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Prophet’s birthday.. Yemen’s message to nation & whole world
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Radical change in revolution leader’s speech outlines features of strong Yemeni state
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 Baha'i and its Poisoned Masonic Doctrines
Baha'i and its Poisoned Masonic Doctrines
Baha'i and its Poisoned Masonic Doctrines

SANA'A June 10. 2023 (Saba) -Baha’ism is one of the artifacts of Crusader colonialism with its various names and historical stages, and one of the poisoned arrows of Zionism and global Freemasonry.

It is one of the dirty tools of intellectual invasion to fight and distort Islam, obliterate the features of Muslims, weaken them, spread division, division and confusion among them, and flay them and keep them away from their faith.

It is a made-up religion that claims to have its own prophet, rituals and beliefs, and the one who contemplates these beliefs and rituals finds that they are just a clone of what Zionist Judaism and Freemasonry replete with heresies and misleading and corrupt colonial poisons.

All of them fall under the umbrella of the so-called "soft war", and this war is one of the most filthy, ugly, destructive and corrupt types of wars, because its weapons are usually hidden and disguised with deceptive human rights slogans, which is what we are trying to identify in this reading, to inform our generations of the danger of such a type. Of the groups that sold themselves and religion and their homelands to the devil and the colonialists.

Khunfsharia secret forums:

The Baha'i faith is organized in the countries in which it is spread under secret names, bodies, and forums, and it hides behind a long list of organizations that often carry out their work under glamorous humanitarian and human rights titles, while they are merely a cover for proselytizing and espionage in the service of Zionism, Freemasonry, and the forces of imperialist colonialism.

After the destruction of its founding leaders, global Zionism decided in 1963 to form a supreme administrative council to lead it worldwide and organize its affairs. They called it the "Great House of Justice".

It includes 9 members, who are elected every 5 years, followed by elected councils at the local, national and international levels called “assemblies”. These councils elect the “House of Justice”, which is the highest administrative and spiritual authority and global reference for this deviant sect.

And the cattle of the followers consider it an infallible body supported by God, which was authorized to legislate matters that are not mentioned in the books of the so-called “Baha’ullah” and his tablets or in the writings of his son called “Abdul-Baha”, and his legislation is sacred texts, according to their claim.

The Libel of Divinity and Solemnity:

The Baha'i is unique from other deviant, man-made religions by claiming the divinity of the individual, the unity of existence and solutions, and the lack of separation between divinity and humanity.

Its impure Masonic demon, Baha’u’llah, claimed that God dwells in some of His creation, that God and the Messengers and Prophets gather in His person, that He is a mediator between people and the Creator, and God’s manifestation to creation in His visible structure, His dwelling in Him, and His speaking to them in a human language.

The Baha'i Satan held that people knew God through him for the first time, and not through the signs of God broadcast in the universe, and that he is the one who undertakes the task of judging creation on the Day of Equity, and that he has all the attributes, actions, and names of God.

Therefore, his appearance is the appearance of God, his face is the face of God, his will is the will of God, his will is the will of God, and all his attributes and names are the same as the attributes and names of God, God forbid.

He claimed clearly and unequivocally, as recorded in his books, that he is “God,” and that he is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and that the major mission of God’s messengers such as Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad is to preach the appearance of God in his body, just as the Christians claimed in their claim that the mission of the previous messengers of Jesus, peace be upon him, was to preach the coming of God. God in the body of Jesus.

That is why the antichrist Baha’i called himself “the Manifestation of God,” and his followers inferred his divinity with the same inferences as the Christians made about the divinity of Jesus, and I claim that he is the Son of God.

He denies the reality of angels, jinn, heaven, fire, resurrection, torment, reward, the Day of Resurrection, and the afterlife after death.

The fallacies of this rogue group is that the judgment on the Day of Resurrection will be the separation between those who believe in the Antichrist's Baha and those who reject him, and "Paradise" is the Baha'i spiritual life and the belief that "Baha" is the Lord of the heavens and the earth.

Our purpose here is to clarify the lies of this satanic sect, not to respond to them.

The lie of open prophecy:

The Baha'i was not content with claiming divinity due to its impure calf, but rather debauchery reached its claim that the Messenger of God "Muhammad bin Abdullah" may God bless him and his family and grant them peace is not the last of the prophets and messengers

And Islam is not the final religion, and that divine messengers must continue to appear every thousand years to teach humanity how to continue in what they called "an ever-advancing civilization."

Among their falsifications is the denial of the miracles with which God endorsed the prophets and messengers.

Baha'u'llah claimed to be the third Messiah, the savior, whom the Jews claimed to appear at the end of time from the children of David, peace be upon him and other wise men of India, China and Persians.

Among their lies is the claim of the continuity of revelation after the death of the Messenger of God, “Muhammad bin Abdullah,” may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, and the denial of the seal of prophecy to Muhammad peace be upon.

Repeal of Islamic law:

The Antichrist "Baha'u'llah" claimed that his appearance canceled Islam and Islamic law, and that his book "Al-Aqdas" abrogated all the heavenly books, and that the heavenly books "the Torah, the Bible, the Qur'an" did not understand the meanings of the prophets due to their weak minds.

As he is the only one who interpreted it correctly, and that the prophets were specialized in the revelation while he is specialized in interpretation.

He also claimed that the scholars’ interpretations of the divine books, including the Qur’an, are trivial, cold, sterile, rigid, and even misleading, destructive, and corrupt.

The "Baha'i" antichrist described the Muslims as "rabble savages", and claimed that he and his group are the only monotheists among the nations, and who does not believe in what they believe in is a polytheist, expelled from his mercy.

They created their own acts of worship, for example:

1- Prayer:

Determine 3 major, minor, and middle prayers with nine rak’ahs, each prayer 3 rak’ahs, distributed over the morning, noon, and night, and any of them is sufficient for the other, and the individual must choose one of them.

Their prayers are performed individually in the homes, and their qiblah is not Makkah Al-Mukarramah, but rather the tomb of their calf, “Baha’u Allah” in “Acre”, preceded by ablution with “rose water”, and this water is not permissible for Muslims to perform ablution with, because it is pure in itself and is not purified for others, and whoever does not When he finds it, he must repeat five times, “In the name of God, the purest, the purest.”

And they canceled the Friday prayer, and permitted the congregation in the prayer of the dead only, and their goal of invalidating the congregational prayer is to disperse the Muslims, and this is one of the most important goals of global Zionism in addition to distancing Muslims from the Holy Qur’an and nullifying the Friday prayer.

2- Fasting:

They established a special fast for them, and called on their followers to fast for 19 days in the last month of the Baha'i year, specifically during the period "March 2-20", and its conclusion with what they called "the Feast of Nowruz", which is the "highest feast" for them.

Their fasting is limited to abstaining from eating and drinking only from morning to sunset, and they permitted the marriage of wives during fasting.

Their calendar starts from the year of the appearance of the "Bab" 1844, and the beginning of their new year is March 21, and it is made up of 19 months, each of which has 19 days.

On the first day of every month, they celebrate what is called the "Nineteenth Feast", and the number 19 is one of their sacred numbers, and in the period "April 21 - May 2" they celebrate the "Feast of Ridwan", during which they elect their global central leadership "The Great al-Adell House ", and they have 9 holy days associated with the lives of the Bab, Baha'u'llah and 'Abdu'l-Baha, during which they stop working.

3- Pilgrimage:

They forbade the pilgrimage to the holy "Mecca", and they recommended the demolition of the Sacred House of God if the "Al-Muqtadir" appeared among their followers, and they obligated the pilgrimage to their global center in the cities of "Acre" and "Haifa" in occupied Palestine. In addition to the house in which al-Bab was born in Shiraz, and in which al-Bahaa resided in Iraq. Hajj is for those who able, and whenever they want, during days of the year.

Family demolition:

Their satanic Masonic ideology did not overlook the family, because it is the most important building block in building societies, and protecting it from the slippery slopes of vice means creating a virtuous and strong society, and this is not in line with the goals of the "Zionist-Masonic" colonial.

Therefore, their Masonic Baha’i dog was keen to put in place the instructions that ensure the destruction and destruction of the family, so it issued a fatwa forbidding a man’s marriage to his father’s wife, and permitted him to do anything less than that of sisters, aunts, and aunts, and reached the level of insolence to permit a man’s marriage to the mother’s mother, the daughter of the sister, and the brother.

And they forbade women to wear the veil under the justifications of what God has revealed to them of authority, and they called for unveiling and immorality, and the communism of women and money, and the release of full relations between the sexes without limits or restrictions, including the permission of homosexuality, and considering it as civilization and sophistication, in a satanic endeavor to destroy all values, morals and laws. , and transferring humanity to a life ofpornography.

They permitted listening to all kinds of songs, and they considered that to be worship, and the use of gold as utensils for eating.

They permitted alcohol and the eating of pork, and ordered the abolition of the Islamic principles of slaughter.

Religious abolition:

The Baha'i Antichrist believes that adherence to religions and not changing the laws is a general disease and an epidemic, and that belief in the eternity of laws and religions is one of the major calamities that afflicted past nations, calling for the unity of religions, laws and humanity under the banner of his alleged religion.

In general, the purpose of such sayings is to prepare the Arab and Islamic arena for plans to replace Islamic law with secularism, and to make the latter a universal religion.

We heard during the year 2004 and the accompanying "Zionist-American" evangelical heralds of the birth of a "new Middle East" under the Zionist flag. Their satanic dreams were quickly shattered on the rock of the Lebanese resistance.

Destroying homelands:

Among their poisonous ideas is also the abolition of the idea of “homeland” under the pretext of the idea of the “public homeland”, and the call for the unity of “language”, and the use of a unified universal language, which would be the “language of nations”, they called it “Al-Nawara”: “O my supreme pen, replace the classical Arabic with the language of Al-Nawara” .

Their aim is for people to abandon the Arabic language of the Holy Qur’an, in order to weaken the link between Muslims and the “internationality.” This is one of the most important goals and deceptive schemes of Freemasonry to separate nations from their heritage, history, and civilization.

For this satanic purpose, the Baha'i claimants were keen to prohibit jihad and to abolish this sacred duty.

Their goal is to prohibit carrying arms against the usurping Zionist entity and obedience and submission to the dark rulers and the prohibition of revolting against them.

In this, a clear and evident confirmation of their connection with Zionism and global Freemasonry, and their work to prepare the Islamic world to fall under the domination of colonialism and occupation, and to replace Islam with secularism.

That is why it is not surprising that the free Sunni and Shiite scholars and thinkers agreed on the necessity of confronting this rogue sect, responding to it, refuting its falsehoods, considering it apostate and outside the neck of Islam, and ruling its impurity and misguidance.

Research and Information Center(Saba): Zaid Al-Mahbashi


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