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Discussing UNICEF interventions in Hajjah
[21 March 2023]
Dar Al Iftaa: Tomorrow, Wednesday, is completion of Sha`ban month, & Thursday is first day of Ramadan
[21 March 2023]
Discussing programs of Red Sea Ports Corporation during Ramadan
[21 March 2023]
Huge fire erupts commercial warehouse Hadda street in Sana'a
[21 March 2023]
FM congratulates counterpart in Republic of Namibia on National Day
[21 March 2023]
Islamic Jihad: Decisions of Sharm el-Sheikh meeting mislead about its real goal
[21 March 2023]
Kanaani: hostility to Iran constant part of U.S. foreign policy
[21 March 2023]
Three Zionist soldiers injured near border Lebanon
[21 March 2023]
Zionist enemy forces arrest 14 Palestinians in West Bank, al-Quds
[21 March 2023]
Dozens of protesters in France arrested​
[21 March 2023]
2015..Year of bloody aggression on places of worship in Sana'a
[21 March 2023]
Bonyan Development Foundation....Turning challenges into opportunities
[12 March 2023]
Southern Governorates Media Center reveals dangers of recent American move in occupied governorates
[09 March 2023]
Martyr President Saleh Al-Sammad.. Awareness icon .. Beacon of guidance
[28 February 2023]
Muscovites Shrug as Russia Marks One Year of Ukraine War
[22 February 2023]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Air defenses shoot down aggression spy plane
[21 March 2023]
Aggression commits 111 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[20 March 2023]
Number of injured by Saudi fire in border areas rose to 16
[20 March 2023]
Aggression commits 81 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[19 March 2023]
Aggression commits 66 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[18 March 2023]
Bonyan Development Foundation....Turning challenges into opportunities
Bonyan Development Foundation....Turning challenges into opportunities
Bonyan Development Foundation....Turning challenges into opportunities

SANA'A March 12. 2023 (Saba) -Bonyan Development Foundation is a civil development institution that works according to an authentic Yemeni vision of faith and this development is only based on God's guidance (HodAllah).

The message of this institution is to strive to achieve human dignity, social justice and sustainable development, to reach society to possess the efficiency and effectiveness that qualify it to participate in construction and development, by educating, supporting, empowering and developing the capabilities of the neediest groups and creating opportunities for self-sufficiency for them.

This institution also works in the establishment of programs and courses in a number of directorates in the Yemeni governorates to develop, develop and target families in need to work in several areas, the most important of which is agricultural and industrial development.

The institution has its distinct slogan: (whoever does not have his food's power does not have a decision).

Among programs and projects offered by Bonyan Foundation are:

  • Program for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities in the Labor Market.
  • Awareness-raising program, building and developing the capacities and skills of prison inmates.
  • Development and Empowerment Program for "Bilal's Grandchildren".
  • Productive Families Development Program.
  • Abstinence Program. To be self-sufficient
  • Eta'am Program.
  • Fishermen Empowerment Program.
  • Farmers Empowerment Program in the Tihama Valleys.
Bonyan Foundation Volunteers' Speech:

In light of a reality where the homeland is in dire need of everyone's solidarity and unification of efforts, and out of sincerity, loyalty and love of construction, away from money and the limelight the Volunteers embark on a lofty spirit in their goals, they believing in the impact of everything they do, starting with advice and ending with blood, Impulsive with honest intentions, and without any return.

These volunteers in Yemen are moving between wisdom and faith to the highest levels of pride and prosperity.

In light of the brutal aggression against Yemen, the revolutionary leadership and the Supreme Political Council are stressing the development of the capabilities of Yemeni cadres in various fields, considering the human being as the basis and axis of development.

The members of the Supreme Political Council commend the experiences of the Knights of Development in the Republic of Yemen in mobilizing the people and the state to confront and overcome what hinders their path toward creating the desired development future...Stressing that it appeared at the level befitting the sacrifices made by this people and their leadership with the blood of martyrs, disabled and wounded, which were shed it in order to gain their pride and dignity.

They also stressed that the efforts made by the Knights of Development in the field are in the path of activating community participation in development through coordination between the efforts and capabilities of society with what is available and possible with local authorities according to measures and solutions that reduce cost and effort.

One of the results of the Knights of Development was the launch of community initiatives that reflected the balance of stereotypical thinking and brought to the scene a unique experience that helped the authority and society to create climates of solidarity in which difficulties and challenges turned into remarkable opportunities for success, members of the Supreme Political Council added.

All state leaders and officials in Yemen hope the association will play an essential role in achieving self-sufficiency in the local product and strengthening coordination with the relevant authorities to limit the import of foreign products.

Written by Mona Zaid


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