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Armed Forces target American Ship, destroyer & Israeli Ship
[24 April 2024]
Brigadier General Saree: Important statement for Yemeni armed forces at evening of ten thirty
[24 April 2024]
Industry launches implementation of plan to transform juice factories towards use of local raw materials
[24 April 2024]
Discussing activities of Oil Exploration and Production Authority
[24 April 2024]
Health Office in Taiz provides Health facilities in Shamir, Maqbana with medical supplies
[24 April 2024]
Enemy media: Zionist War Council will immediately discuss date of entry into Rafah
[24 April 2024]
Hamas: Resistance in Al-Aqsa flood revived Palestinian cause all over world
[24 April 2024]
Gaza Civil Defense: 342 bodies of martyrs recovered from mass grave in Nasser Complex
[24 April 2024]
Al-Qassam destroys Zionist enemy forces penetrating center of Gaza Strip
[24 April 2024]
Germany intends to resume cooperation with UNRWA in Gaza
[24 April 2024]
On Palestinian Prisoner’s Day... Enemy continues to torture and abuse prisoners and toll doubles
[23 April 2024]
Germany is facing increasing pressure to stop arming Zionist entity
[21 April 2024]
Battle of “Al-Aqsa Flood” made Yemen difficult number in its regional, international environment
[21 April 2024]
USA aborts Palestine's membership in UN, it proves to whole whole it is greatest enemy of the world peace: report
[21 April 2024]
Iranian response to Zionist entity. Changing balance of power in favor of resistance axis
[20 April 2024]
  US-Saudi Aggression
American-British aggression launch three raids on Hajjah
[15 March 2024]
American-British aggression launch 12 raids on Hodeida
[11 March 2024]
American-British aggression hits farm in Hodeida
[20 February 2024]
Four citizens injured by explosion of leftover military ordnance in Marib
[19 February 2024]
9 raids of US-British aggression on governorates of Sana'a and Hajjah
[04 February 2024]
Revolution leader calls for exit of millions supervisors in Al-Sabeen Square & provinces in marches of “Promised conquest & holy jihad”
Revolution leader calls for exit of millions supervisors in Al-Sabeen Square & provinces in marches of “Promised conquest & holy jihad”
Revolution leader calls for exit of millions supervisors in Al-Sabeen Square & provinces in marches of “Promised conquest & holy jihad”

SANA'A Jan 11. 2024 (Saba) - The revolution leader of the , Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, called for the honorable exit of millions in Sabaeen Square in the capital, Sana'a, and the squares of the provinces in the “Promised Conquest and Holy Jihad” marches.

In his speech on Thursday on the occasion of Friday of Rajab, the Leader of the Revolution stressed that going out in demonstrations expresses faith, is part of jihad for the sake of God, and is a great stance that is important according to the standard of faith.

He pointed out that the nation faces a great test in this era, challenges and dangers from its enemies, at the forefront of which is the Jewish Zionist lobby, which is the main enemy of the Islamic nation, and this hostility is evident in what the Zionists do against the oppressed Muslim people of Palestine. Pointing out that targeting Al-Aqsa Mosque comes in the context of hostility to the Islamic religion and the nation and all Jewish practices in its courtyards of hatred and aggression.

Comprehensive action:
The Leader of the Revolution affirmed that the Yemeni people took all possible action, comprehensively, with demonstrations and marches that are unparalleled in any other country in the world, and with the military stance of targeting the enemy with missiles and drones, and in preventing ships linked to the Zionist entity from crossing the Red Sea, the Arabian Sea, and Bab al-Mandab, and targeting them at any level the Yemeni people can reach it with their capabilities and means and will not hesitate to act on its basis.

He added, "Our ceiling as a Yemeni people is high within the framework of this great and sacred stance in which we take a leap of faith, and our people are moving at all levels with broad military mobilization activities that have included most of the governorates, and those joining it have become thousands, this is a very important path, activities at the level of movement in various events, donating money, and media activities are moving at all levels in every possible way and on an ongoing basis." Stressing that the greatest scourge on the nation, especially in Arab countries, is boredom. They react at the beginning of events and then become tamed and slandered.

The leader of the revolution pointed out that the Yemeni people came out in a very large way in Al-Sabeen Square and the governorates, and their interaction increased after the American crime in the Red Sea, stressing the importance of continuing as it expresses the firmness of the emotional state and the alertness of conscience.

He stated that the American insists on the continuation of the crime and massacre, for which he provided missiles, bombs, and money and supervised its perpetration, and provided the Zionist enemy with protection at the regional and international levels... indicating that the American expresses and announces with all insolence that he opposes the ceasefire and embraces the Zionist crime against the oppressed Palestinian people.

Expansion of the boycott circle :
Mr. Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi pointed out that the American, British, and Israeli are the arms of Jewish Zionism in the world. He wondered, “Doesn’t this insistence on the Israeli side, the American side, and the British side provoke us to continue killing children and women?!”

He said, "We as a Muslim nation have a responsibility to take action and not to get bored and to escalate our position. The scope of the boycott of American and Israeli goods in the Gulf countries must expand, and I address this call to all peoples in the Gulf to boycott American and Israeli goods."

He added, "I appeal to the Egyptian people and remind them of their moral, Islamic and humanitarian responsibility to boycott American and Israeli goods."

The leader of the revolution called on the people of the nation to increasingly express their voice in support of the Palestinian people and their indignation at the crimes of the Americans, the Israelis and the British, and this is the least they can do. He said, “Listen to the calls of children and women, open your hearts to them, deal with them with your conscience, and feel your responsibility.”

He stressed that the escalation of the Israeli enemy in Lebanon increases the resolve and determination of our brothers in Hezbollah, their steadfastness, their escalation, and their stance of faith... indicating that the position of the Iraqi people in the Popular Mobilization Forces and the Mujahideen of the Iraqi people is increasing.

He also called on the people of the nation to be active, to regain the momentum of demonstrations and marches, and to be in a state of continuous mobilization.

Faith-based position :
The leader of the revolution said, "We in Yemen will not hesitate, God willing, to do everything we can and we will confront the American aggression. Any American aggression will never remain without a response, and the response will not be at the level of the operation that was recently carried out in targeting the American at sea with more than 24 aircraft and a number of missiles, the response is greater than that."

He added, "The American and British position will not stop us from protecting ships linked to Israel, so that the Israelis will continue their crimes without disturbance. The Yemeni position in preventing ships linked to Israel from crossing the Red Sea and targeting them is a very effective and influential position, the Zionist enemy inflicted great losses on its economy, and its effects extend to those who stand with it and support it.”

He pointed out that those who belittled the Yemeni position and tried to mock it, after its influence became clear, turned to exaggeration when the American attack occurred.

The Leader of the Revolution affirmed that the Yemeni people are not among those who fear America, nor are they among those whose stance is so extreme that it does not anger America... Pointing out that the American attack on the naval forces is evidence of the influence of Yemen’s position on the Zionist enemy, and therefore it is very disturbing to the Zionist and American enemy accordingly and annoying for the British.

He pointed out that what matters to the American who is involving himself more and more in the service of Zionism is to implicate others with him, and he is making every effort with the British to implicate other countries with him in the confrontation with the Yemeni people.

He added, "There is no problem for the Europeans, China, and the whole world to pass through the Red Sea. The only and exclusive target are ships linked to Israel, but whoever wants to get involved and attack our people and target our naval forces and army is actually risking his navigation and commercial ships, and risks at the military level by entering into a confrontation that will pay the price.” Stressing that the Yemeni people do not evade the field of confrontation and with any enemy, regardless of their capabilities.

The leader of the revolution advised all Asian and European countries in the East and West and all countries not to get America involved. He said, “Let it get involved and watch it, and let Britain get involved with it.”

He added, "Our soul is long and our people have the ability to endure and remain steadfast in their positions in large and long confrontations, and the loser is the one who implicates himself in attacks on our people in the service of Israel and the continuation of crimes against the Palestinian people."

The leader of the revolution also advised all Arab and Islamic countries not to partner with the Americans in an effort to protect Israeli ships...pointing out that the biggest criminal in the world is the Israeli and whoever serves him to continue his crimes against the Palestinian people. It is not appropriate for any Arab country to serve Israel and stand with the Zionist enemy to continue its crimes in Gaza.

He stated that what happened from the Bahraini regime does not represent the rebellious, dear and oppressed people of Bahrain, indicating that the Al Khalifa in Bahrain are slaves of the Zionists and involved in corruption and crimes that subjected them to the Zionist Jews, while the position of the people of Bahrain is an honorable and great position towards the Palestinian people.

He publicly expressed the hope that the rest of the Arab and Islamic countries would never get involved with the Americans, the Israelis and the British.

Direct confrontation:
The leader of the revolution said, "Thank God, we are at ease when there is a direct confrontation with the Americans and the Israelis, and no matter how many martyrs we offer in the direct confrontation with the Americans and the Israelis, this will not affect us or weaken our position."

He added, "We offered thousands of martyrs as we confronted America's agents, and direct confrontation with the Americans, the British, and the Israelis is dearer to us. We are ready to do what is necessary and we will fight with all boldness because we rely on God in our stance toward the aggression against the Palestinian people."

He stressed that the martyrs from the naval forces in the battle of the Promised Conquest, the Holy Jihad, and on the road to Jerusalem won a great victory to obtain martyrdom in the direct battle and during a direct American attack. He said, “We are more determined to continue the path and target ships linked to Israel, and we will not back down from that, and our position is faith-based.”

The leader of the revolution called on the Yemeni people to continue all mobilization activities, combat training, demonstrations, marches, and donating money, despite the difficult circumstances, and within the framework of media activity and the situation.

He also called on the negligent members of the Islamic nation to take action...and said, “Isn’t it time for you to take a stand?!”

He said, "Our dear people will go out tomorrow, God willing, in an honorable and multi-million-man protest, without lethargy or boredom, in Al-Sabeen Square and in the other governorates."

The leader of the revolution added, "I hope that you, with your honorable positions and values, will not be like those who are affected by boredom and apathy and are unable even to attend a demonstration or march."

Historical station:
Mr. Abdul Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi pointed out that Friday of Rajab is one of the most important, holiest, highest, and greatest historical stations for the Yemeni people in their faith affiliation and entry into Islam.

He said, “On the Friday of Rajab, a very large number of the Yemeni people converted to Islam after the Commander of the Faithful (Amir Al-Mu'minin), Ali bin Abi Talib, read to them the message of the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, in a large meeting in Sana’a calling on them to Islam. They converted to Islam voluntarily, and Islam spread and spread to many regions, and that day was one of the most important historical milestones for our people.”

The Leader of the Revolution extended his congratulations and blessings to the Yemeni people on this occasion because it is a very important milestone and a great and great blessing, honor and great favor from God and divine success in belonging to Islam.

He pointed out that celebrating this blessing is an expression of gratitude to God Almighty, an acknowledgment of the great blessing, and pride in one of the brightest pages in the history of the Yemeni people.

He explained that one of the most important things related to this occasion is working to consolidate and strengthen the identity and faith affiliation of the Yemeni people through cultural, pedagogical and awareness-raising activities, as well as raising, protecting and preserving the emerging generation, which targets them in their faith affiliation.

He added, "When we talk about this occasion that brings us to this important stage in our people's affiliation to Islam, it is important that we understand the characteristics of this faith affiliation to the point that the Messenger, may God bless him and his family and grant them peace, said (Faith is Yemeni and wisdom is Yemeni). This is a great and very important expression that indicates the deep-rooted affiliation to our people and their firmness of faith.”


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