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  US-Saudi Aggression
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Hodeida is ready to welcome the tourist season in winter: Report
Hodeida is ready to welcome the tourist season in winter: Report
Hodeida is ready to welcome the tourist season in winter: Report

HODEIDA November 17. 2022 (Saba) - Hodeida province, which is one of the prominent tourist destinations in Yemen, is preparing to receive the new tourist season in the Winter.

Due to its strategic location in Yemen, its atmosphere, and its the diversity of its tourist nature, it has become a traditional and essential destination for local tourists from most of the provinces during the tourist seasons.

Despite the continuation of the aggression and siege and the targeting of tourist facilities, archaeological and historical sites and monuments, the people of Yemen still practice rituals, customs, and traditions and consider the tourist seasons an embodiment of the meanings of steadfastness and a victory that reflects their strength, will and overcome the current challenges.

Hodeida governor Mohammed Qahim said in a statement to the Yemeni News Agency (Saba) "We are in the province and in preparation for the winter, we are carrying out repairs and maintenance and dealing with the results of what was left of the aggression, which we are still suffering from until today."

Qahim stressed that, according to the directives of the leader of the revolution, Sayyed Abdulmalik Badr al-Din al-Houthi, and President of the Supreme Political Council, His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi al-Mashat, Hodeida is regaining its nature and its status these days.

Qahim explained that there is support from various sides and at all levels to rehabilitate the infrastructure in the city of Hodeida, noting that all the sidewalks of the Corniche are being repaired and rehabilitated, lighting the streets of the city, improving the general appearance and addressing the sabotage effects left by the aggression on the city.

He pointed out that efforts are continuing to serve the citizens despite the scarcity of capabilities, in the implementation of the directives of the revolutionary leadership to alleviate the suffering of the province and draw joy in their faces and their souls.

Governor Qassem pointed out that the local authority has an upcoming project on the coast of the Corniche, where reconstruction and removal of all traces of aggression are carried out with specifications that live up to the level of renaissance witnessed by the province in various fields.

For their part, province undersecretary Ahmed al-Bishri and Hodeida undersecretary for Administrative Affairs and Financial Resources Abduljabbar Mohammed explained that Hodeida is currently the first tourist destination for the people of the free provinces, especially in the winter season.

Al-Bishri and Mohammed stressed that great efforts are being made by the leadership of the province in order to improve services in the Corniche, which is the front of the city of Hodeida, pointing to what is happening these days in terms of improving the sidewalks and streets of the Corniche as well as installing lighting and intensifying cleaning work.

They indicated that there are projects being implemented in the various streets of the main and secondary city of Hodeida, including maintenance of asphalt and improvement of curbs and sidewalks so as Hodeida could receive this season fully and meet the basic requirements for visitors from all over the Republic.

They urged all concerned authorities to do everything to provide all basic services, stressing that more efforts will be made to improve all tourist sites in the province.

In turn, director of the tourism office in the province Abdulelah al-Ahdal confirmed the completion of all technical arrangements to receive the new tourist season.

Al-Ahdal indicated that during the next few days, the price list of services and prices in hotels, rest houses, resorts, and tourist restaurants will be reviewed and approved and owners will be required to publish it in prominent places that the visitor can view, and report in case of violation.

He called on all visitors to the province to cooperate in preserving the general appearance of the city and to adhere to the instructions issued by the Tourism Office and the competent authorities so that everyone, "the beneficiary and the provider of the service" can enjoy the current tourist season.

It is noteworthy that the US-Saudi-Emirati aggression coalition caused severe losses to domestic tourism by targeting tourist facilities and historical and archaeological sites, deliberately bombing roads and bridges, and blockading land, sea, and air ports, and ports, which led to preventing about 500,000 tourists arriving annually from reaching Yemen.

The aggression prevented the majority of citizens inside the country from being able to move around and exercise their right to travel for the purpose of entertainment, medical treatment, or getting acquainted with the tourism potential of the country.

The aggression coalition disrupted the establishment of festivals, conferences, and scientific, economic, cultural, medical, and other forums, and Yemen lost revenues from conference and festival tourism, estimated at $500,000 annually.

The aggression also caused the suspension of tourism investments, national, Arab, and international, estimated at billions of dollars in various tourism fields, in addition to inflicting huge losses on tourism promotion and marketing.


resource : Saba


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UPDATED ON :Thu, 30 Nov 2023 10:06:31 +0300