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Aggression violates Hodeida ceasefire agreement 314 times

Aggression violates Hodeida ceasefire agreement 314 times


SANA'A, Oct. 23 (Saba) -  The aggression forces committed on Friday 314 violations of the ceasefire agreement in Hodeida province, a military official said.

A citizen was killed and 4 were injured by aggression fighter jet air raid and fire by the Saudi army in the capital and Sa'ada over the past 24 hours.

The aggression forces carried out an infiltration attempt in Hays, 87 breaches by artillery shelling, and 205 breaches by gunshots, said the official.

The violations included 3 raids by spy planes on Al Jabaliya and Al Tuhaita, and the flight of 14 spy planes over the airspace of Kilo 16, Al Faza, Al Jah, Al Jabaliya, and Al Tuhaita.

The official confirmed the killing of a citizen and the wounding of 3 others as a result of 6 raids by the aggression warplane on drug stores in the Sa'wan neighborhood of the Shu`ub District of Amanat Al Asimah.

 The aggression’s warplanes launched 4 raids in the capital’s secretariat on the Electricity and Rural Water Authority in the Al-Thawra district, a raid on the Works Department in the Shu’ub district, and a raid on the Bani Al-Harith district.

The official stated that a citizen was wounded by the Saudi army's fire in the Al-Muftah area in Munabeh border district, Sa'ada governorate, while the aircraft launched a raid on Al-Ammar area in Al-Safra district.

The warplanes also launched 3 raids in the Qahza area, north of the city of Sa'ada, and 2 raids in the Al-Dhaher district.

 The official also stated that the aggression’s warplanes targeted the district of Marib with 8 raids, and with 3 raids the Serwah district, and launched 2 raids on the Rahba district.

He pointed out that the warplanes launched 2 raids on the Al-Hazm district in Jawf province and 3 raids on the Osilan district.


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