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  US-Saudi Aggression
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Continuous efforts to improve electrical grid
Continuous efforts to improve electrical grid
Continuous efforts to improve electrical grid

SANA'A March 04. 2024 (Saba) - The third district of Sana'a Electricity had able introduce the largest number of new subscribers into the government stream, introduce new transformers and networks, and improve existing networks.

The director of the region, Engineer Gharsan Abdul-Bari, explained to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) that these measures enabled the region to reduce losses, improve the network’s situation, raise sales, and introduce new subscribers, which reflected in improving the situation of employees.

He pointed out the continuation of efforts to deliver the government movement to all citizens, in implementation of the directives of the leader of the revolution, al-Sayyed Abdul-Malik al-Houthi, and the Supreme Political Council to alleviate the burdens of the citizen.

Engineer Gharsan pointed out that the third region was able to receive the transformers that were in the private sector, and work is being done on collecting, maintaining, treating the losses, and adding new subscribers in the areas that received.

As well as collecting sales therein on a regular basis, indicating that the most important transformers that were received were the Al-Warith transformer and the July 17 transformer in which the loss reached 25 percent, and the price of the meter reached ten thousand kilograms per cycle, as field teams of engineers and technicians formed to conduct a survey of the meters, and the network, and dealing with poor and violating meters and dilapidated networks.

Regarding the introduction of new subscribers from major consumers and citizens, Engineer Gharsan confirmed that the third region is working at a high pace to introduce new subscribers, provide services to them, gain their trust and cooperation with them, and improve and maintain the network’s performance and continuity of service.

He stated that the region is working to develop and train scouts by conducting training courses for electrical cadres to carry out these tasks.

Regarding the third region’s plan to eliminate the problem of waste, Engineer Ghassan mentioned that waste has several types, including technical, theft, and violations, and the greatest effort is focused on eliminating waste from transformers, which are highly concentrated in them.

He revealed that one of the most important transformers in which waste was eliminated was the mast transformer, which used to reach 20,000 kilograms per cycle, which led the region to form three teams, consisting of two distribution technicians, an inspection technician, and assistants.

Regarding the exposure of electricity cables to damage, loss, and theft, Engineer Gharsan confirmed that the Third District is working with all its crews to preserve the corporation’s property, and is taking all legal measures against those who tamper with electricity property.

Regarding overcoming the restoration of electrical power in the event of it being out of service, Engineer Gharsan noted that notification is made promptly, and emergency teams that are present 24 hours a day are dispatched and go to the location of the problem and fix it immediately, in order to ensure that the service remains continuous for citizens.

Regarding the legal measures taken to collect previous debts from subscribers, Engineer Gharsan stated that the region faces many problems related to debtors’ deficits, which are addressed through the installment payment process, after scheduling it, according to the capabilities available to subscribers, as for what is related to the indebtedness registered before the aggression, it is scheduled to pay it in convenient installments without affecting the citizens.

He stated that the region receives daily complaints from citizens about their lack of access to government electricity meters, especially from the squares on the outskirts of Sanaa, due to urban expansion in those areas, noting that covering them with government electricity requires new networks and meters.

Regarding the most prominent obstacles facing the third region, Engineer Gharsan explained that the region suffers from a lack of resources and meters, and deficits of recipients, which are addressed through payment in installments.

Engineer Gharsan urged subscribers to maintain the national network and pay off their debts, so that the region can make improvements and ensure the continuity of the government stream, characterized by quality service and low prices.


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UPDATED ON :Mon, 22 Apr 2024 20:03:33 +0300