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YSMO seizes, destroys shipment of yellow peaches
[30 November 2022]
Police arrest killer in Ibb
[30 November 2022]
Al-Wahbani , Bin Habtoor briefed at aggression's damages in Hodeida port
[30 November 2022]
Mahrah governor: November 30 is a pivotal day in history of Yemen
[30 November 2022]
PM reviews equipment of central exhibition of martyrs in Hodeida
[30 November 2022]
Kanani: Normalizing some governments did not remove Arab peoples' hatred of the Zionist entity
[30 November 2022]
Zionist enemy authorities release captive from Gaza who spent 19 years in captivity
[30 November 2022]
Iranian Foreign Affairs Summons French Ambassador to Protest
[30 November 2022]
Former French ambassador reveals secret of Saudi-UAE aggression against Yemen
[30 November 2022]
Russian defence: Our forces liberate Andreevka city in the entire Donetsk Russian region
[30 November 2022]
Yemeni faith identity... Impregnable dam for enemies' conspiracies
[29 November 2022]
Hodeida is ready to welcome the tourist season in winter: Report
[17 November 2022]
Yemen in the face of the Soft War... Mass Weddings
[15 November 2022]
Yemenis Mark Prophet Muhammad’s Birth Anniversary in Massive Celebrations
[16 October 2022]
UN armistice and its legitimate entitlements: report
[02 October 2022]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression commits 68 violations in Hodeida in 24 hours
[30 November 2022]
2 children were killed in projectile explosion in Marib
[29 November 2022]
30 violations committed by aggression forces in Hodeida within 24 hours
[28 November 2022]
Aggression forces commit 33 violations in Hodeida within 24 hours
[27 November 2022]
Aggression forces commit 58 violations in Hodeida within 24 hours
[26 November 2022]
Abdollahian reaffirms Tehran's support for ceasefire, lifting of full blockade of Yemen
Abdollahian reaffirms Tehran's support for ceasefire, lifting of full blockade of Yemen
Abdollahian reaffirms Tehran's support for ceasefire, lifting of full blockade of Yemen

TEHRAN, June 15 (Saba) - Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian reiterated his country's support for the ceasefire resolution and called for the lifting of the entire blockade of Yemen, as well as its support for the Yemeni-Yemeni dialogue.

Abdollahian made the announcement at a joint press conference Tuesday with Pakistani Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, who is currently visiting Tehran. According to the Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA).

With regard to the Palestinian issue. Abdollahian noted that Iran demands the formation of a unified state in Palestine and calls on Islamic countries to be cohesive in the face of the Zionist entity's aggressive moves aimed at the security of the Muslim world.

With regard to the Iranian issue. "Iran, in the context of a good and strong agreement, will not abandon the approach of diplomacy and negotiations," Abdollahian said.

"Iran has never escaped from the negotiating table, believing that dialogue and diplomacy are the best way to resolve the final outcome of the agreement." He also said.

"We have taken important steps in recent months through discussions between Bagheri, Mora, and the 4+1 countries in Vienna. "There has also been an exchange of messages between Iran and America, and we have demonstrated that we support negotiation, logic, and a good, strong, and sustainable agreement."

"Last Thursday, despite all the messages exchanged, the U.S. side continued to put pressure on Iran and get concessions during indirect negotiations, and submitted a draft resolution (to the Board of Governors), while we put forward a good political package, but the American side was determined to get the resolution."

In response to this resolution, Iran has strengthened its nuclear activities, he said. "We will not evade negotiations, and in this context we will continue to pursue a diplomatic approach, exchanging messages through Mora and Burrell. In the context of a 'good, strong and sustainable agreement', Iran will not abandon diplomacy and negotiations.

With regard to the Pakistanian issue.Abdollahian praised the deep and long-standing relations between Iran and Pakistan as two major countries in the Muslim world. Stressing that these bonds have always been a source of hope. "The new Iranian government is determined to expand these relations. He added.

Despite the unilateral US embargo, there are mechanisms that can be used internationally with our aspirations to continue to cooperate in the best possible way between the two countries, the foreign minister said.

On regional issues, Abdollahian said, "We are opposed to the war in Ukraine and we want to make efforts with Russia and Ukraine to resolve this crisis." "We also hope to form a comprehensive Afghan government to root out the crisis and for this country to move towards peace and stability."


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