breach ceasefire in Yemen


PROVINCES, July 20 (Saba) – The Saudi-led war jets waged 13 raids on a number of provinces during the past few hours, in flagrant violations of the ceasefire, a military official said Wednesday.

The Saudi warplanes waged four raids on Serwah district of Mareb provinces and continued to fly in the sky of the province, the official explained.
The hostile war jets launched two raids on Al-Amri Schools in Thubab district and three others on Auman Mountain and dropped two light bombs in Taiz province.

The official pointed out that the Saudi war aircrafts waged two raids on al-Atfain area in Kitaf district of Sa’ada province and another raid on Haradh district in Hajjah province, as well as one raid targeted al-Maslob district in Jawf province.

On another hand, the aggression’s hirelings continued their breaches in Taiz province, where they pounded al-Ghawi and al-Hamra areas in al-Wazeiyah district with artillery shells.

The official said the mercenaries bombed citizens’ homes in Baliom area in Usilan district of Shabwa province, noting that they also attacked different parts of Nehm district in Sana’a province with various weapons.


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