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  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression commits 213 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[24 September 2022]
Aggression violates Hodeida ceasefire 98 times
[24 September 2022]
Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Quadripartite aggression is an attempt to impose guardianship on Yemen
[24 September 2022]
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Aggression forces commit 182 violations of armistice in 24 hours
[23 September 2022]
Revolution leader advises aggression coalition to seize armistice to end aggression, lift blockade
Revolution leader advises aggression coalition to seize armistice to end aggression, lift blockade
Revolution leader advises aggression coalition to seize armistice to end aggression, lift blockade

SANA'A, Aug. 08 (Saba) - The leader of the revolution, Sayyed. Abdulmalek Badr al-Din al-Houthi advised the aggression coalition to seize the opportunity of the armistice to break its impasse, end the aggression, lift the blockade completely and cease its hostile plots toward the Yemeni people to reaffirm Yemen's firm and principled position on the question of Palestine.

In his speech today in memory of Ashura, the leader of the revolution called on the Yemeni people to be constantly and fully ready to confront enemies in any treacherous attempts at a temporary truce. and the continuing pursuit of the objective of overpowering aggression and ending the blockade as a priority and sacred goal, Caution against the attempts of enemies through the fifth line, hypocrites, inhibitors, working to break the inside row, and dissuade attention from addressing aggression.

He pointed out that the Karbala and Ashura events were not only historic events related to the circumstances, causes and circumstances of his stage, and time but were significant, important, tragic, and highly relevant to the nation's religion, and past, present, and future.

He underscored the importance of this incident, which the apostle -- God's prayers to him and the God -- spoke about in a time before it occurred and it was important to talk about it not only to tell about an event ordinarily but also to speak of it as a painful, large and dangerous incident related to the messenger, the message, Islam, a great symbol of Islam and its great connotations and its extended effects on the reality of the nation.

He pointed out that this fact has a dimension that dates back to the origin of the conflict between Islam and disbelief and has a relationship with the nation in terms of the importance that Hussein represents in his position to preside over the nation.

Sayyed. Abdulmalek Badraldin Al-Houthi noted that Imam Al-Hussein represents an extension of authentic Islam, the Messenger of God, and the work to carry out the nation and save it from its enemies. His revolt came to counter the Umayyad coup on religion. He pointed out that Yazeed's rule was a threat to the nation as he violated the sanctity of Medina and Mecca, burned the Kaaba, and did not appreciate the sanctity of any of the sanctities of Muslims.

The anniversary carried lessons related to the assessment of reality, the causes of deviation and its negative impacts on the nation's reality. Indicating that moral, humanitarian and delinquency factors are lessons for people at all times.

He said: "We are a target nation as it was targeted in the age of Imam Hussein, and at the same big level that constitutes a threat to her religion, freedom, independence, values, and principles. The nation in this era is targeted with the same kind and level of targeting, and there are many more means and possibilities for the forces of juggernaut, hypocrisy and evil than it ever Yazeed had in his era."

Sayyed. Abdulmalek Badraldin al-Houthi noted that America and "Israel" are the extension of an approach that Yazeed, and those who stand on their side, support them and work for them from within the nation stand like the son of Ziad and al-Shamr.

"In this era, we face the same challenge as a Muslim nation, a challenge aimed at our religious and cultural identity, deviation from inherent Islamic principles, enemies seeking to humiliate, conquer, control us, and they have the same grudges of inherent principles of Islam."

He stated that enemies try to corrupt the religious concepts of this nation so that it does not stand in the way of their control on and they know through bad scholars and misguided proponents to legitimize all forms of deviation in the name of religion, a process of corrupting religion in people's understanding of it, justification of the loyalty of America and Israel, and so-called normalization. He indicated that the title of Abrahamic and related to that comes in the context of distorting the Qur'anic verses in order to serve the enemies of the nation.

He said: "When they can deviate the nation from true independence that rids it of dependence, then they will be able to control the nation." Pointing out that the enemies of the nation are following the methodology of removing the truth as a doctrine, approach and behavior, and bringing falsehood instead.

The Leader of the Revolution pointed out that the American-Israeli orientation is a satanic tendency that targets human society, foremost of which is the Islamic community, with corruption... explaining that the Americans and the Zionists are conspiring against the nation and spreading sedition, and all these descriptions represent targeting the nation in its religion and its life.

He stressed that accepting the domination of enemies means a loss in every sense of the word, a loss in religion, pride, independence and freedom, a loss in everything, a loss in this world and the hereafter... indicating that the Americans and the Israelis want to deviate the nation from the right in all aspects of life.

He said: "The same trends, titles, descriptions, and policies that Yazeed carried, and the Umayyad's appeared in their coup, are the same as those used by the enemies of the nation in our time."

He added: "With our religious and Islamic affiliation, it is imperative for us to take the position that Imam Hussein - peace be upon him - took, and it is a position in the position of role model and example, and it becomes clear to us in the Ashura incident and the lessons it contains, that we stand the right and correct position, and in the context of confronting this tyranny and its contemporary size, including He has a variety of capabilities at all levels.

He pointed out that "the American and the Israeli, and those who support them and stand on their side, have huge capabilities at the level of military capabilities, and means, and in return for the size of this targeting and the danger it poses, we must absorb it in confronting it, moving and adopting all factors of strength, reasons for victory and requirements of the situation." He said: "In exchange for the enormous capabilities possessed by the enemies, we have elements of strength and the causes and factors of strength, the first of which is with God Almighty."

The Leader of the Revolution indicated that “the more the nation becomes aware, insightful, rely on God and moves in earnest, the great results will be evident that enhance the state of immunity towards the conspiracies of the enemies,” noting that “a large part of the conspiracies of the enemies aim to penetrate the nation from within, for moral and religious immunity constitutes a great fortification. to her".

He stressed that "the main endeavors of the enemies are what they are moving with under the title of normalization to make it an official trend, and they seek to turn it into a general trend to penetrate peoples, at the level of curricula, media, religious education, and so on."

He stated that "the enemies want the nation to accept the Zionist leadership as an agent for America," noting that "choosing a symbol of normalization and loyalty to the Jews as a preacher in the corner of Arafa, and allowing the Jews to reach Mecca and Medina, are very serious violations of the sanctities of Islam."

And he indicated that violating the Kaaba is a step toward normalization, and all of these steps are a violation of the taboos in Islam and an insult to the nation. He said: "When some of the nation's sons accepted neglecting the Al-Aqsa Mosque, they accepted neglecting the Kaaba and Medina."

The Leader of the Revolution explained that the enemies are proceeding in a plan that includes cultural, media, and political aspects, and it has turned into a comprehensive program of action to target the nation, and with the normalization steps, hostile steps emerge towards the Islamic interior and the free people of the nation.

He said, "The more we see loyalty to America and Israel increasing, so the hatred of all those who confront them from among the sons of the nation increases." He pointed out that "the Saudi-Emirati hostility and the printed regimes for the mujahideen in Palestine have become clear today until the matter reached the Saudi regime to imprison those who rise up against them." with humanitarian activity, prosecute them and criminalize their work.”

He pointed out that the Saudi regime considers any move against "Israel", and what it does, a crime punishable by imprisonment. He said: "In Saudi Arabia, you can declare allegiance to Israel in the media, but if you declare your position in support of the mujahideen in Palestine, you are liable to imprisonment."

He reiterated that the orientations of America and "Israel", and those with them of agents and traitors, are not things that can be ignored. At a time when Yemen's airspace is closed to the Yemeni people, it is a case that shows the nature of the alignments today."

He added: "The traitors from among the sons of the nation love enemies who do not reciprocate their love. The Israeli and the American consider all those who are printed as mere trivial tools."

The Leader of the Revolution also reiterated Yemen's firm principled and religious stance towards the Palestinian cause, Islamic sanctities, and considering the Zionist enemy an enemy of Islam and Muslims, and a threat to the entire nation. to expel him from Palestine, and support the Palestinian people with all forms of support and assistance.”

He pointed out that "what has happened in these days as a result of the Zionist aggression, which tends to escalate against the Palestinian people, is a continuous and permanent situation, but the recent escalation, which the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine valiantly confronted, and which presented martyrs from its heroic leaders, represents a message to the nation to remind it that this The enemy continues in its tyranny and crimes against the Palestinian people, and our duty is to support the Palestinian people and the mujahideen in Palestine, and to warn that the mujahideen in Palestine remain in a state of constant vigilance, and to preserve brotherhood.”

He stated that the enemy entity tried to target the Islamic Jihad movement without the rest of the factions, and this is a deceptive method and tactic used by the enemy to target each faction individually in order to differentiate between the Mujahideen.

The Leader of the Revolution stressed that “the religious, moral and humanitarian duty and the real interest of the mujahideen in Palestine with all their factions is to preserve the unity of their position, and their cooperation in confronting the Zionist aggression, in any escalation, and not allowing the Zionist tactics to achieve success.”

He pointed out the importance of the mujahideen in Palestine remaining on a high degree of awareness, vigilance and caution, and adopting the causes and elements of strength, foremost of which is cohesion, cooperation, and fraternity.. Pointing out that "the nation's responsibility is to stand with the Palestinian people, support and support them."

Mr. Abdul-Malik Badr al-Din al-Houthi also stressed the principle of brotherhood and cooperation among the people of the nation towards the challenges and dangers it faces, as an Islamic orientation and principle, and a correct and wise orientation that embodies the true interest of the nation, and represents a very important element of strength.

He said: "We affirm our pride in our brothers with the free people of the nation, and that we are part of the axis of jihad and resistance, and confronting the efforts of the enemies to subjugate the peoples of our nation to the Zionists as an agent of America."


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