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Martyrs.. & martyr
Martyrs.. & martyr
Martyrs.. & martyr
[Mon, 29 May 2023 11:32:34 +0300]

SANA'A May 28. 2023 (Saba) - A human story from the reality of the aggression on Yemen.

Story Summary:

In the early hours of dawn on Thursday, the 17th of September 2015, the US-Saudi aggression coalition bombed safe citizens' houses in Sana’a province - the eastern Al-Jarf neighborhood - with a first, second, third and fourth airstrike... Between one airstrike and another, martyrs ascend to the sky, the injured are piled up, and houses are destroyed, then Mustafa survives.

And between martyrs and martyrs, and the injured and the houses, let us learn about the heinous crimes that took place on that sad night, and what is the story of the martyrs? And who is the martyr? Where is Mustafa?

Crime details:

The bombing began at exactly 1:30 am on Thursday, September 17, 2015... Al-Jarf Al-Sharqi neighborhood in Sana'a.

- Five houses were destroyed and a large number of neighboring houses were damaged

- Between one airstrike and another, five to ten minutes, and each airstrike kills a number of martyrs and injured.

- The first airstrike targeted "Al-Shami" houes, "Al-Mahdi" and "Al-Badani" and resulted in the killing and injurying number of civilians.

- The second airstrike targeted the house of "Al-Hamiri", killing four, including the child Iyad Yasser Al-Hamiri and his father.

-The third airstrike targeted the house of "Al-Moayad" and besieged the family from getting out from among the rubble, and destroyed the rest of the house next door, and that led to killing "Hussein Al-Batami", who was one of the paramedics, and the killings of two women, and a third was severely injured in the spine, an elderly person was seriously injured, and the only survivor who was in that house is baby who has not completed his first month.

- The fourth airstrike hit "Al-Aqili" and "Daraan" houses, killing and injurying a number of women, children and paramedics.

The story of treachery:

“Abbas Al-Moayyed,” who is the son and brother of the two martyrs and the injured, and the child’s maternal uncle, remembers:

(I will never forget that night, the night of the heinous crime in which part of my family killed as martyrs, and I was afflicted with the pain of the injuries of the rest of them.

I was outside the house and when I knew about the bombing of our house and neighbors' houses, the news hit me like a thunderbolt, so I rushed to my house to see what had happened and bid farewell to the martyrs.

After my family heard the first strike of treachery, which was in one of the neighboring houses, they quickly prepared to leave the house, but the enemy plane commander did not give them enough time to get out and save their lives to hasten them with a second treacherous airstrike on our house and a house next to us, which led to the destruction of the house of our neighbors and half of our house, so I tried My family had to go out again, but the rubble of the bereavement prevented them from doing so, so they begged my older brother to come with a ladder, and they used it to get down in the pile of rubble. My father and my younger sister suffered a spinal fracture, while her infant child, Mustafa, who had not completed his first month at the time, survived.

As soon as my older brother arrived near our house to take the family out, enemy warplanes betrayed them for the fourth time, which led to his injury and the injury of a number of paramedics.

As for the child “Mustafa”, he is now eight years old, and he lives, thanks to God, with his parents.

I still wonder why they were targeted and what is their fault? They went and left within us the pain of their separation and the brutality of the systematic aggression against our country to destroy everything beautiful in this life.. so that the outcome remains pain, loss, and destruction.)


In that painful incident, ten innocent men, women, and children were killed, including a martyr. We will expand on the story of his targeting in the next paragraph.

Those killings have no fault other than that the kingdoms of wanton aggression enjoy bloodshed and violating sanctities, and there is no evidence for that that crime coincided with the celebrations of the blessed Eid al-Adha in the Islamic world.


Name: Bilal Muhammad Abdullah Muhammad Sharaf al-Din, born in the capital Sana'a - Al-Thawra Directorate - 1990 AD

Work: Photographer and correspondent for Al-Masirah satellite channel

Date of martyrdom: on the morning of Friday 9/18/2015, following his injury in the crime of targeting the eastern al-Jarf neighborhood, “the axis of our story,” after he rushed to perform his humanitarian duty as a paramedic, and as a journalist as a documenter of this heinous crime.

Since the childhood of our martyr Bilal, he was passionate about engineering work and aspired to excel in the field of media. Therefore, after obtaining a diploma from the Technical Institute in Sana’a, specializing in engineering, he joined the study at the Faculty of Mass Communication, to join, after two years there, the Al-Masirah channel team since its inception.

In a television report by media colleague (Hussein Faye) he tells important details of the martyr's life by saying: "It is as if he is in the most beautiful love story between him and his camera, summarizing a story between the martyr Bilal Muhammad Abdullah Sharaf al-Din and that small lens...

Since he started his media work at the beginning of the founding of Al-Masirah channel in 2012, he knew that his days with the truth would be bitter and long. He worked for Al-Masirah channel as a cameraman and producer from the beginning.

He was the race, not just the previous one, so he carried with his smile and the light of his soul, summarizing the picture of the scene, and conveying with his lens all the events in sound, image and from the depth of the event.

He accompanied the two revolutions, filmed the first crime of aggression in Bani Hawat in the capital, Sana'a, and since the beginning of the aggression, he moved on more than one front to convey the image of the scene from the field, from Aden to Lahj, and from Ibb to Sana'a, so the voice and image of the truth were at the same time..

Bilal, 25 years old, a student at the Faculty of Mass Communication at the University of Sana’a, mastered the dimensions of truth, so he drew a picture with his lens and weaved it with his voice, words he uttered in the halls of light, so he recited with all his heart the last martyrs’ hymn.

Bilal, O full moon, do not blame us if our patience is cracked, for communication is dear.

Sanbula grains will dry up, the valley will be filled with Sanabel .. O bloody eyes and palms, the enemy is fleeting.

Al-Batoul Al-Mansur adds on the authority of the martyr Bilal:

“I will write to you about a martyr who sacrificed himself for the sake of God..I write these words while I am ashamed and shy..because these simple words cannot write about that great man..I have tried hard to search for Bilal’s life to tell you..

Bilal was killed in defense of his message that he wrote for himself in the media work but he did the humanitarian work above all else... He went to extract the body parts from under the rubble, he went when he sensed his position before God and before himself, he went in defense of human dignity and human freedom...

Congratulations, Bilal, for your great victory, and congratulations for the honor of martyrdom."


The number of injured in the heinous crime exceeded 20, and their bodies were distributed in more than one hospital.

The injured man, "Khaled Al-Sana'ani", mentions that he was seriously injured in the second airstrike (fracture in the face, shrapnel in the neck, and a fracture in the right hand). And all the people of the region confirm that there was no manifestation of weapons, but rather the innocent citizens' houses who have no power.

The enemy's message to the paramedics:

The cowardly enemy was extravagant in its aggression, to the extent that it targeted the paramedics who rushed to save the citizens who were targeted by the direct bombardment, as if the brutal enemy was directing its horrible message to everyone whose heart contained jealousy, mercy, zeal, and determination to rescue the betrayed, that they should stop carrying out the great mission.

A rude message saying: Let the bombed people die or struggle with killing, and do not approach to help them, unless you are a direct target for air missiles, and indeed the enemy warplanes emptied what was left of its sleeve on the heads of the paramedics, as in this tragic story of ours.

Where is the rest?

The reader may wonder where the rest of the families' killing and the injured are talking about...!

The reason is that the majority of those whose houses were destroyed or damaged by the aggression coalition sold them and moved to separate areas... But the effects of that crime are still and will remain.

In conclusion:

Whoever did not die in the airstrikes of the US-Saudi aggression will die thousands of times as a result of the siege of the brutal aggression.

And between the raids and the siege, the people of faith and wisdom stood proudly and tall from among the rubble to teach the aggressor lessons that he had never thought of..and he did.


resource : saba


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