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  US-Saudi Aggression
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UAE is at centre of plotting on Palestinian cause & undermining its resistance
UAE is at centre of plotting on Palestinian cause & undermining its resistance
UAE is at centre of plotting on Palestinian cause & undermining its resistance
[Tue, 21 Nov 2023 14:41:36 +0300]

CAPITALS November 21. 2023 (Saba) - The United Arab Emirates did not stop at the stage of public support for the crimes against Palestinians committed by the Zionist enemy entity. It went beyond this to engage in conspiracy on the Palestinian cause, undermining its resistance and granting it the exclusive right to destroy any scientific, research and military capabilities that could pose a threat to its military superiority or jeopardize its existence.

There are indications that the UAE regime has become the centre of gravity for conspiracy against the Palestinian resistance, which has provided comprehensive support to the Zionist enemy at both the military, information and intelligence levels, and financial support, estimated at billions of dollars, to enable it to eliminate the resistance that has dumped the nose of the Zionist enemy in the dirt.

It is no secret to observers that the main concern of the UAE regime is to support the Zionist enemy entity in its criminal aggression against the Palestinians and to collude with it against the Palestinian resistance, which ultimately paves the way towards the series of concessions required in order to submit to Zionist-American dictates.

Observers view with great gravity the UAE regime's specifically suspicious role in the policy of open financial support for the Zionist enemy entity in its war and aggression against Palestinians after it expressed its willingness to finance the military operations of the Zionist army provided that the Palestinian resistance is finally eliminated, the threat it poses and the fight against all directions that reward violence against the Zionist entity.

One of the most recent manifestations of generous UAE support for the Zionist enemy entity indicating the involvement and involvement of the UAE rulers in major schemes against the Palestinian resistance was the revelation by diplomatic sources of an identical message from the UAE State in which the Zionist enemy entity precipitates the elimination of Palestinian resistance factions in Gaza.

The sources told "Emirati Leaks": Abu Dhabi sees the prolongation of the Zionist war on Gaza as a threat to joint regional projects with "Tel Aviv" and would destabilize regional stability.

Emirati malice against the Palestinian resistance and its support for the Zionist enemy manifested its proposal to use mercenaries from Colombia to attack Gaza.

Not Only that, the Zionist enemy media revealed generous financial donations from the UAE to large groups of Jews in Gaza Strip cover settlements as compensation for last October 7 Palestinian resistance attack.

The enemy's information has spoken successively of remittances reaching Jews displaced from Gaza cover settlements through the Abu Dhabi embassy in Tel Aviv.

These reports, reported by Emirati Leaks, said: "Donations were made by a large number of UAE rulers, including the Head of State, Mohammed bin Zayed, his brothers Mansour, Tahnoun and Abdullah bin Zayed, along with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Khaled Mohammed bin Zayed.

The Vice President of the United Arab Emirates, the ruler of Dubai, Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, also made similar donations to Jews residing in Dubai.

The total value of the donations of the rulers of the United Arab Emirates has not been disclosed as being made to individual accounts of Zionists from Gaza's cover settlements, but reflects the most external solidarity with "Tel Aviv" to date.

Observers felt that the UAE's clear declaration that the money paid to the Zionist enemy for it was the elimination of Palestinian resistance was an explicit acknowledgement of the conspiracy to resist and the choice of the Palestinian people in addition to previous positions highlighted by the United Arab Emirates' abortion of ceasefire projects in Gaza, Not to mention the arrangements currently led by Abu Dhabi to voluntarily displace residents of the Strip to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula through the establishment of health centres there and alternative infrastructure for the Gaza Strip facilities under destruction and blockade.

Reflecting the fact that Emirati-Zionist relations went beyond normalization to supporting the enemy, complicity with the need to fight the resistance and end the threat posed by Palestinian resistance movements, statements made by the Emirati academic calculated on the regime of Mohammed bin Zayed Dr. Abdulkhaliq Abdullah, which directly revealed UAE intentions described as malicious against the resistance factions of Gaza.

Abdulkhaliq Abdullah said that the objective of the Zionist enemy entity from the attack on Gaza was "to behead Hamas and get rid of it, as it is finished American, Israeli, and European and must be defeated.”

The writer showed the state of hostility, outspoken and what the UAE rulers can for the Palestinian resistance, saying: "Hamas must be defeated and must cut parts and pieces and no military presence in Gaza has this ultimate goal of" Israel. "

He pointed out that this goal will be a very difficult challenge for the Zionist entity. Wondering do they achieve that? This is a very huge challenge and it will not be easy. "

The security and stability of the Zionist enemy is achieved only through the liquidation of Palestinian resistance, as confirmed by the United Arab Emirates, which has not diminished its anti-resistance stance, starting with statements condemning Operation of Al-Aqsa Flood, and not ending with statements made by the Permanent Representative of the United Nations to the United Arab Emirates, Lana Nusseibeh, who said that "Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people, nor the people of Gaza who suffer the most." Stressing the necessity of releasing the Zionist prisoners held by the resistance “unconditionally.” according to her expression.

On the 24th of last month, the UAE Minister of State for International Cooperation, Reem Al Hashemi, in her speech during the UN Security Council meeting, attacked Hamas, describing its attacks on 7 this month against Zionist enemy army positions as "barbaric and heinous." Stressing that the UAE strongly condemns it.

These positions of the United Arab Emirates' rulers against the Palestinian resistance are highly consistent with the Zionist rhetoric, which appears to be the fruits of resilience and strategic patience of the Palestinian resistance in the form of disturbance and strategic concern for the Emirates-Zionist, as revealed in several press reports.

While the UAE has reportedly begun to worry that it will fail to eliminate Palestinian resistance forces, especially as its economic projects and control over the region, it will be possible only to eliminate resistance movements, especially because UAE and Israel combine them with significantly growing economic relations and projects, zionist concern appeared existential and focused on the inability to stave off the existential threat posed by the Palestinian resistance.

In conclusion, the hostility of the United Arab Emirates' rulers to the Palestinian resistance and its bearing of the consequences of the war, as well as the mobilization against it, need no proof now that the Emirati regime has shifted from the printing post with the enemy to another position that goes beyond even the strategic ally, reaching the rank of partner in the crimes and justifying the displacement or killing of Palestinians from Gaza.


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