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Foreign Ministry condemns provocative language of UK Foreign Ministry in dealing with human rights of Yemeni people
[02 October 2022]
Statement by the national delegation regarding the temporary truce
[01 October 2022]
Speaker inaugurates Central Market, Messenger Grain Cereal Crops
[01 October 2022]
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[01 October 2022]
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[01 October 2022]
Hamas: J'lem Intifada is still alive in our people's souls and minds
[01 October 2022]
Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah: We must adhere to resistance and not be influenced by sounds of illusions
[01 October 2022]
FM meets UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy for Yemen
[29 September 2022]
Al-Mashat meets UN Secretary-General's Special Envoy, accompanying team
[28 September 2022]
Three killed, 10 injured, two of them critical, in an Israeli army raid on Jenin refugee camp
[28 September 2022]
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[22 September 2022]
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[20 September 2022]
Yemeni Center for Human Rights, Saba Agency organize press conference on alleged truce
[19 September 2022]
Representatives House approves Development, Oil Committee report of warns against continuing to loot Yemen's wealth
[07 September 2022]
Yemen Military Parade.... new victorious force
[04 September 2022]
  US-Saudi Aggression
Aggression forces commit 122 violations of armistice in past 24 hours
[01 October 2022]
Aggression forces commit 140 violations of armistice in past 24 hours
[30 September 2022]
One citizen was killed by explosion of aggression mine remnants in Marib
[30 September 2022]
Aggression commits 177 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[29 September 2022]
Aggression commits 224 violations of armistice within 24 hours
[28 September 2022]
More than $6 billion in civil aviation authority losses through seven years
More than $6 billion in civil aviation authority losses through seven years
More than $6 billion in civil aviation authority losses through seven years


SANA'A, April. 02 (Saba) -The General Authority for Civil Aviation and its various sectors suffered direct and indirect losses and damages amounted to six billion, from the beginning of the aggression until March 31, 2022,  340 million and 358 thousand dollars.

 In a statement to Saba, Undersecretary of the Civil Aviation and Meteorology Authority (CAMA) Raed Jabal indicated that the direct losses to the civil aviation sector and related sectors in seven years amounted to $2.4 billion, 405 million and $311,000, consisting of facilities, buildings, equipment and equipment navigation devices communication and communication devices, radars associated with air navigation and other sectors of the Authority.

 He stressed that the direct targeting of Yemeni civilian airports caused damage and losses to infrastructure and the destruction of navigational equipment.

 The targeting and closure of Yemeni airports have reduced about 60 percent of the revenue generated from air activities and about 95 percent of non-air activities estimated at $758 million and $984,000, the authority's losses from projected revenues for projects halted by the aggression amounted to $148 million and $162,000.

 Jabal pointed out that the losses of sectors directly related to civil aviation, namely the travel and air freight sector, automated reservation systems and franchise providers, are estimated at $1.24 million and $905,000, while the estimated losses of national airlines Yemen Airways and al-Saeeda Air" amounted to $1.975 million and $994,000.

 Many economic sectors associated with civil aviation have been affected by "tourism, trade, investment and balance of payments", which account for a large proportion of GDP.

 The undersecretary of the Authority considered that the air transport sector is one of the vital sectors that citizens need as a prerequisite for ensuring their freedom of movement, which has been guaranteed by international laws.

 He pointed out that the coalition of aggression targeted Sana'a International Airport on the first day of its aggression 26 March 2015, and the rest of the Yemeni airports and repeatedly in Hodeidah, Taiz, Saada, and others as well as banning flights at all airports.

 Jabal stressed that the closure of Sana'a airport is contrary to international norms, conventions and treaties, notably the International Civil Aviation Agreement (Chicago) and the Montreal Convention of 1988.






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