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Human Rights Ministry condemns targeting citizens' houses in Sanaa

Human Rights Ministry condemns targeting citizens' houses in Sanaa


SANAA, June. 10 (Saba) - The Ministry of Human Rights condemned the targeting of US-Saudi-led aggression warplane of homes and properties belonging to citizens in al-Subaha region in Sanaa governorate by an internationally banned cluster bomb on Wednesday dawn, destroying and damaging a citizen's house, injuring a man, his wife and three of his sons, including two children inside.

The Ministry of Human Rights in a statement to Saba warned of the waste of the banned cluster bombs, as they pose a danger to the citizens' lives, especially women and children as they approach it, or find it in any of the coming days and years.

The aggression coalition used thousands of cluster bombs in various provinces, causing civilians deaths or injuries following their use; as many of the cluster munitions from the original bomb did not explode the moment it hits the ground, but spreads over a wide area of the target area; making the people in that area the target of death and injury.  

It confirmed that thousands of civilians, mostly children and women, were killed and injured in the explosion of cluster bombs by coalition aircraft in different governorates since March 2015, and also today morning a citizen was seriously injured in a cluster bomb explosion of the aggression remains in Bani Sayah region in Razih border district.


The Ministry of Human Rights has held the countries of the US-Saudi-led aggression Coalition and its mercenary instruments fully responsible for all crimes and violations committed against the Yemeni people since March 2015.

The Ministry of Human Rights renewed its call to the United Nations and the Security Council to work to stop aggression and systematic siege and to establish an independent and impartial international Commission to investigate all massacres and crimes committed by the state of aggression and their instruments of mercenaries and their use of various internationally prohibited weapons and continue to use them in their aggression in various provinces.


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