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 Armed forces reveal new weapons systems in  military parade
Armed forces reveal new weapons systems in military parade
Armed forces reveal new weapons systems in military parade

SANA'A September 24. 2023 (Saba)- On Thursday, a solemn youth, military and security parade was held in Al-Sabeen Square in the capital, Sana’a, to celebrate the ninth anniversary of the glorious September 21 Revolution.

The presentation, which was attended by Mahdi Al-Mashat, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council - Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, members of the Political Council, heads of the Houses of Representatives, Ministers, the Judiciary, the Shura Council, a number of ministers of the National Salvation Government, members of the House of Representatives and the Shura Council, the Mayor of the Capital, governors of the provinces, and security and military leaders.

The paragraphs of the youth presentation reflected the joy of the Yemenis on this national occasion, which constituted an important milestone in the contemporary history of Yemen in achieving freedom, independence, pride and dignity and rejecting guardianship and external domination.

During the show, an artistic operetta was presented, in the form of an artistic painting that depicted a picture with the name “Yemen” and the flag of the Republic of Yemen, and reflected a bright picture of the heritage and civilization of the Yemenis.

The operetta was an authentic extension of Yemen's popular heritage and folklore in a work of art, and at the same time reflected a creative painting, forming an artistic creativity that depicted the reality of Yemen and its aspiration for a better future.

After that, the parade commander, Brigadier General Ali Yahya Al-Hamzi, advanced to the podium to request permission from His Excellency President Al-Mashat to begin the solemn military youth parade.

The military parade began with youth scout performances and a carnival on this national occasion, highlighting the extent of development and military capabilities that the Yemeni armed forces have achieved and possess despite the challenges facing Yemen.

Meanwhile, helicopters were flying in the airspace of the capital, Sanaa, raising the flag of the Republic of Yemen to announce that this revolution was here to stay and continue.

The military aviation accompanied the military parade, by carrying out air shows in the skies of the capital, Sana’a.

This was followed by the participation of cavalry teams, of a number of revolutionary knights who carried the flag of the Republic of Yemen, in a scene that expresses joy and rejoicing on the ninth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution, despite targeting of purebred Arabian horses by US-Saudi-Emirati aggression aircraft.

As well as the entry of the wounded of the September 21 Revolution, who sacrificed parts of their bodies in defense of Yemen and confronting the forces of American, Saudi, and Emirati aggression.

After that, the military parade began, in which symbolic units from various military and security formations participated, from the military, naval, aviation, air, land and sea forces, air and coastal defence, special forces, military police and various security units.

The presentation included the entry of the Holy Qur’an, pictures of the martyr leader, al-Sayyed Hussein Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, pictures of the leader of the revolution, al-Sayyed Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi, and the slogan of freedom, boycott, and the September 21 Revolution.

The presentations reflected the high level of training and qualification of members of the armed forces that they receive in security and military colleges.

The official spokesman for the Armed Forces, Brigadier General Yahya Sarie, provided a detailed explanation and comment on the various models of army armored vehicles that participated in the parade, numbering 54 locally made “Hani” type armored vehicles. It is an offensive armored vehicle, named by this name to commemorate the name of the martyr Hani Tomer.

This armored vehicle is distinguished by its extreme speed and ability. It maneuvers and participates in desert and urban warfare, and has several participations in Al-Bayda, Marib, and Al-Jawf.

He touched on the various naval forces, represented by naval boats, which for the first time in the history of the Yemeni military and the history of the Yemeni army, attention is being paid to the naval forces, leading to the production of weapons specific to these forces, including boats and missiles that are being announced for the first time.

The naval boats include a home-made combat “Nazir boat,” which is considered one of the fastest boats and is capable of maneuvering. It carries medium weapons and air defense, such as a 23 mm cannon, and a crew of six. It has multiple combat missions, including intercepting moving enemy naval targets, storming ships, and raiding islands.

The naval boats also include: Asif 1 and Asif 3 boats using a 107 launcher as well as a 23 caliber boat, an Asif 2 boat, an armed navigator 12.7, and catamaran boats of all three generations.

Brigadier General Saree confirmed that the September 21 Revolution succeeded in testing steadfastness in the face of foreign aggression, and is now achieving successes on the military level, overcoming all difficulties and obstacles.

Naval mines:

With regard to sea mines, examples of which were made by Yemeni hands and expertise were presented, including: Saqib, Karar, Mujahid 1, Mujahid 2, “This mine is developed from the Mujahid 1 mine - it is distinguished by an intelligent system and superior destructive capacity,” Uwais, Masjoor 1, Masjoor 2, Asif.

He stated that the continued development of the capabilities of the naval forces occupies the priorities of the objectives and tasks of the armed forces, out of belief in the importance these forces represent in terms of defense and facing dangers and challenges.

Naval missiles:

Regarding naval missiles, the military industries in the Yemeni Armed Forces have succeeded in producing advanced naval missiles that meet part of the defense requirements of the naval forces:

•Al-Rabij missile

• Falq missile: a land-sea ballistic missile, capable of capturing targets visually and thermally, with a range of 140 km, the weight of the explosive warhead is 105 kg, and runs on solid fuel.

• Mandab missile 1

• Sejil missile: a winged cruise missile - with a range of 180 kilometers, powered by solid and liquid fuel, its length is three meters and sixty centimeters, the weight of the warhead is 100 kilograms - its accuracy is high, it exceeds radar systems, it can be launched from anywhere in Yemeni territory to any point in the Red Sea, and it is distinguished by its ability to target Fixed and moving targets.

• Mandab 2 missile

• Asef missile: a land-sea ballistic missile, the first missile capable of targeting optically and thermally, with a range of up to 400 kilometers, the explosive head weighs 500 kilograms, and runs on solid fuel.

The Yemeni Armed Forces unveiled new naval missiles, including:

Sayyad missile: a winged cruise missile with a range of up to 800 km, operating on solid and liquid fuel, its length is six meters and eighty centimeters, the weight of the warhead is 200 kilograms, it is characterized by high accuracy and radars cannot detect it - it can be launched from any point in Yemeni territory to any point in the Arabian Sea and the Arabian Sea. Red and the Gulf of Aden - It is also distinguished by its ability to hit fixed and moving targets - its warhead is distinguished by its great destructive ability.

The Armed Forces spokesman considered that these achievements would not have occurred without the September 21 Revolution, which was able, with the help of God Almighty, to put the country and the people on the right track after decades of foreign tutelage and external domination.

Air Forces and Air Defense:

The Armed Forces displayed detection and tracking systems, including:

The system of Ufaq, Sadiq, Nabaa and Shafaq is as follows:

• Nabaa Radar is an optical diagnostic detection and tracking radar. It is characterized by tracking four targets at the same time. It works to direct most missiles. It has the latest systems for overcoming interference with different ranges. It can work for hours on end. It is small in size and powerful in impact and projection.

• Sadiq system: an optical system with a wide range of scanning and displaying hostile and friendly targets - it has the ability to track between ten and fifteen targets.

• Shafaq Radar: A “new” search and tracking system

• Ofoq system: A tactical system characterized by accuracy in identifying targets - it can track the target at a distance of more than ninety kilometers and at a height of no less than 35,000 feet above sea level.

• Radar 35

• B-16 radar

• B19 radar

Regarding missiles, air defense missiles were displayed, including:

Previously undetected missiles:

Miraj missile

“New” Barq 1 missile, range: 50 km, height: 15 km, has a high-explosive fragmentation warhead, and possesses high and advanced technology that enables it to pursue and target targets with ease.

- “New” Barq 2 missile: It has a range of 70 km and a height of up to 20 km. It has a high-explosive fragmentation warhead and advanced technology that enables it to pursue, track and attack targets. It is used to confront close-range, medium-range and reconnaissance targets, armed and unarmed, as well as military ones. It has a high ability to attack targets. The maneuver enables him to pursue and target warplanes with ease.

- Fater missile

- Saqr 1 missile

A “new” Saqr 2 missile, with a range of 150 kilometers, an altitude of 35 thousand feet, possesses a high-explosive warhead, and advanced technology for confronting jamming and electronic warfare. It is used to confront all types of armed and unarmed reconnaissance aircraft, as well as cruise missiles. It entered service after several tests were conducted. Accordingly, Saqr 1 was updated and developed into Saqr 2 to keep pace with the challenges of this stage.

Air Force's weapon:

The Armed Forces spokesman said: What the Yemeni Armed Forces are proud of is the unmanned air force, which played a prominent role in the battle to confront the aggression, through the participation of models of reconnaissance and combat drones in the Armed Forces’ military parade, including:

• Rajum plane

• Rased reconnaissance plane, with a flight time of up to 45 minutes. Its tasks include monitoring and reconnaissance of the enemy’s movements on all fronts and axes, drawing maps and aerial surveys.

• Hijacker plane2

• Raqeeb “vertical take-off reconnaissance” aircraft, flight time up to 3 hours, and its reconnaissance missions include live day and night broadcasting, thermal imaging and map scanning.

• Qasef Toki 2k suicide attack drone carrying several warheads, including fragmentation, penetrating warheads, fragmentation and penetrating warheads in the same warhead, with a range of up to 400 kilometers.

• The Sammad 1 “attack aircraft carrying a high-explosive warhead.” The warhead weighs 20 kg, flight time is six hours, and its range is 500 km. It takes off from a fixed platform.

• Marsad 1 is a reconnaissance march conducted via live broadcast, day and night and thermal photography, and mapping surveys, with a flight time of up to eight to 10 hours. It takes off from a fixed platform via sled or mobile.

• A Waid 1 attack aircraft carrying a high-explosive warhead. The weight of the warhead is 30 kg, and its range is 1,200 km.

• The Shihab drone, an attack drone equipped with an intelligent tracking system and a penetrating, fragmentation, and dual warhead with a range of up to 1,000 kilometers. The warhead weighs 50 kilograms.

• A “Marsad 2” reconnaissance plane, which conducts reconnaissance via live broadcast, day and night and thermal photography, and mapping surveys, with a flight time of eight to 10 hours, a vertical take-off method.

• A Sammad 3 “attack aircraft carrying an explosive warhead. The weight of the warhead ranges from 20 kg to 50 kg. The type of warhead is “penetrating and fragmentation.” Its range is 1,800 kilometers. It takes off from a fixed platform.

• A Waid 2 attack plane carrying an explosive warhead. The warhead weighs 40 kg. The warhead type is penetrating and fragmentation. Its range reaches 2000 kilometers and takes off from a fixed ground platform.

The Missile power:

Brigadier General Saree explained that the missile force had an active role in the battle of steadfastness - the battle of freedom, independence, and confronting aggression.

The Armed Forces displayed models of missile force through the following:

• Toshka missile: It was used in the first military operations of the missile force, targeting a foreign enemy camp in Ma’rib Governorate. The operation led to the death and injury of dozens.

• Zelzal 3 missile

• Qassim missile: A medium-range surface-to-surface missile characterized by high accuracy in hitting targets. It participated in more than 180 operations, the most prominent of which was targeting gatherings of Sudanese mercenaries in the Al-Malahiz border.

• Badr missile

• Badr 1 missile

• Badr 2 missile

• Badr 3 missile

On the occasion of the ninth anniversary of the September 21 Revolution, the Armed Forces spokesman revealed its new military industries in the field of ballistic and winged missiles, which are:

• Badr 4 missile

• Quds 4 missile

• Aqeel missile

• Toofan missile

• Mion missile

• A torture missile

• Obedient missile

• Quds Z-0 missile

He also confirmed that the Armed Forces, thanks to God, developed the Badr missile system to the fourth generation, Badr 4, which was displayed for the first time, which is a medium-range surface-to-surface missile that operates on solid fuel and is characterized by high accuracy in hitting targets.

• The Mion missile is a “ground-to-sea ballistic missile, powered by solid fuel, with a medium range, capable of hitting fixed and moving naval targets, and is characterized by enormous destructive capacity.”

• Saeer missile

• Red Sea missile

• Karrar missile: a surface-to-surface ballistic missile that is considered one of the smart, accurate missiles with a range of 300 kilometers and the explosive head weighs 500 kilograms.

• Qaher missile 1

• Qaher 2m missile

• Ocean (sea) missile

The armed forces announced a new missile system as follows:

• Tankeel: A surface-to-surface and surface-to-sea ballistic missile system, powered by solid fuel, with a medium range. There are two versions, one is surface-to-surface and the other is surface-to-sea.”

Quds 1 missile

• Quds 2 missile

• Quds missile 3

The Armed Forces spokesman stated that among the successes of the missile force is the development of the Quds missile system to the fourth generation: the Quds 4 missile, a winged, surface-to-surface, long-range missile, the fourth version of the winged Quds missiles, capable of hitting targets with high accuracy and hiding from radars.

• A devastating missile

• Burkan missile

• Falaq missile

• Zulfiqar missile

• The Aqeel missile is a “surface-to-surface ballistic missile, long-range, liquid-fueled, and characterized by accuracy in hitting the target.”

• The Toofan ballistic missile system, “ground-to-surface, long-range strategic, liquid-fueled, precise-hitting missile system.”

The Armed Forces also revealed in the military parade the Mutee Ballistic Missile, which is displayed for the first time. It is a surface-to-air ballistic missile, powered by solid fuel, and characterized by air maneuvering and high speed.

• Quds Z-0 missile: cruise, land-to-sea, long-range, anti-naval missile, capable of hitting fixed and moving land and sea targets with high accuracy, characterized by enormous destructive capacity.

The Armed Forces spokesman also stressed that the stage demonstrated the importance of developing defensive missile capabilities to confront the aggressors against Yemen on land, sea and air, in addition to completing the tasks of liberation until achieving independence.

He stated that the missiles, including Mayon and Tankil, are characterized by the accuracy of hitting the target and the possibility of launching them from any point on land to any point in the sea along the Yemeni territorial waters in the Arabia and Red seas and Gulf Aden.

spokesman considered the achievements achieved in terms of building the armed forces and supplying them with advanced weapons, including missiles, as nothing more than a translation of the directives of the Leader of the Revolution, who gives this institution all attention due to its main role.

He said, "Let the enemies know that the Yemeni army, with its weapons and equipment and above all its faith, will and determination, will not hesitate to strike the harshest blows in defense of a free and independent Yemen."

He reiterated that the Yemeni armed forces, with their various military formations and military capabilities, are not designated for military parades, but rather for carrying out duties, tasks and responsibilities related to completing the liberation of the country, expelling foreign forces, and ending the aggression and siege.


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